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  1. Beautiful page - and I love the double message in the text.
  2. Wonderful page! Somebody captured a great moment, and the kit was a great choice. I would love to know where the dino came from - I have a great nephew who NEEDs one (and whose mother might disown me.)
  3. jhbren

    Alpine Walking

    Thank you for the information! I thought they looked as if they belonged in Scotland (although I have no idea WHY I thought that. Love the cute photo you captured.
  4. jhbren

    Alpine Walking

    Oh yes - this is wonderful, Marie-Christine! The main photo is glorious, and I love the angle of the large photo. But what are the amazingly shaggy critters? One is belled, so I assume they're somewhat domestic, and they appear to be mother & calf. Thanks for sharing your adventure.
  5. What a great idea! I don't know the texture of Trader Joe bags (there's none within a reasonable drive), but you might use plain grocery bags. All the suggestions above sound helpful; good luck!
  6. What a wonderful bit of family history to pass on - Alison will treasure this. Your photos are beautiful, and your presentation is outstanding - I love the background you chose.
  7. jhbren


    Alta & Parks make good use of leftover packing material in their new house. March 2017
  8. jhbren

    New firewood

    You captured wonderful pictures of Nudge on the prowl - of course he has to check out anything new in his territory. I really like the shapes you used for the photos, and the paper colors that focus the eye on his inspection.
  9. jhbren


    What a sweet photo, and I really like the way your blocks emphasize Max's eyes. Also like the contrast between the rounded blocks and the angular tabs. Great page!
  10. Somehow I posted two copies - and can't figure out how to delete the extra. Sorry about that!
  11. My niece Heather took these pictures of Alta & Parks exploring the possibilities of MUD! Supplies: TKA_Grass Stained paper (ret); GWH_Blend It_Ppr Mini 2 - photo masks; Blended layers of green & tan; designer unknown Font: Bibiotheque
  12. What an elegant bird! I love the way you arranged and blended the photos, and the title & background you chose - great page!
  13. For the last two or three weeks I've been reading (actually re-reading - third time, I think) Diana Galbadon's Oultlander series; books two & three are about 1000 pages each, and I have the rest of the series (except for the latest, which doesn't seem to be out yet) to go. No boredom in sight! For those who haven't read Gabaldon's books: they're somewhere between science fiction, fantasy, and history - time travel in the 1700's. I love her writing style, and her impressive inclusion of the history of Europe and "the Colonies", as well as the medical knowledge, or lack thereof, at
  14. Gorgeous photo, Jane - I want to go there!
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