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  1. So cute! I love the colors and cute cut outs and soccer sticker!
  2. You're welcome! I forgot to come back and check this thread.
  3. It was completed today before 11:30 am MT.
  4. This is so cute! I love it! I love the colors and how you blended everything together and I love the wording!
  5. Cute card! I like how you used yellow with traditional Christmas colors.
  6. I love the colors of the layout, the quote, the scribbled circle and the way you blended the background. I guess really, I love it all. Great job!
  7. I think you were very artsy! Great art journaling layout! I love the doll you made from the photo! I love the cheerful, happy colors and the variety of textures. Great job! That is why I chose this to be your layout on the SG home page while you're our Member of the Month. Congrats!
  8. There is a whole category of customer shapes you can purchase to use for that very purpose in the boutique (custom shapes). When you purchase a set of custom shapes it includes step by step instructions on how to use them, but if you need more detailed help we can find instructions to give you right here. I don't use PSE or I'd give them to you, but I believe they're different from PSE to PS so I don't want to take a chance of giving you the wrong directions.