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  1. Wow....I really messed that one up. lol It means use 6 of the same shapes on your layout. So 6 circles will work.
  2. Adulting stinks...time to buy new tires for my car.  I could think of better ways to spend that $

    1. alsoarty


      Your CC is going ‘ouch’!

    2. Boatlady


      I hear you....it's costs $$$$$$ to drive that is for sure.

  3. Just a FYI sometime this week (could be today) we will be doing the update to the forum.  If you come to the forum and its offline this would be why.

    And I have seen from the test site, the status updates are still there. So those will not be lost

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. bcgal00


      Love that you take the time to keep us informed :) The site is looking awesome!


    3. GraceJ


      The site is looking great!

    4. MariJ


      I noticed that status updates are still here, that’s great.

  4. It's almost time for our anniversary celebration!

  5. Let's see what the designers have for us this week.
  6. Congrats @lindarobin for being this month's winner
  7. Happy Sunday! It's sneak peek time..love seeing little snippets of what designers have coming
  8. Another weekend full of Senior sessions.  2 weekends down...2 more to go

    1. April Showers

      April Showers

      Your senior photos are fabulous.

    2. GraceJ


      Wonderful Senior photos!

  9. Yeah, I don't see that Shauna has posted hers yet. Since those layouts were just posted to the blog she may not have gotten to it yet
  10. No sleep tonight...gotta get some newsletters set up, sales set up etc. But it's a weight off my shoulder!
  11. WE ARE BACK!!  yes...i'm screaming that from the top of my lungs.  It may take a few hours for your IP to start seeing the notifications removed, but I just got on using chrome for the first time


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. bcgal00


      Glad its all working now.

    3. englishrose


      Brilliant, Angie  - well done for battling through!

    4. Figment


      WooHoo! Thanks for working so hard to get us back online!

  12. Finally the notification that we have been waiting for...Google says they have reviewed the site and everything looks great. They will be removing the notification on the site. Per Google: The warnings visible to users are being removed from your site. This may take a few hours to happen. So please be patient while they are being removed..but we should be back soon! And we are having a sale tomorrow!!
  13. Hopefully...I haven't heard anything, no matter how many times I check the backend of Google. Let me tell you it's frustrating!
  14. Well we didn't really get a new product release last week, hopefully we get double this week. Here's a little peak at what the designers will have
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