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  1. Tomorrow we leave early in the AM to watch a weekend of State High School Wrestling.  We will be home Sunday afternoon.  I will be checking emails but it may just take a bit longer to get back to everyone

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    2. CRS


      Have fun and good luck to the team!

    3. Mikelle


      Have fun!  Might be a long weekend.  😂

    4. Jane in N.Z
  2. Did you see some designers are having some awesome sales?  Tami's store is 25% off and you get a whole kit for free if you spend $10 in her store.   Amanda is having a sale on her templates with a set of mask free with a $4 purchase.   If you spend $5 in DRB's store you get a free collection mini.  And finally Syndee is having 35% off of her store and if you spend $5 you get a free template set. 

    Check out the banners in the store for all details and ending dates of these special offers.

    1. Marie-Christine


      Wow, excellent, love it when there is a sale, it's awesome :)

    2. alsoarty
    3. SodScrap
  3. angleigh

    Never Ending Story - February Game

    Penguin Patrol was busy with an igloo fire downtown, it looked like we were on our own when....
  4. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 2/15

    Let's take a look at the new items this week
  5. After only going to school 2 days last week the boys finally went back this morning!

    1. SodScrap


      No school here today....

    2. angleigh


      We went, but buses aren't running out in the country after school due to the ice

    3. DRB Designs

      DRB Designs

      Yesterday I witnessed a terrible accident due to the slippery roads. A small pickup landed right on its roof. The driver miraculously got out and looked unhurt. Amazing!

  6. Getting ready for an ice storm.  We are officially under an ice storm warning (it was just a blizzard warning a few weeks ago)  I'm SO over winter!

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    2. CRS


      Ugh, it's supposed to hit 70 today but still raining. Tomorrow's high is 30. Bring on summer, please!!

    3. BetC


      You and me, both! Ice. Thunder-sleet and snow here. Hope you're getting around ok. We have main highways fairly ok, but oh boy, these "country lanes" get very little attention! I am starting to get cranky. Looking for some sun!

    4. Marie-Christine


      Stay safe and hope it stops for you all soon.

  7. So we got hit with another round of wintry weather yesterday and I'm going a little stir crazy and could use a little silliness. So I thought it was time for a Never Ending Story and since we didn't have an official game scheduled for this month, I figured this would be perfect. If you haven't played along it's pretty simple. I will start with a short paragraph, and the next person adds onto it. By the time we are done we have this story that's full of twists and turns and alot of laughter. We will play through midnight EST on the 24th. Then I will put everyone's name who played along in a drawing. 1 lucky person will win a $5 gift certificate and 2 others $3. Enjoy...I'll start the story below. -------- It was a cold winter's day, one of those days that you wanted to do nothing more then curl up on the couch with your blankets and a good book. As I sit watching it snow out the window I couldn't help but let my mind wonder, and I started thinking about...
  8. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 2/8

    It's Monday and that means it's time to see what the designers have in store for us this week.
  9. angleigh

    Welcome Word Art World

    Let's give a big welcome to Jen from World Art World. Now through 1/7 you can save 40% off on her product
  10. -28 wind chill right now temp of -9...bring on spring

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    2. alsoarty


      Yup I saw that, and then next week it changes to over 45-50 degrees. Weird weather.

    3. beatricemi


      Yes please!!!

    4. MariJ


      Bea, I keep thinking of you.  We’re sub-zero and having snow squalls and all kinds of fun, but it doesn’t compare to you up there!   Yuck!   :winter_brr:

  11. angleigh

    I"m Back!!!

    Welcome back!
  12. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 2/1

    Last sneak peek for January! Let's see what our designers will be releasing this week
  13. Ok..winter can be over.  I'm so tired of the snow and ice.  And not to even talk about the snow days the kids will have to make up in spring.  So far 4, I know it doesn't seem like much but we usually have 1 or 2 tops

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    2. MariJ


      I hear you and agree and four is a LOT when there is still February and March to get through!  And, need I forget the big storm we had last year in APRIL?  ughhhh....   We have lots of snow and cold here but somehow less snowdays, I think the roads are busier and cleaned quicker.  Who knows, but I’m tired of it too!

    3. SodScrap


      AND...it's gonna be C O L D (er) this week!!  

    4. MariJ


      I just saw that...  And you are always a bit colder than us before you send it our way.....  :(  😫  :winter_brr:

  14. These are always for sale as individual items towards the end of the club month. So this one wont' be available until the middle of Feb.