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  1. love the blue and the cupcake!
  2. Those are very good points. I know since I got my new camera in December my CS5 won't open my raw files. I know I just need to update it, but it's a pain (and there's alot of fun things in CC)
  3. I'm with you. I start with a solid or mostly solid paper...then i'll add patterns to it.
  4. I do have all the information, I just had to install it all on my new computer.
  5. Gotta love boys and back to school shopping, they just both want a pair of shoes (which we have to order Colbys, big footed kid) and a few pairs of shorts.  Easy Peasy!

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    2. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Our boys didn't like to shop so they just told me to pick something for them. Talk about easy!! :)

    3. angleigh


      It was pretty simple.  3 hours, including driving time, and everything but shoes is done. 

    4. GinnyW


      4 hours ago, angleigh said:

      It was pretty simple.  3 hours, including driving time, and everything but shoes is done. 

      I'm jealous!

  6. That's part of the reason I didn't do it a long time ago. I tried out the trial of it, and it just didn't work with my old computer. I had all kinds of issues, and it wouldn't run. But i think it was more my computer, which I just replaced a few months ago (and was 8 years old at that time) So i'm hoping I will have better luck now
  7. And that's very true, when templates came out years ago in digital scrapbooking they were all in grey scale. But over the years they have all evolved. Paper templates used to be grey scaled and flat .jpg or .png files. Then they evolved to .psd files along with the .jpg or .png files (and even some in color) Embellishments used to be, generally, non realistic items in greyscale. Then it evolved to include realistic things like flowers and such...and now most designers have started doing them in color because of the ease in recoloring.
  8. That is a perfect explanation! I've asked our tutorial gals to do a blog tutorial on recoloring them to help everyone out a bit.
  9. LOL...I know. At this point i've been up for 7hrs already. My day should be almost done
  10. When it's 5am and you've already been awake for 4 hrs you get alot of work So it's a early sneak peek of the product coming to the store this week
  11. fun photos! love the one from the canyon
  12. I've been happy with CS5, and the only reason I would want to upgrade is to run some photo I've thought of upgrading for a year (prepay it) and if I don't like it I will still have my CS5 and can go back to that. I guess I just hate the fact of spending the $ and if I cancel not having anything for it. On the other hand, without it I can't run these few actions that would be really cool on photos...which in turn I would sell, so I would earn the $ back
  13. Alot of CU items now comes in full color items. It actually makes recoloring a little easier. One of my favorite ways is to duplicate the item, on the bottom layer add a color fill layer, and change the mode on it. Then turn back on the top layer and adjust the mode/opacity on that one. It helps bring out some of the detail of the embellishment instead of having it look just tones of 1 color. The only difference though between this item and something like this one from Brandy is the fact that Brandy's has been changed to grey scale/de saturated. Which is something you could easily do with the other ribbons (or variety of embellishments) to recolor.
  14. Convince me to upgrade to Photoshop CC

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    2. angleigh


      I'm still on 5 also.  The only real reason I would upgrade is so I can run some of the photo actions that can't be ran on CS5

    3. April Showers

      April Showers

      I use CS6 and am happy with it. My son has the CC subscription and I used it for a week or so and it really didn't affect my workflow at all. I did like Premiere Pro for editing videos. I was actually getting photos from the videos, not actually editing them. :) I can't justify the expense. The feature that I think would be cool that I didn't try was the one that gets rid of camera blur. 

    4. GinnyW


      I still use CS6 but have been thinking about going to CC.  I'm considering switching to a Mac, if I do, I'll have to change to CC like Conda did. 

  15. I've been on the fence for awhile, but now there's a couple of actions I would love to run for my sports photos that you have to have CC to run them (or more then my CS5) So i'm thinking of upgrading to the photographers plan and get lightroom (which I already have 5) and CC. Who else has done it? Is it worth it?