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  1. Syndee

    Digital Planners...Bujo...Have you heard???

    Hi Girls! Just jumping in to let you know I am working on some tutorials on Digital Planning using Procreate, Goodnotes, and even Adobe Sketch. I am also working on digital planner products for use in those programs as well I tried to read through this thread but it's a LOT, so I didn't make it all the way through! LOL I use my iPad Pro every day for just about everything! LOL I think the Procreate app is great for digital scrapbooking (another tutorial & class on my 'to do' list) but for digital planning I am really loving Good Notes. Procreate works well don't get me wrong - but there's just something about Good Notes and it works great for Bullet Journals as well. Adobe Sketch is a free app that you can use to do digital planning but it's not my favorite - but hey! It's FREE! LOL Anyway, let me know what questions you have and I will do my best to answer
  2. Syndee

    Le Mont Saint Michel

    This is beautiful! Love how you used the funky shapes as photo masks :)
  3. Syndee

    Hello Life

    OMGOSH! Marie!! This is AMAZING! LOVE it so so much!
  4. Syndee


    So pretty!!!!
  5. Syndee

    jump in the waves

    Love this so much Geraldine!
  6. Syndee

    Cherish Each Moment

    So precious!
  7. Syndee


  8. Syndee

    Love at First Sight

    FANTASTIC! Love everything about it
  9. Syndee

    Paint Your Dreams

    So pretty and what a great photo!!!
  10. Syndee


    Love this sooo much!!!!
  11. Syndee

    Enjoy the Moment

  12. Syndee

    Running man

  13. Syndee


    This is fABULOUS!!!!
  14. Syndee

    Touching Dragonflies.jpg

    So soft and pretty!
  15. Syndee

    Merry Xmas