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  1. Were the SG bucks discontinued? I haven't been able to pop in for some time, but I can't find my SG bucks, and I know I haven't used them all. I also don't recall getting the customary birthday gift, was that discontinued as well?

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    2. Jenna


      Bummer, I was confused because the payment section heading still says "payment and SG bucks", but I couldn't find anything besides my credit card info. LOL Oh well. Thanks for responding.

    3. Cheri T

      Cheri T

      Jenna, there was an issue with the Scrapbucks that the shopping cart company could not resolve. I think the email about it went out in December. I'm sorry you didn't get to use your last bucks.

    4. lorac


      I didn't get a bday gift last year, so I assumed it was discontinued as werethe SG Bucks.

  2. I sure hope you have a wonderful birthday and just enjoy every minute of it! many blessings!

  3. Happy Birthday! Have a great day.

  4. Happy Birthday Jenna! Have a wonderful special day today!

  5. Ugh, I forgot to check the chat room. I was thinking it was here on the thread for some reason. :/
  6. Am I in the wrong room? What time does it start?
  7. Not sure if I will be able to play, but here is mine. 1.Anniversary 2.Chocolate 3.Digital Scrapbooking 4.Fuzzy socks 5.Giggles 6.Hot Cocoa 7.Marshmallows 8.Music 9.Oreos 10.Pajamas 11.Photos 12.Pillow Fight 13.Pizza 14.Slippers 15.Spiced Pumpkin Latte
  8. I'm not seeing the sale price on Amanda's items anymore. Did the sale end before midnight this time? :/ I was just now getting ready to checkout.

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    2. Jenna
    3. teecee


      Okay - clearing my cache did the trick! YAY!

    4. cyndals


      Yay! Glad everyone one their goodies!

  9. I'm kind of dying to participate again, but concerned that I may not have time. I am trying to get my workflow smoothed out so I can edit faster (I have 10 sessions that need editing right now - yikes!).
  10. Hi ladies! Long time no see! I have a quick question. I am having a logo designed for my business, and would like to know if anyone here is, or can recommend, someone that does website design. I like my site, but it's not getting a lot of hits, and it's not ranking very well in google search. I need to get it where it's showing up in searches for photographers in my area, and I want to make sure it's professional looking. Thoughts?

    1. DixieLee


      I don't know anything about that, but just wanted to say that it is great to hear from you!!

    2. alsoarty


      I can ask my nephew - he does this for a living.

    3. Jenna


      Thanks! It's good to see you too, Dixie, and I appreciate that, Andrea!

  11. hey, haven't heard from you in awhile, so, how are you doing?