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  1. rainbow
  2. What was the first kit you purchased (or downloaded) from Scrap Girls?  Join us HERE to discuss.  We're all having a great time looking back at older kits.  It's an early Throwback Thursday

  3. Russell Tovey - Tower Block
  4. leaves
  5. I feel like it's a blast from the past seeing all these old kits. Loved Thao's stuff!!
  6. I LOVE the pop of color in this photo against the more monotone papers/embellishments
  7. Love this! The layering of the photos and the quote. Excellent heritage layout
  8. I love heritage layouts, this photo is amazing.
  9. how cute...look at that smile. Love the grunge/flower mix.
  10. Loved Durin's me that's what I always think of when I think of Durin
  11. I loved Amanda's "doodle" style she had. I remember that phase when doodles was a big thing in scrapbooking kits..that's about the time I started designing and I remember doodling on paper, scanning and extracting.
  12. Beautiful! love the blending of the photo and the lighting on it.
  13. It's great seeing older kits and how much scrapbooking kits have evolved over the years.
  14. It's fun to look back and see how much our styles have changed. And yes, that little bowl hair cut boy is the same one in the pink/yellow from the last day of school. It's hard to believe that's for sure
  15. I was looking through some of my older scrapbooking kits I purchased, which lead to seeing layouts I created with them (and yes, I did cringe when I saw some of the But it got me thinking, and thought it might be fun. Show me your first kit you purchased from the store (and give us a link if it's still in the store) and show us the first layout you posted in the gallery. I'll admit I started with ScrapGirls as a layout team member, so I got to work with alot of the kits I really loved in trade for layouts. So I thought instead I would show you one of the first kits I released. So everyone get ready for this, and wow how my style has changed, keep in mind these were released in 2006 And here is one of the first layouts I posted in the gallery So now let's see yours