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    new here

  2. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 8/16

    How is August almost half way over? Let's see what the designers have for us this week
  3. angleigh

    Laptop recommendations

    Do you have an actual computer/electronics store near you or will you have to order it and have it mailed? We have a store about an hour away from us called Micro Center and that's who we've bought all of our computers from. They have their brand called Power Spec and they build them there. We've gotten amazing computers at much lower prices then the "name brand" computers and the specs are much better. With that said my laptop I did buy at Best Buy (I didn't want to drive the hour to pick up something else) and I have an HP. It's a touch screen, only because that's all the options were but I never use it, I forget it's even there. And it runs Photoshop with no problem.
  4. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 08/09

    Hope everyone has had a great weekend. Let's kick off the week with some sneak peek's of what's coming this week
  5. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 08/09

    Hi Celestine That's really a hard one to answer, as each store may have it's own rules on "exclusive" kits. But generally the way it works is that it will be exclusive at a particle location for a period of time. Then the designer will be free to release it at other stores. But that time period may very. It may be a couple of weeks, or it could be something like our clubs that we ask that it's almost 6 months before it's put into other stores. So I would say, in general yes kits will generally be released in all designers stores. But the time period before that happens can vary and there are the occasions that they aren't released elsewhere.
  6. angleigh

    Guilt using QP's?

    I know as a designer I love when I see my quick pages and such used. But for this reason (the guilt) I think I really like the Jiffy pages. That way it's basically done for you, but it's still layered so you can make some changes to it if you'd like.
  7. I just finished photographing Senior session #3 out of 23 for this fall.  

    1. Boatlady


      Very interesting that would be fun.

    2. alsoarty


      They are just lovely!


    3. Marie-Christine


      They look amazing!

  8. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 08/02

    Wow...July is wrapping up and August is right around the corner. I can't wait to see what the designers have in store for us this week. And i'll kick off the week with a peek from Butterfly Design's collection this week.
  9. angleigh

    weekend 7/27 challenge

    oh my gosh ladies...what an honor to have you scrap lift my pages. I've loved looking at each one, and it's been fun seeing some of the older layouts that you scrap lifted of mine
  10. angleigh


    My little "monster" Layout uses (a whole lot of product..lol) Furever Friends A Gentleman's Journey Paper 02 Background Blockers Paper Mini Brush Set: Inky Stencil Inspire Paper Mini SS Emb Temp - Capturing Moments Frames SS Emb Temp - Caputring Moments Mask
  11. Monday....happy Monday

    1. LindaH57


      Happy Monday and it should be a hot one here in Jersey! I don't know if you and your family enjoy meteor showers but there are two ( Southern Delta Aquarids & the Capricornids) tonight and early tomorrow morning that should be producing 20 to 25 meteor showers an hour.
      Have a great day!

    2. justpattyanne


      Merry Monday Y'all! :dancingelephant: I'm feeling mildly optimistic so far - hopefully the day won't cure me of it! 😄

    3. alsoarty


      It’s Monday? Dang.....  I’m sitting in the ER with my brother-in-law. He e has a blood clot... again, and he’s on a blood thinner already.

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  12. angleigh


    Layout Includes Just Be You Collection and Just Be You Paper Special
  13. angleigh


    Layout uses: Just Be Messy Paper Super Mini Just Be You Collection
  14. angleigh

    State Wrestling

    Colby ended up 3rd at State this last weekend. His final match was against a kid that he had wrestled the last few weekends at both Districts and Regionals and had lost to 4 times. So it was a little nerve wracking when we figured out that's who he had to wrestle. He went out there with more aggression then I had ever seen, and ended up pinning the kid in the 2nd period for 3rd place. Items used paper from: The One: Fleeting Moments mask from: Embellishment Templates: Essential Grunge Blocks Embellishment Templates: Photo Mask Transfered embellishments from: Takedown Collection
  15. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 07/26

    Can you believe this is the last sneak peek of July...ugh! Let's see what the designers have for us this week
  16. I can't believe the boys start their Senior Year in 1 month

    1. Boatlady


      My granddaughter too...time sure flies!

    2. SodScrap


      On 7/21/2019 at 8:45 PM, MariJ said:

      Those “little” boys?   Sigh, time does get away.

      LOL.  I don't think there has ever been anything "little" about them!  :D 

    3. MariJ


      Oh funny but I really meant when they were so little young when I first started here!  :D
      And speaking of “little” ones, your Grands are already looking bigger and bigger!

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  17. angleigh

    15th anniversary

    Scrap Girl's 15th anniversary is coming up this year. Give me some ideas of things we should do for our anniversary party
  18. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 07/19

    Hello lovely ladies! It's time for the designers to tease us a little bit with what they have coming this week. I can't wait to see what they will be releasing
  19. I was asked recently if we had a thread where people could ask for critique on a layout or help with something specific that they are stuck on. I think we might have a long time ago (as that seems familiar) but instead of trying to dig up an old thread...let's just start a new one. Some rules to remember. Please read the member's question very carefully and only respond on what they are asking about. For example if I post a layout and I say i'm happy with everything but I really want to use this specific embellishment on it, but no matter what I do with it I can't get it to look right. That is what i'm looking for help with, please don't respond back with how my title would look better if I made x, y and z changes. I don't think this is one I really need to say, but constructive criticism only. Everyone has put their heart and soul into these layouts. If you are posting a layout, and are looking for something specific PLEASE make that very clear. That way we can focus on the part that is bugging you and hopefully give you some ideas. I think that's really it. I'm excited to see if we can help some people get past their "stuck" point
  20. Who turned the heat on outside?

    1. alsoarty


      Me. As I flew over St Louis, I dropped the heat I was carrying from Utah. Oops!

    2. scrapgran


      We have polar blasts here with some areas of SE Queensland at -6C. So the heat is turned up inside.❄️

    3. Boatlady


      It's even hot at the shore. Forecasts say we are headed for a hot weekend, looks like we have to leave the dock again.....yipee.

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  21. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 07/12

    Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July holiday! Let's see what the designers have in store for us this week.
  22. Happy 4th of July!  

    1. DRB Designs

      DRB Designs

      Have a safe and happy Independence Day!

  23. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 7/5

    Can you believe it's July already? Let's see what the designers have for us this week
  24. I couldn't sleep so I started making a list of things I need to pick up this year for Colby's dorm next year. It's crazy the items you need now a days

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    2. angleigh


      Justin is going to a computer tech school close to home.  It's a 4 month program and he will come out certified in like 6 different "aspects" of it.  Then he might go to a 2 years school with his A+ hours to get a degree in it.

    3. alsoarty


      That’s awesome! You get to sorta keep one of them.

    4. Celestine


      So my sister-in-law gave my daughter a large see-thru plastic candy jar that was filled with small goodies when she went off to college. She said the person with the free yummies would get to know everyone on the dorm floor, and she was SO RIGHT. Just a free "stocking your dorm room" tip. LOL.

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  25. PJ chat starting in 5 min (9pm EST)