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  1. Did you see that this week is our annual Last Chance sale, where we retire hundreds of products. So I thought this week would be a fun week to play Love It or Have It This is a simple game. Look through our Retirement Category Find a kit that you either Love or Have, put a preview of the kit in your post along with a link to it and tell us what you love about it or why you have to have it. End of the week I will draw 1 name for a $5 gift certificate
  2. WOW...can't believe March is almost over

    1. Boatlady


      Time is flying by that is for sure.

    2. CRS


      I can't wait for spring break next week! We only have 4 games scheduled and 2 weekend trips, but at least I can sleep in a few days!

    3. Syndee


      😥 Don't remind me!

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  3. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 03/22

    Hope everyone had a great weekend! Let's take a look at what the designers have this week
  4. It's been such a nice last 2 days I think i've spent most of it outside.  Bring on Spring!

    1. beatricemi


      I only wish. We warmed up for 1 day but it was raining. On the plus side when I was driving home I saw the most gorgeous rainbow. It was huge and stretched across the freeway and lasted for over 1/2 hour for me before I could no longer see it. No photos- not possible while driving.

      We are back below freezing temps again warming up to only the high 30s.

    2. SodScrap


      So nice to see the sun!!

  5. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 3/15

    Happy Monday! Let's see what the designers have for us this week
  6. I survived the Wisdom Tooth Removal Weekend.  The first day was hardest.  Now they are just waiting on it to heal enough to be able to eat real food again and to be able to chew properly

    1. CRS


      You deserve an award for surviving!

    2. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      I hope you are getting through this OK, too. :) 

    3. englishrose


      Ouch - I really feel for them. Get better soon boys

  7. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 3/8

    Let's take a look at what the designers have this week for us
  8. Take both boys in this morning to get their wisdom teeth out.  This should be a fun weekend

    1. BetC


      Ouch, ouch, ouch. Glad they have this much behind them. I don't remember this as a fun time.

    2. Syndee


      Oh Man! I do NOT envy you!

    3. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Poor guys. And poor you!

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  9. angleigh

    Introduce Yourself

    Welcome Sara! I'm in Mo so I can understand not being able to wait for Spring
  10. Hey guess what...it's snowing again.  Is it Spring yet?

    1. MariJ


      9 inches overnight and this was the lead to a town story this morning “Mother Nature reminded New Jersey that winter isn't over yet, bringing heavy snow to parts of the state Sunday night into early Monday morning and a mix of snow, sleet and rain to other areas.  It was the third March snowstorm during the first three days of the month that is supposed to be the start of spring”   3-for-3, yay March...  Not!....  😡

    2. SodScrap


      It's C C C O O L L D D D :winter_brr: here.  We didn't get much snow, maybe 2 inches.  It's bright and sunny but windchills way below zero.

    3. MariJ


      Oh no Conda - it’s supposed to be “warmer” here today, but your deep freeze is headed here tomorrow.  Stay warm!   

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  11. angleigh

    Midwest Meet Up-Fall 2019 Edition

    And this will be their last year
  12. Are you near the Midwest or want to travel to meet up with some of us?  We are starting to plan our annual Midwest Scrap Girls meet up and would love to see some new faces.  More info HERE

    1. SodScrap


      ARE WE THERE YET??  😎

    2. CRS


      Although I haven't made it to the past few, I've always had a fantastic time!

  13. angleigh

    Midwest Meet Up-Fall 2019 Edition

    Can’t wait. Would live to have more join us
  14. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 3/1

    Can you believe this will be the first one for March?
  15. So we got hit with another round of wintry weather yesterday and I'm going a little stir crazy and could use a little silliness. So I thought it was time for a Never Ending Story and since we didn't have an official game scheduled for this month, I figured this would be perfect. If you haven't played along it's pretty simple. I will start with a short paragraph, and the next person adds onto it. By the time we are done we have this story that's full of twists and turns and alot of laughter. We will play through midnight EST on the 24th. Then I will put everyone's name who played along in a drawing. 1 lucky person will win a $5 gift certificate and 2 others $3. Enjoy...I'll start the story below. -------- It was a cold winter's day, one of those days that you wanted to do nothing more then curl up on the couch with your blankets and a good book. As I sit watching it snow out the window I couldn't help but let my mind wonder, and I started thinking about...
  16. Another "no school" day...these kids have not gone to school on a Wed since before Christmas break.  Winter can be over now!

    1. angleigh


      The first 8 they have to make up.  Then after that they make up every other one until they get to 10.  So we have officially missed 12 days of school this year.  We are maxed out at what we will have to make up. Our official last day is May 24th, because we are using 2 of our spring break days as make up.  There's alot of schools going into June this year.    Mine aren't Seniors...they are Juniors this year

    2. Boatlady


      Wow it was a bad year for snow days. Like Mikelle I thought your boys were seniors too. My granddaughter is a junior too, yikes, where does the time go. Hope this is the last of the snow days for you.

    3. SodScrap


      SO.  OVER.  IT.

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  17. I have no issue creating a page, but where I struggle is when it comes down to putting some type of writing/title on the page. Very rarely do I use Alpha, I always find myself just grabbing a word art/quote and calling it done. So that leads me to my question. Do you use alpha more or word art/quotes...or neither and your a straight journaling person
  18. Molly what do you use to digital scrapbook with. If you use a program like photoshop or photoshop elements you
  19. angleigh

    ScrapSimple Product/Club

    these are all great ideas...thanks!
  20. angleigh

    Never Ending Story - February Game

    Thanks for playing along! Barbaraj is our winner
  21. angleigh

    Alpha or Word Art/Quotes?

    That's a problem even I face when making a Title/quote for a kit. There's SO many amazing fonts out there (even more when not having to consider being able to use them commercially) that it's hard to choose. And then you have to consider the feel of the layout. You may have a font you love but it doesn't feel right on a specific layout.
  22. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 2/22

    February is quickly coming to an end this will be the last official "Friday" ...let's see what the designers have for us this week
  23. Just sitting here waiting on the snow to start...again!

    1. MariJ


      Snowing in NJ too all day!   It was big fluffy flakes then lots of little ones - sometimes they create more accumulation.   But, I’ve heard it’s supposed to turn into rain and our temps are supposed to go up tomorrow, hopefully it will melt.    ☃️

    2. alsoarty


      It's snowing here again too - so unusual, even Las Vegas got 2"! Crazy weather. Ours is not sticking, it's very wet, so I can't build a snowman :(

    3. beatricemi


      Not much in MI for the moment- I'm fearful of the forecast. Stay warm everyone!

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  24. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 2/22

    Here's the first one for the week
  25. angleigh

    Sneak Peek 2/15

    Let's take a look at the new items this week