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  1. angleigh


    Effortless Paper Mini Effortless Collection
  2. Uploading to the gallery is all fixed now

  3. ordered a off camera lighting system this week and it came in yesterday. Eek..now to sit down and figure this all out

  4. angleigh

    Spring 2017 Meet Up

    Glad you could come Pat!
  5. beautiful night out tonight, boys are outside playing basketball at 7pm

    1. alsoarty


      Yay to good weather. The poor East is being slammed with snow. We had a picnic outside today. It's perfect weather here.

    2. MariJ


      Seriously? PLEASE Angie send some of that East! Sounds lovely....

  6. cold, icky days means computer time. Been busy creating 2 new alphas i'm going to release this week

    1. englishrose


      Looking forward to that Angie!

    2. CRS


      Yay! Cold, icky days=new goodies for us!

    3. Jane in N.Z

      Jane in N.Z

      looking forward to seeing them :)

  7. Hope everyone had a great weekend. It's a COLD one here, from 70 to freezing in a few days

    1. MariJ


      Brrrr... For sure in NJ too and right now I'm in Boston where it's 9º, crazy! Stay warm Angie!

    2. ladyscrapalot


      Yes, even down here in Texas we had quite the drop! My dh is working in Boston this past week. Comes home monday.

    3. diannecp


      pretty much the same here. at least we had one hour less to think about it, thanks to DST!

  8. If it's from someone you know and trust you should be fine. I would ask to be able to take a few photos with it, with the buyer there and be able to view them (on a computer monitor or something) to make sure it works properly. Also something to keep in mind is how many "clicks" has that camera had? Camera's shutter generally only last so many clicks. They are all rated, I would look up the specific brand and what it's rated then see how many clicks it's had. Generally if the camera is only a few months old, you are probably not near the clicks it's listed as. But if someone does alot of sports photos like I do, that can easily take 1000 pics per game/event could have used alot already
  9. wow..crazy storms came through last night. I don't even want to see what's in my yard to clean up once it turns daylight

    1. alsoarty


      I was thinking about you when I saw the news this morning. It's crazy weather everywhere!

    2. alsoarty


      Oh, and I had to use my ax in my car today.

    3. jenrou
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  10. Thank you so much for the kind words on the club! Glad you all like it

    1. jenrou


      Love it, Angie. :)

    2. Marie-Christine


      Love, love it.

      Great job Angie!

    3. lorac


      It's beautiful, Angie. Got to get busy and do some layouts with your new club.

  11. angleigh

    Spring 2017 Meet Up

    Oh, yeah the boys would love for a whole group of us to be there. I'm not even allowed to go to gold tournaments. LOL
  12. angleigh

    Spring 2017 Meet Up

    I hadn't subscribed to this thread and didn't realize this was coming up so quickly until I chatted with Conda yesterday. As far as I know that weekend is free for me. Plus if it's not, it's close enough I can go back/forth. But we'll be in track/golf season and I don't really go to many of those events so I should be good.
  13. I now have 2 kids with drivers permits...where does time go?

    1. Cheri T

      Cheri T

      LOL - it's not going to be any "safer" up here in Iowa soon either. C turns 14 later this month, and we're trying to encourage him to get the permit right away to have more time to practice with us before he's "on his own."

    2. jenrou


      I still think of them as Angie's little boys. :)

    3. Susie Roberts

      Susie Roberts

      You look too young to have kids old enough to be behind the wheel!

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  14. Cops car stolen, schools on lockdown, 7hr manhunt...man what an exciting day yesterday in our little town of 1,700 people.

    1. jenrou


      We get a lot of stuff like that, but yours sounds more exciting and interesting. :)

    2. AggieB
    3. jenrou


      We had cops cars and badges stolen here last night. People are nuts.

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  15. angleigh

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge, Jan 21

    love it...so pretty
  16. They are live in the store this week: http://store.scrapgirls.com/ScrapSimple-Embellishment-Templates-Pop-of-Color.html
  17. Since it will release in a few hours I'm not giving much away :-) I've got this month's ScrapSimple club and the theme behind it is your photos and turning them into a stunning spotlight for your layouts. So you get a set of word art to use on them (and a tutorial giving you tips to use it) a set of frames, mask and texture that can be added to your photo. So today I was playing around and put together this set of photo overlays, that I've used in the past on photos. I created them as overlays, as PSE does not allow you to go in and adjust the layer mode on styles. And since photo styles aren't always a "one size fits all" the settings I have may not work on your photo. So with the overlays, you can use a clipping mask, attach to your photo and change the mode to something that fits your need. (there is also a style included for PS users) Now that I look at it though, I wonder if this is something you might find useful or would use? So I thought I would come here and get some opinions on if this is something you would be interested in.
  18. I got a new camera for Christmas, this one has the ability to do video. I took some last night at wrestling and sitting down to figure out how to make a movie. Wish me luck!

    1. Cheri T

      Cheri T

      Very cool! Have fun playing!


    2. SodScrap
    3. scrapgran


      I use Adobe Photoshop Premiere Elements12 or Windows Movie Maker for mine.

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  19. No, these are not part of the club. They will be released this week. They just work "along with" product in the club. There is a small style set included as the members only item, no overlays in that, just the style
  20. I haven't used Gimp, but can you change blending modes? If so, then you could for sure use these!
  21. I want to add...I know alot of people love photo actions, or they use lightroom to edit photos. This item wouldn't necessarily be for them. These are more for the people that like the look of the fancy edited photos, but simply done.
  22. That was my thought behind these. I love actions, but honestly sometimes they are so hard to use even I give up on them. These are as simple as changing blending modes on an overlay to create the same look. And if you use PS, you can use the stlye that's supplied, and just go into it and change the blending modes there (instructions are included)
  23. Alot of these are basically gradient overlays. I love using them, heck I love anything that allows me to play with the photo for a little extra "something"
  24. Yeah, I would use the .asl file also. The issue I was having is I would have it set and try it on a few photos and it would look good, then the next photo it wouldn't but if I changed the blend mode it worked. So that's when I went with the overlays because I knew PSE didn't have the option to change those blend modes like PS does.
  25. I think I could handle a tutorial...lol