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  1. This week's challenge is food. Maybe it's because Friday is grocery day and I have food on the mind. LOL But Friday also means I don't cook dinner's usually pizza night. So here's my food
  2. all kinds of new goodies!
  3. Well since i'm an early one to bed, I can promise I wasn't part of the late night crowd
  4. I've put it off long enough...inbox is empty for now, I guess it's time to start working on my club that's due here soon.

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    2. SodScrap


      Ohhh...get busy on that club!!  I haven't met a club of yours that I did not LOVE!!

    3. CRS


      Yay, I love your clubs!!

    4. Smiles


      Can't wait!

  5. you get them if after you post you click to edit the post, then go back and click on the image? That's how I've been doing mine, I think I tried it the other way once and didn't get the boxes so just got used to going back, edit and then got the boxes.
  6. I'll admit it's still odd to see "owner" next to my name or on my emails.:o

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    2. Boatlady


      I like it!  but it should say "interactive owner"

    3. BarbaraC1977
    4. Smiles


      I'm happy to see it, myself!

  7. What a way to celebrate your retirement Lei!
  8. Man..get caught up in work for a few days and I miss all the fun and we've traveled again. You all try to keep all the fun on the pool, I would hate to be banned from our next destination. Now hopefully I can get caught up on work this morning and join in on the fun this afternoon.
  9. I know alot of you mentioned classes. Have you all seen some of the free classes we offer on this page: Classes There are some great basic ones on there to help get you started on things such as blending and layers mask.
  10. We've got another designer starting with us this week. She will be bringing us some new PU items and also CU. I'm in love with her pattern papers and the colors she uses in her kit. Here's a little peek of what she has coming this week.
  11. Oh I don't think we'd ever replace or leave out alpha's, especially not in the larger kits. I think there's enough people that do use them. I'm one that finds it really hard to use them. I love them in other people's layouts, but in mine I feel they just look "odd" It was just more of a "what if" question. Thanks Amy..I love hearing everyone's opinion on different things, especially from a designers point. I always wonder as I create things if anyone ever uses some of the pieces, and mainly because they are items I don't use.
  12. So a follow up to the Always Use vs Never Use thread. Word art Vs Alpha I see many of you say you don't use Alpha, but do you use word art or quotes? If we didn't put Alpha in our kits what would you like that to be replaced with?
  13. Interesting to see the different things we use vs don't use. I think for me there's alot of things I would love to use, but I just fall back into my tried and true items I always use.
  14. Well ladies, looks like I didn't listen to Carla at the Louvre and got left behind there. But I did get a few extra days of sight seeing there and finally figured out a way to get caught up with you all. So scootch on over, i'm back. I'm glad to see my room is still empty and they didn't give it to someone else. But i'm ready for some cabana boys and a few adult beverages. Hopefully I can jump back in today and visit the sites this week
  15. Ooh...I hope I can find time to do a layout this week. As soon as I see this I think of the reflection, and all the cool things you could do with that in a layout.