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  1. I'm terrible about taking pictures, let alone scrapping them. Sign me up, maybe the accountability will get me motivated!
  2. It's been fun reliving memories through the photos of previous meet-ups. Let's make some new memories! Any ideas on how we can get commitment and narrow down to just one location?
  3. I'm going with 27, 31, 48 /fingers crossed
  4. I'm so excited for this new chapter in the SG story! Congratulations, Angie! You got this!
  5. I think I see the problem. For some reason, FB removes the "." in the part before the "@", making it all run together - which is not your email address :(. I typed it in 3 times thinking maybe I mistyped it the first time, by the 2nd & 3rd, I was just confirming. Sigh.
  6. Awww. I'll try again. After that, I do have your phone number, so if you want to try the text method, we can do that!
  7. Got it and gave it a go. Let me know what you see
  8. I live here and worked right in Dearborn, sometimes just across the street from Greenfield Village...and it's still been probably 10 years since I've been there LOL.
  9. Here's the list of locations from FB. If you want to be invited in FB and you're friends with Conda, Angie, Tiza, me, Tamara, Pat, Sandi give your friend a shout. It also looks like I have the option of inviting non-FB people via text or email. I've not done that before, but I'm willing to try it if you want to PM me here with your contact info to try. Now to the list! What locations are of interest to you (and that you will actually travel to)? So far, suggestions we've heard (in no particular order): - St. Louis, MO- Kansas City, MO- Minneapolis, MN- Omaha, NE - Denver, CO (there's also a meeting place an hour outside Denver) - Dearborn, MI (photo walk at Greenfield Village) - There are other locations in MI that are great to visit, but they're a far drive from the DTW airport (so maybe a day trip?) - Dallas, TX (photo walk at Botanical Gardens & Arboretum) - San Antonio, TX (Removed because our local expert told us pricing would be outrageous due to Fiesta during our time frames) - Pacific Northwest (Sandi is checking potential location) FYI...there is a concern with locations far from airports due to the logistics of a far drive.
  10. Yay, Ann! You've reminded me that I have the locations listed in FB, but not here. I'll take care of that soon.
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