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  1. angleigh

    $14 Daily Winner

    Congratulations Ann S from California for being our Monday winner!
  2. angleigh

    Wow...14 years

    It's great to see so many have been around for so many years.
  3. The designers collab items have been released. You can see all the items HERE

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    2. Smiles


      They're amazing!  So nice to have some non-traditional fall colors!

    3. CRS



    4. mimes1


      Love the color palette!

  4. I'm ready for all the fun to start today!

    1. SodScrap


      YAY!  Par*tay!  :having-a-party:

  5. Congratulations to Joyce B from Canada, you are our first $14 winner for the week. I have mailed you your gift certificate!
  6. Wow...14 years, I can't believe Scrap Girls is that old. I remember first visiting here when my boys were about 3. So this got me thinking how long have you been around Scrap Girls? I joined the message board in 2005, less than a year after they opened up
  7. it's been a cold rainy day here

    1. A-M


      lots of rain happening here... makes it a nice day to be home inside

  8. angleigh

    Project Life 2018

    Week 41
  9. angleigh


    The collection I used for this week was 2016 Everyday and Value Pack: Scrap It Monthly 3...Week 41 and this week is all about close up. First my new diffusers. I got a cute French Bulldog one for my office and a Owl for the living room. We are starting to see a little bit of Fall around here. The leaves are starting to turn and fall from the trees. Gary got these cute little astronauts at his last work meeting. Sully has decided they are toys and now they are laying all around the house. We’ve gotten so much rain this weekend. Almost 7 inches in a couple of days. Our sump pump keeps going off every few moments. And finally what week wouldn’t be complete without a Sully selfie.
  10. Who's ready for the anniversary party starting on Sunday??

  11. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 10/12

    Wow...can't believe this month is half over. I can't wait for the designers to show us a peek of what they will have for this week.
  12. It's a rainy day....what a better way to spend Digital Scrapbooking Day

  13. angleigh

    Project Life 2018

    Week 40
  14. angleigh


    The collection I used for this week was 2016 Everyday and Value Pack: Scrap It Monthly 3 --Week 40, what you read. This week was crazy, like every other week. So I didn’t have alot of time to sit down and “read” so I took it literal, what I was reading at the moment. The Lawson sign as I was headed out of town to the football game, Was checking on a package and the delivery date, Bottle of medicine I got to hopefully help numb Justin's throat, the weather because when you have alot of outdoor sports your always looking at that. The Northwest Missouri State website, because both boys have decided to go there after high school. And finally a little reading time, yes, I have to read books you can put down and pick back up a week later because I really don’t have a ton of time to do so
  15. After 4 missed school days, and a week having hand, foot and mouth I think Justin is finally going back to school today. Yah!

    1. Figment


      Bad enough when they're little, but the big boys probably really hate it! I'm glad he's feeling better.

    2. Becster


      Oh no, poor kid!