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  1. I do remember! Jody wanted more shadow styles in both brown and grey
  2. Congrats! Barbara!!!
  3. Awww... Thank you all so much for the love! I can't tell you how much SG means to me - it's my second home You are all the BEST!!!
  4. Fabulous!
  5. Fabulous page about your Dad! Thank you for sharing!
  6. Pretty!!
  7. OK, I totally LOVE this!
  8. Lovin' the colors!!
  9. This is fabulous!!!
  10. LOVE!!!
  11. Love this!
  12. Fabulous!
  13. OK, so for that specific mask it is a lighter mask and has a folded texture to it so it might look/work a bit different than some other masks. Most of the templates in this set are designed to look like the photo is 'spilling' out of the frame. So in most cases, you will duplicate the photo and clip it one to the photo mask layer and one to the photo spill layer. Here's what I did: 1-Clipped the photo to the Photo Mask Layer 2-Duplicated the photo and clipped it to the Photo Spill layer 3-On both photos I changed the Blend Mode to "Multiply". HTH!
  14. Hi Dianne, Which of the Art Mix blended templates are you talking about or all of them? I do know that some masks are meant to be more faint so that the photo blends into the background, but not sure which template you are working with.
  15. I sometimes have that issue with my pen tablet, but most of the time it works. Who knows!