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  1. AmandaFace

    October ATC swap

    Oh I hope I can squeeze this in! This is always TOTALLY a nutty month for me.
  2. AmandaFace

    AFT Fall Sale

    Hey all! I'm having a sale with 45% off everything in my Fall Category. Might be a great time to grab something if it catches your fancy for my Fall Color Challenge this month. Enjoy! xo
  3. AmandaFace

    AFT Designs - October Challenge & Prize

    Yeah, I've lived in some of those "year round green" places myself - and even "lack of all color" ha! Which is why I'm keeping it super general. Just be inspired to create something with those warm colors associated with fall
  4. AmandaFace

    AFT Designs - September Challenge & Prize

    Thank you all so much for playing. The randomizer choose scrapgran as my winner!! But I'm so happy you all decided to come play with me on my first challenge, the rest of you please check your PM's for a little something something AND hop over and check out the October Challenge Here.
  5. AmandaFace


    That's beautiful!! These worn photo templates are some of my favs, and they look amazing on your layout! Thanks for sharing ❤️
  6. AmandaFace

    AFT Challelnge - Sunny Memories

    I love love, the large photos across to get the whole slip n slide action in!
  7. AmandaFace

    AFT Challenge

    Beautiful! These colors are perfect with that photo.
  8. AmandaFace

    Charlotte and Bo

    So sweet.
  9. As I mentioned before, fall is my all time favorite season. One of my favorite things about it being all the beautiful rich colors, which is why it’s actually my favorite season to design products for! For this months challenge let’s focus on those lush fall colors. The Challenge Challenge is simple, create a layout utilizing and inspired by fall colors. I realize not everyone is currently celebrating fall, so don’t feel like it has to be a “fall” layout itself - just focus on the awesome colors that nature provides us in the way of foliage during the fall season. Also, you aren’t just tied to the colors above. Just a little eye candy, and perhaps a little help to get you jump-started. How The challenge will run from Oct 1st - Oct. 31st. Create a layout featuring fall colors, post it in the gallery, and then share it here with us in this thread as well. (There isn’t a specific place in the gallery you need to post, your personal gallery is fine.) I ask that the layout utilize at least 30-50% of items from my store. (Don’t overthink that percentage, just make sure some of my items are used pretty please) Prize A $5 coupon good for anything in my store. Everyone that follows the guidelines will be entered into the drawing! And please share! When you post, feel free to tell us about your creative process or something about your layout. Here are a few products and layouts that may stimulate some creativity, but please note you don’t have to use these, they’re just suggestions and perhaps some of my own favorite fall inspired colors.
  10. AmandaFace

    Help finding albums!

    These! There are a few different colors. That's generally the brand that I use for my project life albums and I like them
  11. AmandaFace

    Great Grandma's Birthday

    So pretty Conda!
  12. AmandaFace

    AFT Designs - September Challenge & Prize

    Little more than a week to share your summer memories with us! Thanks for everyone so far that has joined in.
  13. AmandaFace

    Sneak Peek 09/21

    Peek A Boo!