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  1. Pretty!
  2. So fun!
  3. I agree, a nice change!
  4. Keeping up w/ multiple planners is easy for me b/c it helps me keeps my paths from getting mixed. If my work/home were all in the same thing, I'd loose my mind (and miss a lot of goings on I'm sure). I just make sure in the morning I look at both and write down to-dos for the day in each. I use some ready made items and I make my own if there's something super specific I want for myself and can't find. Plus I'm anal like that
  5. Hahaha! Well when all your post it notes start being connected by thumbtacks and red string.... then I'll be worried
  6. Always exciting!
  7. Hey now, I LOVE my planners. But also love my post-it notes you'll find those stuck to my planner and in it too I use a Happy Planner for my family planner. An A5 filofax size for my work planner. and Personal sized Filofaxe's for art journals, one for bills/finance etc.
  8. Pretty! Love the large florals!
  9. Welcome!
  10. Uses: ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Drafted 1 Value Pack: Here and There
  11. Super cute! The elongated frame goes great with that photo, and I love your curved titling.
  12. I totally have a designated fitness planner! I also make my own stickers, although I don't currently have fitness ones *gasp*. New product maybe? I use a personal sized filofax 6 ring album as my fitness planner.
  13. Lovely!
  14. So much great stuff this week!