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  1. We have a new designer opening her shop today! Let's give a big Scrap Girls welcome to ML Design!! Check out her shop here. All images are linked to the shop!
  2. For those of us who are Scrap Simple challenged, Syndee added some links to tutorials to help us out in the description portion of her paper page!
  3. CRS

    Hello From NC

    Welcome! Your costumes are fantastic! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
  4. What a sweet photo! I love the photo mask you used and the hanging heart and lace are beautiful embellishments for your photo.
  5. CRS

    Weekly Winners April 15th

  6. CRS


    Here is our March, complete with a new driver, car, dh's promotion and another stadium knocked off our bucket list (despite freezing and being sick!). 360°Life Apr: Create Collection Bloom Where Youre Planted Embellishment Mini Clusters Bloom Where Youre Planted Collection Biggie ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: Scrap It Monthly 5 Series 1 Brush Set: Scrap It Monthly 3 Biggie ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Shadow Me 6301
  7. CRS

    Tuesday Newsletter challenge

    He looks soaked to the bone! Love that frame and photo mask you used! Your background is great!
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    I have a 14 and 16 yr old, so I agree with the grumbling, but they are good helpers when they get to it. Love your photos and that collection is becoming one of my favorites.
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    Oh, he's getting so big! What a great page, perfect for those masculine photos!
  10. CRS

    Spring has sprung

    What a great chronicle of your trees! I love the pretty background and alpha you used!
  11. CRS

    April Recipe Swap

    My kids are big muffin eaters on school days. I'm always looking for new recipes for them! ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Shadow Me 6301 ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Family Recipe Textures ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Family Recipe Grandma's Kitchen Collection Biggie Summer Garden Collection Biggie Angie's Home Cook collection (pieces given by joining the recipe swap)
  12. It does look like scrambled eggs! I haven't eaten tofu but I love your photos and card!
  13. CRS

    April recipe swap

    This sounds sooooo good! I love the colors and the patterned paper you used. Thanks for sharing your recipe!
  14. CRS

    April 2019 Recipe Swap

    Here is mine: Applesauce Mini Muffins
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    Finally had time to get March done!
  16. CRS

    Gallery Rules

    It took some poking around, but to make your own Album in the Gallery, you go to the Gallery and choose Members' Gallery. Then you click on the orange tab that says Add Images. A dialog box will pop up with 3 choices, continue without creating an album, create a new album or use an existing one. If you create a new album, you'll be asked to create a name and a brief description. Then to access that album in the future, you can go to the gallery in your profile using the steps Marilyn outlined above. Instead of clicking Images, you'll click on Albums. I learn something new everyday on this site! Thanks for asking questions!!
  17. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and sit back and enjoy the new items our fantastic designers have in the shop today! All images are linked to the shop!