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  1. Sometimes you just can't force it.  And this weeks prompt may just be the word "random"...you know sometimes it is what it is.  And yes, i'm for sure trying to soak up the last bit of high school the boys have left (heck maybe that will be my prompt for the next few months..lol)

  2. So how is everyone doing?  Anyone already with the thought of "why did I sign up for this"...lol

    I know this week has been really hard.  None of the prompts really jumped out at me, and besides my daily work I've been in a concession or gym each night until about 10 or later.  So i'm over this week..lol

  3. 18 minutes ago, MariJ said:

    Ok!   I’m settled now with an idea I can relate to more and am excited about!  
    There was this whole discussion on the Motivators thread about getting motivated and how that’s the hardest part of, well most anything.   I have been having a hard time getting myself to take my daily walks; this Christmas my niece gave me a really cool bluetooth “beanie” - headphones right in the hat that connect to my iPod.   I charged it and wanted to try it out today because I’m determined to start walking more...   But, it’s cold and windy so I wasn’t looking forward to being outside.  As I was showering (my best thinking place :hit-head-with-hammer:) I thought “I need to go outside”.   And it came to me --- take my camera with me and scrap, “A Year of Walking.... Or, the world as seen through on my feet”!    And, I liked that I idea.   I’m hoping I can scrap my thoughts or photos of  things see along the way.   I might even make it a journal where I’m adding on each day and make that into a layout.   Not sure of that part yet, I think I’ll go with the flow and however it’s happening and scrap accordingly.   A mosh-mosh of pages, but I think it might work!  
    Just back from walking!   Whew..........  :whew:

    I love that idea!

  4. So here's what I would do.

    Once I had my word/number typed out like I want it.  I would create a new layer above it.  You can do this in your layers palette by clicking on the new layer icon. Then click on your number/word layer to make it active.  On a PC I would next hold down the cntrl key and click it again.  This will get the marching ants around the number/word

    Now go back to your layers palette and click on that new layer.  This will make that active one again

     Then go edit>stroke (outline) selection choose a width and color for your stroke (color does not matter as you'll be applying a style but you want it contrasting so you can see it) and choose outside for location and click ok

    You should have your stroke on your new layer.  Now you can apply your style to that stroke layer. 

  5. 7 hours ago, Mikelle said:

    I've been on my computer for several hours this evening; both of my girls are in their respective bedrooms, talking to friends on the phone and/or listening to music.  At some point, though, I looked over to see what the animals were doing - they were recreating a Yin and Yang symbol, snoozing under a desk lamp aka heat lamp!


    So cool.  Sully's best friend is the cat from next door.  When we take him out the cat comes running and they play for awhile.  The cat will even stroll through our house from time to time if we leave a door open.  We've had our back porch door open (there's no stairs on it and the dogs love to go out and lay in the sun) and be sitting in our front room and in will stroll Gus (the cat)

  6. 2 hours ago, Stephanie H. said:

    Fairly new Digital Scrapbooker here and totally new member of ScrapGirls!  So excited for PL2020 Challenge.  To get me started in the Digital Scrapbooking world, in 2018 I did a scrapbook page for each month.  Yes, it was time consuming but I totally caught the bug and now I'm hooked.  My hope is that I can keep up so any advice from you avid scrapbookers would be greatly appreciated.  I took Angie's advice and downloaded the EVERYDAY COLLECTION.  I think keeping it simple will help me stay on task.  Happy New Year to all and I also can't wait to see your creations.  Blessings! 

    Welcome!  Yes..when it comes to PL sometimes simple is the key.  That way it doesn't seem like a daunting task when you have to do your layout.

    If you have any other questions just let us know!

    ps.  Hope you like the Everyday Collection

  7. 8 minutes ago, Scrapin Pat said:

    I'm in.  I have been doing Project Life but haven't posted much this year.  I've gotten into a good routine with monthly layouts and just have December to complete.  Yeah!  I love how this scrapbooking has documented my grand kids growing up.  (I have three in college now - yikes how did that happen?)  So wish I had done project life when my kids were small.

    Awesome!  And when you get in a routine it makes it so much easier.  And you have some great books to look back on and share with family!

