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  1. I updated the first thread with week 2 prompts and week 1 winner. I will send your gift cerficate now @englishrose
  2. Final day to get week one layouts up to qualify for the $5 GC
  3. Yeah, I've played it a few times and it's fun. Thought I would see how it would work digitally
  4. Hey all....we have all week to play, so it won't be a fast/crazy game. We will tag you when it's your turn, and we will wait on you. We know we have several in different time zones and such. If needed we will also drop you a email/PM if we don't hear from you. We've never played this one before, so be patient with us as we go through this.
  5. Happy Sunday! Let's see what's coming this week
  6. That's my type of list!! Love the colors on here and the little gnome
  7. Happy December!

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    2. englishrose


      How did December come around so soon?!

    3. Boatlady


      Back at you...where is the time going??


    4. GraceJ


      Happy December my dear!

  8. love the artsy feel of the layout and the colors!
  9. love the clean look of your layout, and the Laura and Chad ornaments are adorable
  10. love the personal touch with the handwriting!
  11. love how your photos are under the list (and they are great photos!)
  12. Welcome (almost) to December and the first of our holiday events (because I'm posting early...lol) Project: Cozy Christmas Project: Cozy Christmas is our month long project to help you document your December. So how will this year work? This year we are introducing 3 new weekly quotes/prompt. You can choose which quote/prompt you’d like to use and create 1 new layout for that week. Please do not use layouts you have previously uploaded, this must be a new layout. The quote does not have to appear on your layout, but if it doesn’t please let us know which quote you used (A or B) for inspiration As an extra incentive, we will be giving away prizes! Each week that you complete a layout using that week’s quote, you will be entered into a drawing for a $5 gift certificate to the SG shop. To be eligible for the weekly drawing, you must post that week's layout by midnight EST on Monday, except for week 5 which must be completed by midnight EST on Tuesday 3rd. Those who complete the layouts for the entire month (at least one layout per week for the 5 weeks in December) will be entered into the grand prize drawing for a $25 gift certificate to the ScrapGirls Shop. And as a added bonus this week, those of you that do 2 layouts a week (using 2 different prompts/quotes) will be in the drawing to win a $40 gift certificate. To be eligible for the grand prize drawing, you needn’t post your layouts each week, but make sure you post all 5 (or 10) layouts representing each week by January 3rd at midnight EST. So, if you get behind, you can still catch up and have a chance at the grand prize. Winners: Week 1 @englishrose To participate in Project: Cozy Christmas, simply post an “I’m in” message in this thread, along with the following: Week 1 (11/29-5) Week 2 (12/6-12) Week 3 (12/13-19) Week 4 (12/20-26) Week 5 (12/27-3) Post your finished layouts in the Project: Cozy Christmas gallery. As you complete your layouts, come back to your post and add a link(s) to the corresponding week's layout. Remember, you may create more than one layout a week, but to be eligible for prizes, you must have at least one layout per week. Here are the week one prompts: December To Do List All I Want For Christmas My People Week 2 My favorite Christmas Smell Christmas Tree Wrapping Paper
  13. I'm a day early...but let's see what the designers will have for us this week
  14. Happy Thanksgiving!

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    2. GraceJ


      Hope you had a wonderful day

    3. Amy D

      Amy D

      I am finally "back on a somewhat regular schedule" - just seeing your post, hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

    4. Laura


      Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you had a great day! 

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