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  1. I would like to see those service branch kits replaced by someone too. I bought mine at least 10 years ago and I'd like some new ones. My son is in the Navy currently so I am not looking for heritage or vintage necessarily. He is going to be commissioned as an officer in March so I really hope there is something out there before then. That is definitely a scrapable memory. I've used the stuff I have so many times, I am kind of bored with it.
  2. I'm about 50 miles south of Waco. We had a Texas meet up once but I've lost touch with everyone except Erika Mendenhall. She lives near me. I looked at the map, its about 600 miles for me give or take a mile or two. (or 80) I'll start checking around some of the other Texas gals I know and see if I can scare someone up.
  3. Texas is in the Midwest right? I would love to find someone from Texas to ride with me.
  4. I think I could work something in that timeframe. I've never gotten to attend one, so it would really be a big deal to me. Kansas City isn't too far of a drive for me I don't think. I'll try to keep up with what is going on here. One problem I might encounter.. is there usually a lot of walking? I see your photo walks etc. I am kind of limited in how far (and how fast) I can go.
  5. Looks like I've stumbled on a gold mine of great layouts. This one is no exception. It really caught my attention. I'm looking for Word Art inspiration and you've certainly provided me with some great ideas. Love love love this.
  6. I just happened on this while looking for something else and I was completely captivated by it. It is so interesting and so well laid out. I couldn't stop looking until I checked every nook and cranny. So very well done. I had no idea that is where the Navy was born.
  7. I am so in love with everything you do. Such a wonderful layout that I know will be precious to you. So very creative you are.
  8. I love this challenge. I so hope I have time to work on it. I read on Kindle mostly now but hopefully I can find the cover on the site where you buy Kindle books. LOL I recently read the Goldfinch and I am sitting here looking at that cover and trying to think what led me to read that book.
  9. I would certainly love to attend this as well. I'm not an East Coast scrapper either and a lot of the newer people don't even know me, but I'd still like to join the fun. October sounds like a good time to me. But then again any time is good for me. The last time I was out that way I flew into Newark which wasn't as busy as the New York City airport I can't think of the name of now. I'll keep an eye on this as well.
  10. I love this challenge and I may have to give it a run. I love what you did with your July photos using Christmas/Winter collections. Great way to get into the STASH and use some things creatively.
  11. I thought this was an intriguing challenge and you proved me right. What a great layout using Summer Cottage. Brilliant use of that collection. Besides that its really very pretty and well done.
  12. What a funny coincidence. I'm working on a layout about a bus made into an RV that parked next to us and I've been struggling with it. When I woke up this morning I thought.. I need some stick figures to portray all the people in this bus. And there was your question and answer right there in front of me. Thanks for asking. I absolutely never would have thought of looking in the boutique. I was about to make my own!! Oh the horror!!!!
  13. Congratulations on getting something done so promptly. What a great photo. I love all of the glitz and the letters for PHS are terrific. I really like the blending on the photo too. Good job.
  14. Awesome find Ngaire! You always have super photos and this is the perfect way to showcase a whole bunch at once. So glad you "found" this in your stash.
  15. That certainly turned out well. Great creativity on this and a beautiful photo to begin with. Its so fun to dig through the "stash" and come up with things you probably had great intentions for when you bought it.