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  1. What a busy week. First Amanda is having a Birthday Sale you don't want to miss and we are welcoming a new designer, this is a preview of just one of her kits she will release this week Let's see what else the designers have for us
  2. Did you see Amanda is having a birthday sale...and if you spend $5 in her store you will get a free kit!

    1. Mikelle


      Ooooo, I did NOT see that!  Apparently I need to visit the shop soon!

  3. Started the day off with plans to do a little yard work after this winter, ended up taking down our privacy fence as part of it was rotten

  4. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 4/12

    Let's see what the designers have in store for us this week
  5. I think Spring has finally arrived!

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    2. alsoarty


      Yippee... whisper.....crossing fingers.

    3. DRB Designs

      DRB Designs

      It is supposed to be nearly 70 degrees here today... and 35 on Wednesday. LOL

    4. SodScrap


      It was SO MUGGY yesterday 😔

  6. angleigh

    What colors are you scrapping with

    You know, that's true. We have alot of green as accent colors but not the main color, and I love green
  7. angleigh

    What colors are you scrapping with

    sounds pretty!
  8. angleigh

    What colors are you scrapping with

    I love teal and yellow, and throw in an off white...so pretty
  9. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 4/5

    How is it April already? Let's see what the designers have for us this week
  10. Act quick....Word Art World is having a 1 day 65% off sale in her store!

    1. SodScrap


      Love her word art!  Running to her store now!

  11. Happy Sunday...what did you do today?

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    2. Mikelle


      3 hours ago, SodScrap said:

      I spent my day sick, reading and napping on the couch.  The same yesterday too!!

      Sorry you’re sick, Conda!  Feel better soon!

    3. Boatlady


      We went out on our boat for a few hours, we took ride around Lake Tarpon had lunch then came home. Late afternoon we went to a BBQ birthday party for a friend and a 50th anniversary for other friends.

    4. lorac


      I was in the hospital both Saturday and Sunday. Having lots of problems and my and memory was giving me problems.

  12. angleigh

    Photo challenge

    Ok haven’t done one of these forever. Let’s start with an easy one, the theme is “right now” its a dark, soon to be rainy day here. I’ve been up since 3am and am caught up with everything. So right now Sully and I are relaxing on the couch watching tv
  13. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 3/29

    Can't believe this is the last sneak peek of the month!
  14. WOW...can't believe March is almost over

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    2. Boatlady


      Time is flying by that is for sure.

    3. CRS


      I can't wait for spring break next week! We only have 4 games scheduled and 2 weekend trips, but at least I can sleep in a few days!

    4. Syndee


      😥 Don't remind me!

  15. It's that time of the year when season start changing, maybe your getting ready to hit spring...or your somewhere that it feels more like fall. But with the change of season usually comes the change of colors we scrap with. What is your current favorite color combo? And do you find yourself changing with the season or do you stick with photos?