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  1. Happy Thursday...it's almost the weekend!

  2. @Susan Says is our winner! I'll send your gift certificate
  3. Happy Friday...waiting on the snow to hit

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    2. Susie Roberts

      Susie Roberts

      How are you feeling, Angie! I've been thinking of you!

    3. angleigh


      @Susie Roberts a little better each day

    4. Figment


      We got dumped on for sure! My hubby's been shovelling like crazy. We moved to an apartment to get away from that, lol. But it's part of his job. I hope it wasn't not too bad for you!

  4. Becca I was thinking about you not that long ago. I was wondering how you were doing. Send me a message sometime
  5. Covid day 3 just as bad as day 1 and 2….this can be over now

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    2. mimes1


      How are you feeling today Angie?

    3. scrapgarden


      Hope you are starting to feel better. It is so tough being sick.

    4. LindaH57


      Hi Angie, so sorry to hear you're not  feeling well. My two brothers and their wives all had Covid. It lasted about a week before they were feeling much better. I hope you are feeling better soon!

  6. Happy Monday

    1. GraceJ


      Have a wonderful day and a fabulous week ahead my dear!

  7. Let's see what the designers have this week
  8. After all these short holiday weeks...this felt like the longest week ever

    1. MariJ


      I'm not even sure what day or week it is, but it does feel very L - O - N - G.....   😱

  9. It's Monday again...blah

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    2. Belle


      When you are retired, everyday is Sunday.

    3. Figment


      I love Mondays! That's the introvert in me, lol. Hubby is working, I get to work in peace and quiet and destress from the weekend. 

    4. GraceJ


      Have a wonderful day my dear <3

  10. Welcome to 2022 lets see what the designers have for us for week 1
  11. Happy New Year...spending the day watching House and watching the snow fall

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    2. Mikelle


      Super cold here today - one degree F right now.  I think we're all a little house-crazy right now, since it's too cold to even go out for a walk!  We watched movies and bounced around the house like ping pong balls all day.

    3. MariJ


      Ah,,, Mikelle, that's crazy, especially when it's unusually warm other places.   Sorry about that, but have to admit, your words made me giggle!   :giggle_bear:

    4. GraceJ


      Happy New Year my dear! also here's cold, and we are waiting for even more cold days.
      Angie and Mikelle, dear ladies stay safe and warm.

  12. Aww just saw Betty White died 

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    2. GraceJ


      So sad news

    3. Belle


      I love her. She always had a smile on her face.

    4. mimes1


      I never met her but she was at our zoo often and made many friends there. She left quite a legacy and will be missed. 

  13. Waiting on the storm to roll in this weekend.  They are saying maybe 8" snow

    1. MariJ


      Oh my, that's no fun.  Stay safe Angie and please don't sent that storm east!  😱

    2. scrapgarden


      And I thought 6 inches was a lot! Stay indoors and scrap:)

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