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  1. Syndee

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    Oh, and I usually just 'draw' drop shadows in Procreate
  2. Syndee

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    Hi all! Seems like you are having a lot of fun Kelly! I love Procreate, it's a super fun app especially for lettering and drawing on photos etc. But I have been frustrated because you've probably noticed that if you resize or rotate a photo, lettering, embellishment etc it resamples it and makes it blurry. I did a lot of research and that's just the way it is. Of course, the developers at Procreate know about it and keep saying it's not an easy fix. Which I know is true-ish. LOL The issue I have is that other apps let you resize/rotate pngs without losing quality unless of course you enlarge it way too much. Even resizing/rotating in GoodNotes usually gives you a pretty good result unless you enlarge it too much. Affinity Photo is a great iPad and tablet App that does a lot of what PS does. So for actual scrapping I use that. Now if only I had unlimited space on my iPad for all the great apps! LOL I love seeing what your doing Kelly!
  3. March 31st is World Backup Day! I've updated two articles on the Blog - External Hard Drives and Online Backup Services. https://scrapgirls.com/all-posts/world-backup-day-2019

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    2. CRS


      I'll be away all day Sunday, so I'll have to back up my devices on Friday. Thanks for the reminder!!

    3. SodScrap


      I'm usually pretty good about backing up my files.  However, my EHD is not responding.  It doesn't register on my computer.  GAH.  Back up was current so I won't lose anything but seriously...WHY???? 😮

    4. MariJ


      Thanks for the reminder Syndee.   Off to read the articles.  :) 
      Conda same thing happened to me last year; it wouldn’t show up on my 
      computer.   We never could get it to so I had to buy a new one (& spend a nervous 2 days waiting for it to come without a backup.  :( )

  4. Hi There, The Painted Brush set is retired but the Dynamic version is still available and will work well for creating a mask I use dynamic brushes all the time for that purpose
  5. Hi There, Unfortunately, PSE13 does not have the Painterly Guided Edit. You can always use some of the fabulous photo masks we have available in the Scrap Girls Shop!
  6. Syndee

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    I do use it a lot - and it sync's files quickly so that whatever you have done on your desktop shows up pretty quickly on the app on your iPad I just wish they would hurry up and upgrade the desktop Mac version. I use GoodNotes a lot for sketching out notes and ideas for products, videos, tutorials etc and find is so useful so I think it would work well for a digital journal with photos. Also a recipe file is a great idea! I have an Instant Pot and I keep my recipes on my iPad usually in the Notes app but I like your idea of having a recipe journal in GoodNotes! And you are welcome - I have been trying to include the GoodNotes file for things I think will work well in digital planners but also just in GoodNotes itself. Hmmmm.... Now I'm thinking I need to create some things for a digital recipe journal... LOL
  7. Happy Birthday dear one!


    1. MariJ


      Thank you Syndee xo 😘

  8. Syndee

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    Hi gals! Sorry I have been MIA on this thread! Life is chaotic! We got even more snow this past week and I am so OVER winter. Can't wait for spring. There are things I love about the new GoodNotes upgrade - but it's a almost like relearning parts of it And I have the desktop version on my Mac and they didn't upgrade it, last I checked they said they were going to in the future. I am going to do a '5 favorite things about GoodNotes 5' or something like that video soon. I love Procreate - but I don't do a lot of scrapping on it. I do love to use it to 'draw' on my photos and could see both digital and paper scrappers using it for that purpose. The reason I don't use it more for digi scrapping is just the hassle of getting my digi scrap files on to my iPad. What I do now is upload whatever I am wanting to work on into a file on my iCloud acct. then I can easily grab those and use them. But, I don't have hardly any room on my iPad! LOL So that makes it tricky and it's just a pain when I can access all my files so easily on my desktop. That being said, I DO see a lot of potential for digi scrapping especially in Procreate and also Affinity Photo (which is an app that is a lot like the full version of PS).
  9. Syndee

    Feb 23 WW challenge - light

    That photo is stunning!
  10. Syndee


    So pretty!
  11. Syndee

    Eternal Memory

  12. Syndee

    Find Joy

    Love the colors!
  13. Syndee

    Happy Girl

    So pretty!
  14. Syndee

    NL Challenge 2-12 - Valentine

    So pretty!
  15. Syndee

    WW Challenge - Candy