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  1. Syndee

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    Hello Girls! I just posted a new video on the blog: Recoloring Templates in Procreate. https://scrapgirls.com/all-posts/recoloring-templates-in-procreate
  2. Syndee


    So pretty!
  3. Syndee

    Happy Girl

    Love everything about this
  4. Syndee


    Fabulous pages and colors!
  5. Syndee


    So fun!
  6. Syndee

    Sneak Peek 10/12

    Angie! Perish the thought! It's only the 8th! LOL (I know we are working in advance but I don't want to think about it! LOL)
  7. Syndee


    This is so fun!
  8. Syndee

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    Hello Girls! Finally, have the handwriting practice sheet and videos for both GoodNotes and Procreate up on the blog and SG YouTube channel! Man! What a bunch of work! LOL I had recorded the videos a couple weeks ago but somehow it didn't record all the audio so I had to redo them. GAH! So this is basic handwriting practice. I will be doing more videos on handwriting and lettering in the future. Next up, a digi scrapping in Procreate video - this will be a series since there are SOOOO many cool things you can do
  9. Syndee

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    Good to know! I was thinking a mix of colors since it's things you can use for each month
  10. Syndee

    Splash of Red

    So vibrant! Love this!
  11. Syndee

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    So I have a question for you all. I am working on a set of stickers that are a mix of things like laundry, shopping, reading lists, stuff that can be used over and over basically. Also some flowers, balloon, cloud, coffee, tea, phone, pay bills etc... The issue I am having is the color scheme of the stickers. I have been doing just a mix of colors but wondered if people would rather have them all be super coordinated. Since I am gearing these for use every month I wanted to steer clear of seasonal color palettes. Thoughts?
  12. Syndee

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    Yeah, there are definite kinks in the GoodNotes app, but it really does some amazing things. I don't really know how to fix it if you accidentally drop images on top of each other other than lassoing everything, deleting and starting over. I have been copying and pasting and moving stuff around so much that I've gotten so used to lassoing things and deleting them when I mess up - you will too If you copy and paste something and move it right away it shouldn't stick to another image (because it's still selected). It should only happen after you paste and then click somewhere else on the page before moving the image, does that make sense?? LOL
  13. Syndee

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    Also, I have created a basic hand-writing 'practice' sheet that can be used in Procreate and GoodNotes. I am going to do a short video on using it in both apps
  14. Syndee

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    😊 I have lots more sticker sets coming