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  1. Covid has taught me my teens think they can sleep like vampires and keep odd schedules. 😆 Or maybe that's just because they're teens.

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    2. englishrose


      My 10 year old DGS has reached teenager-hood while he's been off school. He's needing the routine that school gives.

    3. CRS


      Mine are like that too, it just started much earlier this summer, lol.

    4. Mikelle


      Mine are doing the same, sleeping as late as they are allowed. My 11 year old is also now spending her free time in her own room listening to music and FaceTiming friends, like a teenager.

  2. Hey all! If you didn't see, I've got a sale right now on all my tools and templates. save 45% off, and receive the wooden frame embellishments if you spend $4 or more. Shop all my templates Shop all my tools
  3. Well shucks thanks Andrea! I'll take it! thanks ladies! And Happy Bday to you too Kelly! What day is yours on?
  4. Hey everyone! Hope you're all doing well! I'm celebrating my 38th birthday this month, so celebrate with me by saving 38% off my store and a free new kit with purchase of $5 or more.
  5. Thanks all for participating in this month's past challenge - I loved seeing everyone's varying hues of green picks! The random winner this month was Marie! Congrats!
  6. I love the fold back! How awesome. Love the large beautiful photo.
  7. Beautiful! Some of my personal favorite green goodies
  8. What an amazing photo! Love the clustering too. lovely.
  9. AmandaFace


    Gorgeous ring and layout!
  10. AmandaFace

    Beautiful moments

    Oh I love this so much!! ❤️
  11. Darling! I love the layered triangles
  12. Me too! So many wonderful layouts this month.
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