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  1. Like the others have mentioned I think most of the tutorials we have are using templates. We have a ton of different templates in the store that will help you achieve this look. The easiest way to find them is next to the search box actually hit the words "advanced search" in the box next to Search for pattern put curl and make sure that only the box next to "product title" is clicked, not the one that reads description also. Here's just a few of the items Curled and Torn Frames Curled Frames Curled and Torn Paper Curled Up Paper
  2. How is it almost the end of September already! Here's a peek at this weeks items
  3. headed to a botanical garden today for Senior pictures...I can't wait!

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    2. MariJ


      Hope it went well, Angie.   

    3. angleigh


      It was gorgeous there.   @DixieLee did a shoot for a senior girl from our town


    4. DixieLee


      Oh, that photo is lovely!!!


  4. Great layouts everyone! @Belle you are this month's winner
  5. Happy Thursday....anyone have any big plans for the weekend

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    2. Smiles


      We're getting rain!  Yay!  Odd to be cheering for rain on a weekend, but it's been SO long!

    3. Jane in N.Z

      Jane in N.Z

      Nothing here as were still in complete lockdown in Auckland :( 
      Andrea sorry to hear about your accident during the night hope you heal quickly :) 

    4. angleigh


      ha...that's great @englishrose

      @Boatlady hope your outing with your new hip goes well!

      @Celestine that sounds fun, and think of the photo opportunities

      oh no @alsoarty you better get some rest

      @Smiles what I wouldn't give for a rainy weekend...we need it bad!

      Sorry to hear that @Jane in N.Z

      Football tonight, youth football tomorrow and senior photos at a beautiful flower garden location Sunday.  pictures...pictures...and more pictures for me!

  6. Let's see what the designers have for us this week!!
  7. It's time for our annual retirement sale!

    1. alsoarty


      Yah... oh no.. retirement :( but Yay sale!

    2. GraceJ


      Yay sale :) go shopping

  8. Did you see we have a new designer!  And she's having a huge opening sale

    1. alsoarty


      I noticed that! Looked at her collections… great!

    2. SodScrap


      Beautiful designs!

    3. GraceJ


      Beautiful stuff

  9. So ready for the cooler weather we are having right now

    1. alsoarty


      Luck you. We are still 106 today. Ugh.

    2. GraceJ


      Me too, so glad summer is over

  10. Welcome Sunday...the start of a new week and the day for sneak peeks to start!
  11. Hi Cindy...yes, you email to claim your prize. When you email please mention what you won. You can send me an email at hello@scrapgirls.com or directly to angielbriggs@gmail.com You can also just send me a private message
  12. Wow..almost September. Where has the time gone? Here's this weeks sneak peek
  13. Is anyone in path of the  hurricane?

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    2. angleigh


      @bitzee so glad you are ok...and great words of advice for anyone facing this (or any type) of situation like that.  I hadn't thought of all the ways covid had affected everything and the challenges that would cause as you were trying to make your way out of the area.

    3. lorac


      So glad to hear that you are okay. I've been watching the devastation on the news here in New York. We're safe here, although I hear that we will more than likely get the tail end of Ida.

      Prayers to everyone who are in the area and hope that you stay safe.


    4. GraceJ


      I just watched this on the news, sending prayers to everyone.

  14. Coming up for a breather from photographing yard signs...hope everyone is doing well

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    2. GraceJ


      Yard signs? have a happy creative time :)

    3. angleigh




      signs for our sports teams in town and the town next to us.  I've done 70 so far with another 65 photos to be taken this weekend

    4. alsoarty
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