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  1. What a great idea! I don't know the texture of Trader Joe bags (there's none within a reasonable drive), but you might use plain grocery bags. All the suggestions above sound helpful; good luck!
  2. What a wonderful bit of family history to pass on - Alison will treasure this. Your photos are beautiful, and your presentation is outstanding - I love the background you chose.
  3. Alta & Parks make good use of leftover packing material in their new house. March 2017
  4. You captured wonderful pictures of Nudge on the prowl - of course he has to check out anything new in his territory. I really like the shapes you used for the photos, and the paper colors that focus the eye on his inspection.
  5. Max

    What a sweet photo, and I really like the way your blocks emphasize Max's eyes. Also like the contrast between the rounded blocks and the angular tabs. Great page!
  6. Somehow I posted two copies - and can't figure out how to delete the extra. Sorry about that!
  7. My niece Heather took these pictures of Alta & Parks exploring the possibilities of MUD! Supplies: TKA_Grass Stained paper (ret); GWH_Blend It_Ppr Mini 2 - photo masks; Blended layers of green & tan; designer unknown Font: Bibiotheque
  8. What an elegant bird! I love the way you arranged and blended the photos, and the title & background you chose - great page!
  9. For the last two or three weeks I've been reading (actually re-reading - third time, I think) Diana Galbadon's Oultlander series; books two & three are about 1000 pages each, and I have the rest of the series (except for the latest, which doesn't seem to be out yet) to go. No boredom in sight! For those who haven't read Gabaldon's books: they're somewhere between science fiction, fantasy, and history - time travel in the 1700's. I love her writing style, and her impressive inclusion of the history of Europe and "the Colonies", as well as the medical knowledge, or lack thereof, at the time. Amazing research!
  10. Gorgeous photo, Jane - I want to go there!
  11. How wonderful that you HAVE these lovely pictures of your grandmother as a teen! And I love the way you presented them so they are the focal point.
  12. Wonderful photo, beautiful layout - and I LOVE the motion of the title and journaling!
  13. Finished this a few days ago, then got sidetracked & forgot to post! I'd been sitting on the photo for awhile, trying to figure out how to scrap it, and decided to try to follow the week's slow scrap directions. 1 photo - DH captured these egrets on one of his birding expeditions; altered by clipping to mask from BMU_Seize the Day; 3 papers - sort of; BMU_Verde ppt-sage; SNU_SSPpr-Art Treasures-Gesso (does have texture, but no pattern; a PSE shape filled with a color sampled from the photo 9 embellishments - JRA_SSEmb_Stampie - 6 feathers; 3 leaves - I know they're SG products, but I can't find the designer WA - quote - Lucida Calligraphy font; Title - DCA_SSAlpha - 3D Curvy (they do overlap a bit - I had the title before I found the quote) Thanks for the prompts!
  14. I know I've read, and enjoyed, some of the Auntie Dimity books, although not recently. I can agree with the comments above; need to look for them on my next trip to the library.