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  1. I was asked recently if we had a thread where people could ask for critique on a layout or help with something specific that they are stuck on.  I think we might have a long time ago (as that seems familiar) but instead of trying to dig up an old thread...let's just start a new one.

    Some rules to remember.  Please read the member's question very carefully and only respond on what they are asking about.  For example if I post a layout and I say i'm happy with everything but I really want to use this specific embellishment on it, but no matter what I do with it I can't get it to look right.  That is what i'm looking for help with, please don't respond back with how my title would look better if I made x, y and z changes.

    I don't think this is one I really need to say, but constructive criticism only.  Everyone has put their heart and soul into these layouts. 

    If you are posting a layout, and are looking for something specific PLEASE make that very clear.  That way we can focus on the part that is bugging you and hopefully give you some ideas.

    I think that's really it.  I'm excited to see if we can help some people get past their "stuck" point

  2. On 6/16/2019 at 8:44 PM, A-M said:

    Angie, I like the idea of the SSClub being for Project Life type pages.... both for this year for those who do it at the end of the year and then for 2020 ready for the new year.

    I'm actually thinking putting out a "value pack" of sorts for the Project Life people.  This would include templates, word art, from frames and some basic papers/embellishments that can be used.  I'm thinking it will be more of a Photobook type of item, but can easily be use for Project Life.   That way I can put as much in it as I would like and not have to be in the constraints of what the club has to have in it

  3. Hi Cindy

    Yes, anything that you've purchased that's still available for sale in our store, we can resend links for.  Any items that have been were freebies,  retired, or from designer no longer with us i'm sorry we can not send links for those.

    I see you sent an email.  I'll answer that shortly.

  4. 26 minutes ago, Florida granny said:

    What I like most about ScrapSimple is being able to use my own colors. I like your SS Clubs because you make that possible. One example: the damask patterned papers in Capturing Moments are fabulous! I can color them vivid or soft or anything I want. 
    Themes aren't as important to me as versatility,  but I know themes are important to others. Any theme is fine with me if it allows versatile coloring, is what I'm saying. So, for example, we had cooking-themed SS Club a few years back from a designer who isn't here anymore. The embellishments included a tin-foil paper, wooden spoon, a cutting board, and recipe cards. Basically those didn't give us much choice in color! So... if you are thinking of a holiday theme, try to design papers and embellishments that can be colored different ways. Not a peppermint cane, please! :D 
    Photography as a theme is fine with me, by the way.


    Thank you so much for that input....that really does help me a TON!! 

    The more I think about it, I will probably stay away from Holiday theme.  There's so much of that released that time of the year, I feel like it might be nice to get something else

  5. So another question.  For a December SS club, would you want something that can be used for holiday/winter time?  Or would you rather have something that you could use for documenting your 2020 layouts?

    Also ScrapSimple club theme's, what type of things would you want?

    I know we've done food/cooking a few times.  What about something based around photography?  If so what type of things would you want to see in it?

    I guess I'm trying to say i'm doing the Dec SS club and I have a hard time deciding what I want to do.  Also I need more ideas for SS club theme's

    1. Coffee or tea? Neither...water (tea if I have to choose)
    2. Summer or Winter? Most of the time Winter summer is just too hot
    3. What shoes are your wearing right now? Brooks ...my walking shoes
    4. Is your bed made? no way


    Favorite Pizza topping

    Ice cream in a cone or bowl  (ok can you tell i'm hungry it's breakfast time)

    Coke or Pepsi

    small geometric prints or big floral design when scrapping

  6. Is everyone exhausted from the World Tour last month?  Did everyone find their way home?

    I thought while everyone was recovering we'd play a little Question and Answer Game.  

    Here's the rules:  I will start the thread off by asking 4 questions.   The next person will answer my 4 questions, and will ask 4 more question for the next person to answer.

    You may answer questions more then once, but please let someone else answer/ask before you take another turn.  

    Prize:  Each time you answer/ask a question will get you 1 entry.  This round of questions will end on Friday 6/14 and I will draw a winner for a $5 gift certificate next Saturday 6/15


    What is the 1 breakfast cereal you loved as a kid (or as an adult)

    What color shirt do you have on right now

    Are you a morning bird or night owl

    Do you decorate your Christmas tree in a specific theme or use items you've collected over the years