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  1. We always go to the mountains with our RV so any mountains are great. Some have trees, some are rocky, some are so tall they have snow. My favorite vacation was the year we went to Colorado Springs. We rode the cog wheel train up to Pikes Peak, we went to see the beautiful rocks in Garden of the God's, we went to ride the train in the Royal Gorge and much more. I took 800 pictures on that trip.
  2. I would like to see those service branch kits replaced by someone too. I bought mine at least 10 years ago and I'd like some new ones. My son is in the Navy currently so I am not looking for heritage or vintage necessarily. He is going to be commissioned as an officer in March so I really hope there is something out there before then. That is definitely a scrapable memory. I've used the stuff I have so many times, I am kind of bored with it.
  3. I'm about 50 miles south of Waco. We had a Texas meet up once but I've lost touch with everyone except Erika Mendenhall. She lives near me. I looked at the map, its about 600 miles for me give or take a mile or two. (or 80) I'll start checking around some of the other Texas gals I know and see if I can scare someone up.
  4. Texas is in the Midwest right? I would love to find someone from Texas to ride with me.
  5. I think I could work something in that timeframe. I've never gotten to attend one, so it would really be a big deal to me. Kansas City isn't too far of a drive for me I don't think. I'll try to keep up with what is going on here. One problem I might encounter.. is there usually a lot of walking? I see your photo walks etc. I am kind of limited in how far (and how fast) I can go.