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  1. Our 3rd annual Sale-Abration is coming up this month.  We have lots of games, chats, prizes and a free kit with purchase planned for you. 

  2. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 06/14

    It's a new week, that means another sneak peek. We will also have a new club released this weekend.
  3. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 6/7

    I love this!
  4. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 6/7

    Can you believe it's June already! Let's see what the designers have for us this week
  5. Boys are off for their last big football camp forever...the first of many "last" that will come this year

    1. ladyscrapalot


      Savor every last. This next year will go by so quickly. It’s hard to let our “babies” leave the nest. The worrying never stops And you just hope you have prepared them well enough to make good choices and be good at adulting. 😬😩😆

    2. Syndee


      Oh man! I just can't believe they are that old :( Sigh....

  6. angleigh

    Question and Answer Game

    Coffee or tea? Neither...water (tea if I have to choose) Summer or Winter? Most of the time Winter summer is just too hot What shoes are your wearing right now? Brooks ...my walking shoes Is your bed made? no way Favorite Pizza topping Ice cream in a cone or bowl (ok can you tell i'm hungry it's breakfast time) Coke or Pepsi small geometric prints or big floral design when scrapping
  7. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 05/31

    The final sneak peek for May...where did the month go
  8. Last couple days of the sale...and new product was just released for this week

  9. well that was a fun night.  They warned all day how we had prime weather for tornado's.  Huge one hit Kansas and was on the ground for about an hour before it broke up in KC.  Then reformed West of our area and hit about 5 miles south of our house

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    2. DRB Designs

      DRB Designs

      How scary!! I'm glad you're ok!! The weather seems to be getting crazier and crazier. The river near our home flooded our neighborhood a few weeks ago and keeps threatening to do so again every time it rains. It is making me crazy.

    3. Jane in N.Z

      Jane in N.Z

      So glad you are ok though, saw all these tornadoes on out TV so new they were big 😱
      Tornadoes were forecast for us as well today but nothing like you get. The weather world wide is bonkers.


    4. Marie-Christine


      Really scary, hope everyone is ok. I saw all the damage done by the storms on the News. Take care!

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  10. Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!

    1. Boatlady


      Yes. Happy Memorial Weekend to all.

    2. MariJ


      You too, Angie and all!

  11. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 05/24

    It's Monday again, that means it's time for the designers to start adding some sneak peek's for the product they will be releasing this week.
  12. angleigh

    Hello from Minnesota

    Welcome! We are glad your here
  13. Reality is starting to set in and as of tomorrow I will have 2 Seniors in my house.  Where does time go?

    1. alsoarty


      woohoo! congratulations. Pretty soon you'll be empty nesters!

  14. I think it's been raining for 24hrs now...it's almost time to build a boat around here

    1. Jane in N.Z

      Jane in N.Z

      I've just seen on our news the crazy weather your having over there. Hope it settles soon as looks frightening in some parts.

  15. angleigh

    ACDSee Pro 9

    I had it on my computer years ago and tried it out. I wasn't a fan of it and took it off, nothing happened to any of my product.
  16. Last week of school.  Wasn't I just posting that they were going back to school like a week ago?  LOL  This year went by way to fast

    1. Marie-Christine


      Wow, where does the time go? 

    2. CRS


      Today is our first day of summer break! Lauren was up and out the door to practice before 8:30 and I made Brooke get up and walk with me. And yes, they were both grumpy!

    3. MariJ


      I can’t believe it’s already summer break!  

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  17. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 05/17

    Hello lovely ladies! It's Monday again, that means the sneak peek's start coming in. Let's see what the designers have for us this week
  18. College visit #2 done.  Colby liked this school so much better.  We even got to talk to the professor in charge of the department that he's looking into and tour the classrooms (aka locker rooms and such)

    1. alsoarty


      Will they both go to the same school?

    2. CRS


      I'm glad he liked the school. I need Lauren to pick a few schools before we can start the visits, lol. Glad your boys know what they want!

    3. angleigh


      No, they won't both go to the same place.  Justin is wanting to do a computer tech school that's about 40min from home.  They have a 4 month program, so he will drive there daily

  19. Been busy planning for our 3rd annual Sale-Abration that will be coming up at the end of next month

  20. angleigh

    Breast Cancer/pink kit

    Aww...thanks so much Linda your post made my day!
  21. angleigh

    Breast Cancer/pink kit

    Hi Linda It was called Take Action It came out in October 2015, and you purchased it on 10/7/2015 I went ahead and sent you a new link for the kit so that way you don't have to continue to search. I hope that helps!
  22. First college visit this Friday...many time goes by quick

    1. Mikelle


      Are they planning to stick together, go to the same college?

    2. angleigh


      17 hours ago, DixieLee said:

      Are your boys seriously at that stage??

      I know right.  It hit me yesterday when it was the Seniors last day...that means in about 10 days mine will be the next "Seniors"

    3. angleigh


      15 hours ago, Mikelle said:

      Are they planning to stick together, go to the same college?

      Not a chance..lol   Justin is actually wanting to do a computer trade school type program.  It's a 4 month intense program that he will come out certified in like 8 different areas.  Then he still have his A+ hours if he wants to go to a school and get a 2 year degree in the field.  There's several schools around that take the A+ hours as 90% of the fee.

      Colby is looking at athletic training, he wants to go to a school where he can get a masters in the field (so that's 3 in our half of the state)  We are visiting 1 today, the 1 I think he will go to we will visit next Thursday

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  23. angleigh

    New 5/10

    ooh...so much to choose from this week!
  24. Love a stormy morning.  Still dark outside and I can curl up on the couch with a blanket listening to it rain


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    2. ladyscrapalot


      Our turn this morning but I would have liked to have slept in just a bit. Not that Cookie would have let me. 😆 Round 2 is in the forecast in a few hours. ⛈💦 

    3. lorac


      That is one of my favorite things to do. I love to lie in bed and watch the rain come down and listen to it falling and hitting the leaves in the tree outside my bedroom window. It's a comforting sound.

    4. MariJ


      Carol!  It’s so good to see you, I miss you here.   Hugs  xo

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  25. angleigh

    iNSD challenge 4 close ups

    Gorgeous! Love the birds on the branch