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  1. Syndee

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    You are more than welcome!!
  2. Syndee

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    Remember NOT to unzip it
  3. Syndee

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    OK, here is the Days of the week tabs - I've attached the GoodNotes file SNU_ColorYourWorld-Freebies.goodnotes.zip
  4. Syndee

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    Also, I'm going to make some stickers that can go over the days of the week so that you can have the month start on Sunday if you like that better. They will be free so I will post about how to get them once I get them done
  5. Syndee

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    Awww... so glad you like it Kelly! Those are some of my favorite colors, they just make me happy to look at them so that's why I chose them
  6. Syndee

    Finish This Sentence Game

    Get any sleep! LOL (Story of my life) Today I created or thought about creating....
  7. Syndee

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    Marilyn, yes extracting is something you could do using your iPad and Astropad. But since I haven't played with it in a while I think maybe wait until I can see if it still works the way it did when I first bought it. Now that they have the 'subscription' version I am just not sure that they didn't maybe take away some of the functionality to try and get people to buy the subscription. Sigh.... So maddening! The one thing that is good about Astropad though is that you can get to your digi supplies on your desktop without having to upload them to dropbox or iCloud.
  8. Syndee

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    Yes, you can add and delete pages. I will be covering that in the video. I have the outline sketched out so hopefully I will be filming it in the next day or so. Just needed a wee break! LOL
  9. Syndee

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    1 - Your elements can be a lower dpi for use in GoodNotes. Since the planner is meant only to be used on a device and not printed you don't need to have the higher (300 dpi) resolution. It will take up less space if you use lower res items. I think GoodNotes optimizes images inside the app so they end up being smaller. I don't generally change the size or resolution of images when I upload them to dropbox or iCloud (too time consuming) but like I said once I drag them into GoodNotes I think they are optimized to be a smaller file. So I wouldn't worry too much about it. 2 - Yes, you can add pages. I am working on a video to add the covers to your planner so it would basically be the same method to add pages. I can touch on adding pages as well 3 - Can't wait till you can play with the planner! Let us know how it goes and also if you would like to see other pages/stickers/elements let me know!
  10. Syndee

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    Kelly, the file app showed up in one of the latest Apple iOS updates and should already be on your iPad if you have the latest new on the iPad and iPhone since the lastest Apple operating system update. The icon just has a little File folder on it and is called Files. Here's more info on it: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT206481
  11. Syndee

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    To answer you other question Mari, I prefer drawing etc on my iPad pro to my Wacom tablet. But for my Desktop work I prefer the Wacom tablet over a mouse any day. I have in the past used my iPad with the Astropad app to draw on my iPad in Illustrator on my desktop and that is cool - but I have been drawing more on my iPad just sitting in a comfy chair or on the patio or in the car while waiting for my kids etc. And it's so easy to transfer things to my desktop using airdrop or dropbox. I have been using Wacom tablets since the late 90's! LOL GAH! That makes me feel so old! The first one I had the pen had a cord! LOL Can you imagine?! That was frustrating to say the least.
  12. Syndee

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    Man, I keep completely missing questions on here! LOL So the standard version is a one time fee of $29.99. Then they have a studio version which is the $80 a year fee. It has extras stuff - I added a screenshot of the two versions. It makes me so mad when they do this type of thing. Sheesh! Looks like the Studio version is only for iPad pro and Apple pencil while the standard you can use any iPad. I will have to play with my Standard version and see if it feels limited. I am NOT going to fork over $80 a year though. So ridiculous.