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  1. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 11/15

    It's Monday...that means sneak peek time!
  2. Winter has hit..we have our first official winter weather adivsory.  Snow, ice, wind and WAY too cold!

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    2. Marie-Christine


      Winter is here, it's cold and damp here in Bristol.

    3. beatricemi


      Here in MI also. About 5 inches of snow and record low temp tonight 😓

    4. Celestine


      3 inches and 3 degrees this morning. I have had Internet problems all morning, with .06 megapixels per second upload speed, which is as good as having nothing. Mediacom tech coming tomorrow - we were told it might be related to abrupt and severe cold. Wonderful.

  3. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 11/8

    I can't wait to see what the designers have for us this week. And i'll start this week off by posting a preview of a brush set that Marlene has coming
  4. Come join us on our 30 day of Gratitude post HERE

  5. angleigh

    Stopping by to say Hi!

  6. The boys won their first round of districts last night.  We go on to play again next Friday

    1. ladyscrapalot


      Woo Hoo! Here's hoping they go all the way!!!

    2. Mikelle


      Yay, congrats, hope the next round is just as good!

    3. KFiasco


      Congrats, guys, good luck this week.

  7. Holy cow...how is it November already!

    1. alsoarty


      No. Hard to accept. But here it is....

    2. Emily Abramson

      Emily Abramson

      I know!! Made the mistake of dropping into the Target today. Christmas stuff is out and ready to be taken home. It is cool here in Atlanta and now that Halloween is over, I have the holiday spirit and am ready to shop till I drop. I like to get it all done early, so that I have lots of time for wrapping and decorating.  :present:


  8. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 11/1

    Wow...October is coming to an end, and Friday will be November 1st, where has this year gone! Let's see what our designers have for us this week
  9. Ugh...we've got the "S" word in the forecast for this week

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    2. alsoarty


      Weird weather. Salt Lake City is currently 9 degrees less than Alaska. Here in St George high of 54, what the heck! Brrrrr

    3. tiza126



    4. Boatlady


      We are unusually hot here in Florida the low tonight is going to be 74 degrees...sounds like a nice night for a swim. It is supposed to cool down next week.


  10. angleigh

    Products Used in Templates

    Which layout exactly. It looks like the darker layouts are using an item that’s been retired. I’m not sure about the other one
  11. All week we will be giving away a $15 store gift certificate daily. Here's how it works: Simply spend $10 in the store and you are entered for that day's drawing for the $15 gift certificate. Each morning I'll send out the gift certificate for the previous day and post the winners here. Good luck!
  12. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 10/25

    Last week was crazy with our Anniversary week and the collab release. But never fear our designers have new product for us again this Friday.
  13. angleigh

    ScrapGirls Meet UP

    @A-M Back Row Cheri Thieleke, Tamara Runas, Pat Barnes Front Row: Theresa Reck, Conda and Karen Coulson
  14. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 10/25

    The one I believe you are referring to will be a week or two away but coming very soon
  15. Today's winner is Rose Ann from Georgia
  16. Congrats Tamara from Tx your our Friday winner
  17. Congrats Nicole from Tennessee for being todays winner
  18. Congrats Virginia H from Alabama for being today's winner
  19. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 10/18

    We have lots of fun events this week for our anniversary week..including 2 new product release dates. The first will be Tuesday, and then on Friday like normal. Let's see what the designers have for us this week
  20. angleigh

    Monday CHATTER!

    I like seeing all the different memories people have had. I have never really been a "message board" person. Even back in the day before things like Facebook, killed off most forums like ours. I was more behind the scene's with customer service. I would pop in from time to time but just didn't get to spend alot of time on it. There are many people though that I wonder what's happened to them. Joyce, we haven't seen for awhile. Carol...I hope she's doing well (I will send her an email from time to time) and many designers that moved on and stopped designing. I hope they are all doing well. And can I say how I have a love/hate relationship with things like Facebook. I think that was the beginning of the end for open forums like ours. So many people made the migration there.
  21. I would love to serve on a case like that...I think it would be fun and exciting
  22. T - title why is it whenever I go to post my mind goes blank and I can't think of anything..lol
  23. Congratulations Deanna B from Illinois for being todays winner
  24. 1. Night owl - only if you count up by 3:30am a "night owl" 2. Believe in ghosts - no, but I would LOVE to go on a ghost hunt *3. Do you have a movie you watch over and over? - A Christmas Story..love it 4. Like spicy food* 5. Had surgery - gallbladder removed, wisdom teeth removed, dental implant *6. Have a tattoo - a moon and stars on my ankle 7. Served on Jury Duty - had to show up a few times but never served 8. Remember your Kindergarten teacher’s name - I remember a few stories from Kindergarten but not the teacher 9. Been fired*10. Lived in more than 3 states - Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, California11. Like coffee - does it count blended with ice, lots of cream and topped with whipped cream?12. Went on a vacation this year - with boys schedule I can't remember last vacation we went on*13. Television Junkie - always have hulu on in a little corner of my monitor*14. Still talk to High School best friend - not daily, but we live in the same town and I see her often15. Afraid of Dentist - used to be but my new dentist is really cool which makes it better16. Snuck into a movie17. Been on TV or the radio*18. Stayed awake for 24 hours - many times, and man am I cranky the next day19. Was a guest of honor at a surprise party*20. Read a book in a day - way to many times. That's why I won't start a book unless I have the entire day to commit to it, I too often get stuck in one and won't do anything else
  25. q for quote added to layouts