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  1. In my "Take Wing" kit: Oldie, but still one I'm partial to!
  2. How pretty!!
  3. Hi Diane! Never heard of that software. Can you import your own purchased artwork with this program?
  4. So many goodies. There's actually 2 collections by different designers I noticed that will work really lovely together. Check it out friday and see if you can spot it too
  5. I've read them. It's one of my son's fav series. He's reading something right now he's really into I'll have to find out what it is...
  6. One of my fav series!!
  7. Oh man, glad you didn't loose anything!
  8. Welcome!!
  9. Nothing worse that an error message! Hope you get it sorted.
  10. I don't think they're too large at all! It's lovely.
  11. What a sweetie! I have two chihuahuas. Love all the blending and the long photo.
  12. My friend Jan's husband is an author that writes really good sci-fi! Several of his kindle books are free
  13. Oh that's interesting! So let me get this right, you take a blended/collage type background and erase edges to make it moreso an embellishment?? That's an awesome idea.