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  1. SO lovely, and so much texture!
  2. I'm usually listening to music at any given point. Music really inspires me, especially lyrics. The Challenge I'm challenging you to use some song lyrics in a layout. It could be a title, or a whole song. Just make sure lyrics are used and let us know the song and artist in your description. How The challenge will run from March 1st - April 31st . Create a layout featuring song lyrics post it in the gallery, and then share it here with us in this thread as well. (There isn’t a specific place in the gallery you need to post, your personal gallery is fine.)
  3. There have been a few changes, so make sure you read! Thanks guys. Happy New Year!
  4. It's a new year! The start of a new year often feels like a fresh start for a lot of people. While we don't all make new year's resolutions, we do usually reflect on the past year and think about how things have changed or even just things that have just transpired over the last year (and I think we can all admit it's been quite a few years hasn't it?!) The Challenge This months challenge is very loose. Share and or create something that has changed for you in the last year, or something that you wish to change in the coming year. How The challenge will
  5. Thanks all for your beautiful leafy layouts! The random winner this month is Jane. Congrats!
  6. AmandaFace

    Nashville IN

    Beautiful photo treatment (and love the large photo format as well)
  7. Thanks for sharing! I actually do that myself too sometimes when I find the background a little overwhelming.
  8. AmandaFace

    AFT November Challenge

    Wonderful classic layout!
  9. AmandaFace


    Lovely. I love how the tree blends in with the embs so well!
  10. How adorable! I love this
  11. AmandaFace

    Crisp Air

    digital scrapbooking layout by AFT Designs - Amanda Fraijo-Tobin using: SS Embellishment Templates: Elysian Greenery Elysian Ribbons Elysian Flowers SS Embellishment Templates: Elysian Frames SS Paper Templates: Elysian Value Pack: Pepper Crisp Air Word Art
  12. digital scrapbooking layout by AFT Designs - Amanda Fraijo-Tobin using: Cranberry Crisp Kit Emb Templates: Crisp Air Frames
  13. AmandaFace

    Fall Beauty

    digital scrapbooking layout by AFT Designs - Amanda Fraijo-Tobin using: Cranberry Crisp Kit
  14. I also wanted to let everyone know this will be the last challenge for 2021 (hard to believe). I'll be back next year with challenges done slightly differently, but more added prizes etc, so look for that to come
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