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  1. The first page I posted was of my grandson posing in front of the Christmas tree - I think he was three. Can't believe he's almost sixteen! The collection I used was Golden Holiday, which is retired.
  2. Welcome to Scrap Girls, Valerie! We lived in Colorado for three years - before I scrapped. I still miss it, but our daughter is in Colorado Springs, so visits are possible.
  3. It is a lovely photo, Diane, and your page is elegant. I love the touches of gold on the patterned background.
  4. Every season I hang a wreath, made of twined vines and silk flowers (or leaves) on the side of the house. This spring a robin built a nest in the wreath, and proceed to lay her eggs. These pictures - taken over about two weeks - are a reminder of other kinds of mothers. Dave put his camera on a tripod, and used a remote shutter release to capture the images. The only materials are a Woodland Grove paper (CRO), blended over Brandy's Spring Linen paper - yellow, and PSE strokes and styles. And I just notice that I posted them in reverse order - the page with a title should be on the left.
  5. Yes, that IS a wonderful quote, and so true. I love the assortment of photos you used, and the variation of tone among them. It's also a blessing to have so many connections to the stories of your family. Altogether a lovely heritage page as well as a celebration of Mother's day.
  6. Have to relearn how to add supply lists - Marilyn answered my question in short order. But to fix this, it seemed easier to add a comment: all the supplies were from Angie's Effortless collection, with a bit of color tweeting. The title font is Black Jack,, and the text is Arial. Styles - bevel & shadow, are PSE.
  7. Thanks, Marilyn - that was fast! I'll see if I can add the information - or repost.
  8. I just posted a page for the Mother's Day challenge. I know I added the list of supplies to the page before posting, but it does not appear on the page with the post. Has something changed? Or did I miss something? This new forum is lovely to look at, but my aging brain is having difficulty making the change.
  9. Yes - and I put my to-do lists on the calendar, too - color coded for housekeeping tasks, grocery shopping, library book due dates, etc, etc & so forth. Some of them are repeated at regular intervals, so I don't have to add them each day. It works for me!
  10. Thank you! The information is safely stored now!
  11. This isn't really a NEW topic - I know it was asked and answered recently, and I wrote down the process, but I can't seem to find it, either in the forum or on the papers on my desk. One more time, please - how do I find my own gallery of posted pages? I promise I'll save the directions on my computer this time! Jo
  12. Oh my - just found this thread! I DON'T use post it notes, or any other type of planner. Everything goes on the calendar on my computer, but it is color coded by category. Quick, easy, cheap, can be set up to repeat at specific intervals. I've been doing this for 20 years or more.