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    I am a mom, wife, sister, friend and daughter not necessarily in that order.

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  1. Happy Birthday Dee!! Hope your day has been wonderful!

  2. Happy Birthday Dee!

  3. Happy Birthday dear Dee!

  4. It's me - the Christmas Elf popping in to sprinkle some happy Christmas dust all sparkly and glittery on your profile this morning! Look at it glisten! Wishing you joy and happiness!

  5. Happy Birthday Dee! Hope your having a great day!

  6. Happy Birthday Dee. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  7. Happy Birthday Dee

  8. Happy Birthday Dee!

  9. Hey Dee! It's good to see you!

  10. Good morning girls and guys.

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    2. PolkaDot


      Helllloooooo Dee! So great to see you!

    3. tinkerbell11
    4. Brandy M

      Brandy M

      Dee!!!!!!!! So wonderful to see your face.

  11. Hi Dee.........I see you! Good to have you here with us! You are missed.

  12. Hi Dee - saw you on the MB - oh,how strange it is to see you as a "MEMBER" instead of your other title - I'm so happy to see you this morning! How are things?

  13. Snow is mostly done and we will have great conditions for our weekend of snowmobiling.

  14. I agree they do look like you! Great idea for a layout!
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