  8. 15 minutes ago, Boatlady said:

    OMG I was thinking of doing my whole book in B&W with pops of color or maybe on color photo per page. I am going to get your template set so I can speed up my scrapping. Last year I never finished so I am hoping a folder with a few chosen supplies and this template will help me  complete the book. I certainly have enough happening that I can fill a book!!! I may switch from weekly to daily....I would love to try daily but scrapping/ posting  is harder in the summer on the boat. I'm also going to stick to Fonts in PSE that will make things easier also not searching my extensive Font collection.

    This is probably the option i'll use.  I'll end up doing 2 pages for each week.  I made the templates so some pages were alot of photos others were just a couple.  I'll use the one with a few photos as an intro page, i'll put the week and a short write up on the prompt I used.  Then the 2nd page will be all photos.

    I also did a sample layout mixing color and black and white



  9. On 1/1/2020 at 12:22 PM, ladyscrapalot said:

    Here’s my right now. Well it was until I stopped for lunch and saw this post. Undecorating the Christmas tree  


    My least favorite part of the holiday.  It seems to go up so much quicker then it comes down.  Maybe that's because kids were always happy to help put up, but never around during clean up

  10. 11 hours ago, Grandmadori said:

    Trying to read through the guidelines, but didn't see the answer to my question that is, if we do the weekly project, is there is requisite number of photos to use on the page, or is it totally up to us?  Also, is it to be a double page layout?  or can it be a single page for a week?

    yeap...totally up to you how many pages and photos on your layouts.

  11. 13 minutes ago, cherekaye said:

    I’m probably not going to use the prompts, but Angie talked me into doing a photo book for my “Making Art Everyday” project.  I’m taking 15-20 minutes every single day to work on my digital art skills, and I think it would be really fun to make a book at the end of the year and see what all transpired.  I’ll probably do a weekly page or a two page spread; not sure yet.  Most of my art is square shaped, so I’ll have to figure out how to format that nicely.  

    I need a neutral sort of collection so I can put all my colorful drawings on there.  I need to get designing so I have one to use!

    Can’t wait to see everyone’s work! :)  Thanks, Angie!!

    Can't wait to see how it comes out.


    And what about a black/white/grey collection.  That would really allow your art to pop!

  12. 4 minutes ago, ladyscrapalot said:

    Ha ha, Yup, right there on the top, D'oh! When I first looked at the prompts it was on my phone, in the dark, without my glasses on or without coffee. :rofl:Marilyn, I can't decide what I'm going to do. Last year, well in December  actually, I had been thinking of ways to to celebrate turning 60 this year. I had been thinking of taking a photo a day, so I'm leaning toward that. I'm just not sure if I'll go with the daily, or weekly prompts. I may use the prompts if I get stuck with what to take for the day. On the other hand it might good to put on my creative thinking cap and go with the prompts, especially when nothing exciting is going on. Perhaps, and that's a big perhaps I'll use the monthly prompts to do one artsy layout as well..... Hmmmm.

    I totally mix the prompts.  Some weeks i'll use the daily, others I  might use the weekly.  Heck some weeks I might see something on the daily prompts I really like and choose to make that my weekly one.  

  13. 48 minutes ago, ladyscrapalot said:

    I saw the prompts but have a question. The first set is daily prompts, i get that. The next set is weekly prompts. Is the last one a monthly prompt?

    Monthly....so if someone just wants to do one page a month or use the same prompt for the whole month.  

  14. I wanted to have a separate thread for the prompts so they don't get buried in the chatting thread.  So I'll post the prompts here each month. 

    We'll also use this thread to post our layouts monthly/weekly. Don't forget to post your layouts in the Project Life 2020 Gallery  Then come back here and post a link to your layout.

    Our chatting thread can be found HERE

    Below you will find the January prompts, weekly prompts and monthly prompts




  15. 14 minutes ago, A-M said:

    Have the photo prompts been shared yet?  It is already 2nd January here Down Under.

    Ok...rookie mistake!  I kept thinking week 1 starts on the 5th and that's when I post the prompts....didn't think about daily prompts starting today. I'll go post now