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  1. Just a little hint
  2. I can tell you the issue with fonts, those just didn't sell this last year, so it's time to retire them. I've also been in contact with Lettering Delights and have been talking to them about getting some new more "modern" type of fonts. So hopefully we'll have some to replace those here in the next month or so
  3. So if I was new to the store and didn't have time to go through all the items in the retirement sale, which ones would you suggest would be a "must have" before it's gone?
  4. Guess what starts tomorrow?  If your browsing the store you might see a category that just pops ups once a year

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    2. MariJ


      I was having such a hard time last night going from the sale to the retired pruducts sale.   I finally had to tell myself the SALE ended soon - get cracking!    :rofl:

    3. lorac


      Managed to get through all 51 pages of the retiring sale and actually found some product that I didn't already have. Woo Hoo!

    4. Mikelle


      Ooohhh so many things on sale!!

  5. Such fun getting all these peaks at what's on your left. Can't wait to see what everyone else post
  6. The last few challenge have been a little harder, this one will be a little simpler. This weeks challenge is "to your left" Yep...whatever your doing right now as you read this take of photo of what's to your left. When I read the photo challenge I was sitting on the couch taking a little "lunch break" so here's what you get. An old chest we found at an antique store, actually all the tables in my front room are antique store finds. A hand me down rug from my parents..but hey it was free, matched and saves my carpet a little. And a chair that we had to remove ginger's kennel from the front room for (like she ever used that) because Gary just got a recliner for his birthday and we had to re arrange a bit. So what's to your left?
  7. Kicked the kids out this morning, so I decided to start the party starts NOW! All new product is turned on, including Caroline B Designs, our new designer who has a free with purchase kit all weekend.
  8. Woo Hoo!  Kids are off to school so it's time to celebrate.  All new product has been turned on early, the sale started today...and we have a new designer, who also has a free kit with purchase this weekend. 

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    2. Becster


      Oh my gosh! YAY!!!


    3. alsoarty


      Woohoo! Party in the store!

    4. geekgirl designs

      geekgirl designs

      woohoo there's a live party in the store. Oh and too all you mums that have kids heading back to school...enjoy!


  9. is another great company. I've used it several times for books
  10. Thanks Dot! Glad to see you pop in
  11. Yeap.. that is still coming up this month
  12.'s that the truth! Even with kids in school there's people I haven't seen all summer because theirs are younger and they spent the summer with them. Mine are old enough they would rather be with friends