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    Lell and Ada

    This is a picture of my 2X great grandparents at their farm in Garvin Co., Oklahoma in the 1930s. Lell built this house for them. The picture on the right is two of their sons, Emmett and Everett. Emmett was my great grandfather. I plan a companion page with all the genealogical data on it, I just haven't figured how I want to approach it yet. It's hard to tell on this thumbnail, but the paper on the right has a cabin in the woods and is blended into the woodenplanks. Journaling reads: Life was hard in the Oklahoma of the 1930s, but not as hard as it had been when Marquis Marcellus and Ada Estelle Vaughn DeBurger made the trek from Indiana to Oklahoma sometime between 1900=1910. I have not been able to determine if they arrived before statehood in 1907, but think it very likely. The Dawes Commission had broken apart the Five Civilized Tribes of the Indian Territory and land was available for settlers that would claim and homestead it. It was a dream come true for thousands of settlers. Yet they faced the rigors of the frontier- one of the last true frontiers in America. Like those forced to the IT in the early and mid 1800s they faced drought, excruciating heat and cold, floods, disease, and more bugs than you can imagine. Death was a frequent and unwelcome visitor. Life was hard, indeed. Kit: Grandpa's Cabin by Rina Kroes, stitching and elements from Syrin Seamstress by Lie Fhung Font: Rub This