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  1. Went with Justin yesterday to buy his first "big boy" purchase...he bought himself a truck

  2. It's Monday...hope everyone had a great weekend

  3. Let's see what the designers have this week
  4. Rainy gloomy day...sounds like perfect day to clean the house

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. alsoarty


      When you're done you can come do mine as well....

    3. angleigh


      Oh mine needed done BAD besides just picking up daily it had been awhile since I had done any major cleaning

    4. GraceJ
  5. Hey gals...yeah, we woke up to this again today. I do want you all to know that each time they do this we change up and/or add another layer of spam prevention on the site. We keep trying to make it harder and harder for them to sign up and post. But I'm also trying to keep in mind not making it too hard for legit new people to sign up also. So it's a balancing act. But again sorry for anyone that woke up to notifications in your inbox!
  6. Welcome Sandy! I was just talking about the same thing the other day. I have twin boys who in December will be 20. Not sure how they got that old!!
  7. Happy Easter! Let's see what wonderful goodies will be in the store this week
  8. Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!

  9. Welcome to April!

    1. alsoarty


      Yeah! Oh Easter Eggs!

    2. scrapgarden


      Welcome April! Sunshine, flowers and Spring rains? I'm ready.

    3. A-M


      I like this time of year as it is Autumn here so the weather is nice and pleasant. 

  10. So glad Monday is almost over with

    1. alsoarty


      Yep. Me too. Finally home from running stupid errands and Dr visit. blah!

  11. It's sneak peek time! Let's see the goodies the designers have for us this week
  12. awww...love this photo! They look like they are having so much.
  13. love the layered metals and repeating circles this is a great layout!
  14. Love this, and what a great way to showcase these amazing photos!
  15. this layout just screams fun. Love the pop of yellow
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