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  1. I know that some people have used the monthly Club for their month of pages. I usually let my photos decide, but make sure that I haven't used that color on a recent monthly page. I almost always have black or orange for October, pink or purple for August (Brooke's bday month), orange for May (Lauren's bday) and green or red for December. I guess I go with the seasons for colors, too. January's theme for my pages will be winter! LOL!
  2. I fixed the link for your gallery. If the link doesn't work like you want it to, please let me know and I'll fix it!
  3. Susie's ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Daily Life Template 12 x 12 is my all time favorite template set!
  4. Week Four 22nd January – Task 19 Today we want you to head over to the Scrap Girls shop and find either a layout template set you really like or a ScrapSimple paper template set. You can pick both if you wish. Post a link to your favourite product in the thread. Please note: you do not have to use the product you pick to create your layout.
  5. Here is my week 3: Peeking I'll be back tomorrow with the first task for week #4!
  6. I used a masking tutorial for this week's LO. It suggested putting a photo mask below and above the photo and using (my favorite) blending modes for some fun looks. I used some photo masks from Jennifer's Scrap Simple Club for January. Simplify Collection Biggie Cozy Autumn Days Collection Biggie Autumn's Hush Collection Autumn's Hush Embellishment Mini Fall Snapshots Collection Biggie Woodland Christmas Papers Watercolor Memories Collection Super Mini Beautiful Pansies Collection Super Mini ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Gratitude Journal Clusters ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Textured Overlays 1 Susie Roberts' Gratitude Journal Nano (retired, part of a SS Club) ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Shadow Me 6301
  7. Oh, I remember learning about global lighting when I first started! You have to check that so that all your shadows are the same angle and you don't accidentally have different angles and have your projects look weird. I had forgotten all about's strange they took away that option in the newer versions.
  8. Fantastic background and colors. Love the hearts!
  9. Fantastic! I love the grungy feel with the fun colors!
  10. Valerie doesn't mention posting thumbnails in the opening post, so it's not a requirement. But if you want to share the steps you are taking through out the week, feel free to add them for us to see!
  11. Oh, I do see the family resemblance! I love your photos and so glad you scrapped these memories!
  12. I love the 80's hair! I love all 80's, lol. Beautiful colors and background.
  13. I love the colors and your photos look so fun! Cinderella is my very favorite movie, any version!
  14. Fantastic blending! Love the colors and her expression is priceless!
  15. What a gorgeous bird! I love the textures you created and the lace is so pretty!