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  1. 1 hour ago, A-M said:

    I enjoy seeing what is coming to the store.  I am also wondering if there is possibly a new Designer coming as I noticed a CT member posting a layout in the gallery?????

    The one I believe you are referring to will be a week or two away but coming very soon

  2. I like seeing all the different memories people have had.  I have never really been a "message board" person.  Even back in the day before things like Facebook, killed off most forums like ours.  I was more behind the scene's with customer service. I would pop in from time to time but just didn't get to spend alot of time on it.  

    There are many people though that I wonder what's happened to them.  Joyce, we haven't seen for awhile.  Carol...I hope she's doing well (I will send her an email from time to time) and many designers that moved on and stopped designing.  I hope they are all doing well.

    And can I say how I have a love/hate relationship with things like Facebook.  I think that was the beginning of the end for open forums like ours.  So many people made the migration there.  

  3. 7 minutes ago, Celestine said:

    * 1.  Night owl - does insomnia count? I sleep for a few hours and then I'm awake for a few, then sleep one more hour....most nights. Ugh.
     2.  Believe in ghosts
    * 3.  Do you have a movie you watch over and over? I can watch any superhero movie again and again with my son. New ones we dissect together.
     4.  Like spicy food
     * 5.  Had surgery - yep...six under anesthesia.
     6.  Have a tattoo
    * 7.  Served on Jury Duty - yes...it was a federal drug trial years ago...fascinating and sad...

    I would love to serve on a case like that...I think it would be fun and exciting

  4.  1.  Night owl - only if you count up by 3:30am a "night owl"
     2.  Believe in ghosts - no, but I would LOVE to go on a ghost hunt
     *3.  Do you have a movie you watch over and over? - A Christmas Story..love it
     4.  Like spicy food
    * 5.  Had surgery - gallbladder removed, wisdom teeth removed, dental implant
     *6.  Have a tattoo - a moon and stars on my ankle
     7.  Served on Jury Duty - had to show up a few times but never served 
     8.  Remember your Kindergarten teacher’s name - I remember a few stories from Kindergarten but not the teacher
     9.  Been fired
    *10. Lived in more than 3 states - Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, California
    11. Like coffee - does it count blended with ice, lots of cream and topped with whipped cream?
    12. Went on a vacation this year - with boys schedule I can't remember last vacation we went on
    *13. Television Junkie - always have hulu on in a little corner of my monitor
    *14. Still talk to High School best friend - not daily, but we live in the same town and I see her often
    15. Afraid of Dentist - used to be but my new dentist is really cool which makes it better
    16. Snuck into a movie
    17. Been on TV or the radio
    *18. Stayed awake for 24 hours - many times, and man am I cranky the next day
    19. Was a guest of honor at a surprise party
    *20. Read a book in a day - way to many times.  That's why I won't start a book unless I have the entire day to commit to it, I too often get stuck in one and won't do anything else

  5. On 10/14/2019 at 9:36 AM, Celestine said:

    I saw early postings about a Midwest Meet-up around the forum when I first started lurking last fall, but I was so new I didn't even consider it, and then I didn't see anything else. Since I am in the MidWest, I will have to keep an eye out for the next date! Have fun! 

    For sure!  We usually meet up once a year at least (sometimes try for twice)

  6. 1 hour ago, SodScrap said:

    We still have our "Midwest" meet ups once a year.  We had our first one (I believe) the summer before that second convention.  Sandi, Danna, Angie, Theresa (Tiza), Kathy are the ones I can remember...it was just a day but we had fun!  Who did I miss?

    I first participated in the recipe card swap and I was terrified!!  

    There was the mother/daughter that came from Kansas also.  I can't remember their names.