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  1. know I think mine does that also. I just don't have it set up for it. I know my camera I can set up to take a picture when the person smiles.
  2. that we have gotten past the holidays and the craziness of the first of the year I wanted to bring back the photo challenge. Just a FYI this will not be a weekly thing, I think doing that it becomes to hard to keep up with. I figure i'd do it about once a month (maybe more depending on the month) and that will make it more "special" when we do it. Someone gave me the great idea to incorporate the Photo Tips I posted here into the challenges. So for the first one of the year we're going to start with an easy one.... a nature photo and incorporate the rules of 3rd. Below is mine. Right now the trees are covered with ice from our 2 ice storms this week. When I looked at the window all I saw was brown winter "ick" , ice and then this green on the trunk of the tree's. Let's see your nature photos
  3. Ugh..looks like we're going to be hit with ice again tonight (2nd time this week) so that means another snow day tomorrow.  

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. angleigh


      I would rather have a foot of snow than ice.  And it's not enough to do much but get the kids out of school

    3. CRS


      I really hope we don't get that! I hope everyone stays safe!

    4. Boatlady


      Ice, snow and cold is why we moved to Florida and this winter proves we made a good decision. The good thing about all that icky weather is that it does go away eventually...spring is coming.

  4. Some great new items coming this week
  5. Thanks everyone...hope you enjoy them and maybe find something in there you didn't know
  6. I've uploaded some free photo tips HERE

    And this Friday I'll be bringing back the photo challenge that we had about once a month before the holidays.

    1. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Your tips are fabulous, Angie. Thank you so much for sharing them!

    2. Dady


      Thank you Angie!


  7. So a few months ago I started working on some photo tips. My thought was to make this into a class, but after working on it I just couldn't wrap my mind around what direction I wanted to go with so many things kept coming up I didn't have time to just sit down and work on it. Well in a way, my lose is your gain. I decided to just release the notes I made as a free tips document. I've attached it here, but it will cover taking better everyday photos and has some basic tips I hope you all find helpful. PhotoTips.pdf
  8. Hey Carol...I would email them to find out for sure. But I would think you would be able to, it's the same as uploading pictures to someplace like MPix and ordering different size prints from it.
  9. Week 7
  10. All things wrestling this week, because that's pretty much what it consisted of The collection I used for this week was 2016 Everyday and Value Pack: Scrap It Monthly 3
  11. 2nd day of State Wrestling...another long day in a gym.

    1. CRS


      I can't imagine sitting on those bleachers all day long!!

    2. Marie-Christine


      saw your photos on facebook, great photos. 

  12. I'm thinking that you are the person who so generously donated the free download for this month's recipe swap.  I can open the templates and everything is fine.  When I open the instructions to use the templates, it's illegible.  I've tried downloading is several times, but it still can't be read.  Can you help?

    1. MariJ


      I downloaded the instructions, which are actually the “ScrapSimple Handbook”.  The one that downloaded for me is the old one, probably because the product is retired.  You can try downloading the updated instructions and book HERE.   Let us know if that doesn’t work.   And, yes!  Angie so generously is giving us all the recipe templates. :)  

    2. angleigh


      Yes, Mari is correct.  If you download the link she gave you it will give you the newest handbook

  13. Here's mine for this month: Steak Soup
  14. Here's mine for Feb items used: ScrapSimple Layout Template: 4x6 Gourmet Kitchen 1 Dinner Party Mixed Papers Dinner Party Collection
  15. Week 6, I used the button / switch prompt