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  1. Yes, they are correct. The individual pieces are not released until the end of the club month. Those pieces will be released tomorrow Thanks
  2. Hard to believe Scrap Girls is 12 years old, and i've been here for 11 of those.

    1. CRS


      I remember joining up and you were hosting a chat, with your boys running around in the background, driving you nuts!

    2. lorac


      Yikes! Twelve years and I've been here for nine of them. What fun I've had.

    3. LissaD


      crazy isn't it?


  3. Regular season of football is over...now onto districts starting next Friday

    1. CRS
    2. Florida granny
    3. MariJ


      Good luck and wow, tht went fast!

  4. angleigh

    092516 9 16SSClub Livin Classic Rock PZ

    LOVE IT!!
  5. I spy a new designer in the store this week

    1. Debbie Cleek

      Debbie Cleek

      Yes! Welcome Gene of D's Design!!

  6. angleigh

    Midwest Meet-up 2016

    Spring would be great! Football is over by then. All we have going on is track and golf..and i've already been told I can't go watch Justin play golf (I'll admit I didn't really want to, lol) and I'll go to a few track meets, but not many. So i'll for sure be ready for one then
  7. angleigh

    Midwest Meet-up 2016

    totally jealous..should be getting stuff ready today to take off tomorrow.
  8. angleigh

    Midwest Meet-up 2016

    Ugh...i'm sorry it looks like I will have to miss this one. I tried everything, even thought about coming in after the football game Friday night. But with Gary being gone most of this week and all weekend, and some more activities that the boys have that popped up on Saturday it just doesn't look like I will be able to make it. I'm so bummed because I really wanted this weekend away, but i'm sure you other mom's know sometimes we come last and have to put kid/husband/work in front of us
  9. just got a new 70-200 2.8 lens for taking football photos. I'm in LOVE with it.

    1. angleigh


      You can see some of them here:

    2. mbc72


      Your pictures are amazing! My son says, "Mom, her pictures are way better than yours!" Thanks kid!

    3. BrendaT
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  10. Another Monday means more football. Then we'll have Tue through Thur off and do it all over again

    1. Florida granny
    2. CRS


      Sounds like you have no weekend!

  11. angleigh

    Theatre Curtain

    We have this set of templates that gives that on stage look: Layout Templates: Music In Me
  12. Remember retirement sale ends tomorrow

    1. SodScrap


      Great reminder!

    2. Becster


      Have shopped, downloaded, and gone back for one more thing. Hooray for understanding hubby's!

  13. angleigh

    Midwest Meet-up 2016

    I'm sorry that so many have had other things come up. I think we had this happen once before. Since i'm on the fence I don't want to vote one way or the other. I probably won't know for sure until closer to it and see if things change with our schedule (which could happen)
  14. angleigh

    Retirement Sale

    I told you very soon It goes until Friday Happy Shopping
  15. angleigh

    Midwest Meet-up 2016

    I posted on the FB thread but i'm still trying to figure out if I can fit this in. I just sat down this week to talk to Gary and it looks like he's gone from Wed to Sun that week. So that would leave the boys with my parents, and the whole thing of HS football fitting in. I didn't really think of that to begin with because Friday is Varsity night, but there's a chance that they will play some. I love the boys playing sports but i'm "that mom" that anytime they are participating I want to be there in case something happens. Seen to many games that aren't in our town that parents didn't go to and their kids end up hurt. So i'm still up in the air on what I can fit in or how to make it all work out.
  16. First day of school...YEAH!

    1. SodScrap


      Hope you enjoyed the peace and quiet!

  17. angleigh

    Retirement Sale

    You are correct, and it's coming up VERY quickly...I would keep an eye out for a newsletter regarding it soon.
  18. Just a FYI...if your trying to download you'll receive an error for a bit. They are moving our server at this time and downloads will not work during that.

  19. Went to open house the other night and got the boys schedules. They have every class together next year. Went to talk to them yesterday to get it changed some, but due to the elective classes they both choose and the advanced science they both made it into there's no way to change it. I guess they will learn to get along better this year.

    1. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Stock up on band-aids, LOL.

    2. BrendaT


      At least you can get the same supplies for all their projects!

    3. Cheri T

      Cheri T

      Give the teachers a friendly warning to seat them on opposite sides of the room, just in case they don't learn quickly how to get along. LOL

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  20. Hey everyone! I wanted to update you all on this weeks newsletter. Unfortunately, we are having some server issues at this moment. Due to this we can't add any new product into the store right now. So at this moment we are on hold. If this issue gets fixed we will get all new product into the store and the newsletter sent out as soon as possible after that (it's ready to go we just have to press send) But if this is not fixed in the next few days we will not be sending out a newsletter or releasing new product. Sorry about this, and i've got my fingers crossed that it's fixed soon and we can get that new product out just a little bit late.
    1. KFiasco


      Thanks, Angie, I was wondering where the new stuff was.

  21. If your having problems downloading, I do have a ticket in regarding this. Sorry

    1. lorac


      Thanks Angie. Just downloaded my files.

    2. AnnBK


      Having some issues shopping...but I'll work through it.

    3. AnnBK


      Lost half my order, and gift certificate, on check out. Oh, well, happy with what I got.

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  22. last week of summer for the boys, the 1st starts 5 1/2hrs of football a day until the 18th when school starts. Looks like we'll have to plan a short trip or 2 this week

    1. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Better plan it quick, LOL! Have fun.

  23. Jopke has a few items also Brush Set: Brush Art Effect 1 Clipping Mask Art Effect 2 Journal Art Paper 1 Sister Word Art And Ginny has a new kit A Beautiful Day Collection
  24. worked on a fun little style yesterday that I'll have in the store this week.