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  1. First college visit this Friday...many time goes by quick

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    2. Mikelle


      Are they planning to stick together, go to the same college?

    3. angleigh


      17 hours ago, DixieLee said:

      Are your boys seriously at that stage??

      I know right.  It hit me yesterday when it was the Seniors last day...that means in about 10 days mine will be the next "Seniors"

    4. angleigh


      15 hours ago, Mikelle said:

      Are they planning to stick together, go to the same college?

      Not a chance..lol   Justin is actually wanting to do a computer trade school type program.  It's a 4 month intense program that he will come out certified in like 8 different areas.  Then he still have his A+ hours if he wants to go to a school and get a 2 year degree in the field.  There's several schools around that take the A+ hours as 90% of the fee.

      Colby is looking at athletic training, he wants to go to a school where he can get a masters in the field (so that's 3 in our half of the state)  We are visiting 1 today, the 1 I think he will go to we will visit next Thursday