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  1. Nothing worse that an error message! Hope you get it sorted.
  2. I don't think they're too large at all! It's lovely.
  3. What a sweetie! I have two chihuahuas. Love all the blending and the long photo.
  4. My friend Jan's husband is an author that writes really good sci-fi! Several of his kindle books are free
  5. Oh that's interesting! So let me get this right, you take a blended/collage type background and erase edges to make it moreso an embellishment?? That's an awesome idea.
  6. What a beautiful and unique wedding page!!
  7. So pretty!
  8. I'm kinda willy nilly. Sometimes I really want to showcase a patterned paper, so I make the focus more on that - or sometimes I too may start with a more "solid" paper.
  9. What a great photo! The red behind the picture really makes it POP!
  10. It was a great article! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with.
  11. So Pretty!
  12. SO much good stuff. Excited to play with all those cool tools from Syndee... and I'm blowna way by this months SS Club - Ginny did an amazing job.
  13. Yeah I can't see the screen shot (teeeeny tiny on my end). Check your blending mode on your gradient and make sure is set to normal. Also check the opacity. Those are 2 things that come to mind.
  14. Lovely! I love the little Bee trail!