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  1. Holiday Season is currently in full swing. Whether or not you celebrate the holidays around this time of year, a common theme we see popping up around the holiday season is the word “Joy”. The Challenge This month I challenge you to showcase something that brings you Joy. Could be your family, or anything or as small as hot coffee on a cold day. Just share with us something big or small that brings you joy. How The challenge will run from December 1st - December 31st. Create a layout featuring something that brings you joy, post it in the gallery, and then sha
  2. AmandaFace

    COVID hair

    Covid Hair! Its been a thing hasn't it? I love all the blending and how you put the text in the frame!
  3. Beautiful! I love the splash across the background
  4. Oh awesome! This is somehow rusty yet still soft and gorgeous!
  5. AmandaFace

    Sugar Shack

    I love the metal alpha treatment and the large photo!
  6. This is such a cool idea! Love it!
  7. AmandaFace

    Old and Rusted

    What a cool photo! Love the title and the photo blending.
  8. Yep! Completely ok Anne-Marie! I know I have a lot of products 😆
  9. Cool Celestine! Thanks for sharing your process with us. I love hearing how people come about creating things.
  10. This is amazing! So much stuff to look at. Love.
  11. AmandaFace


    Oh this is gorgeous! and these colors are beautiful!
  12. Me too Sondra! Adds a lot of character to things.
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