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  1. Finally got caught up from our crazy homecoming week.  Just in time though to start planning our big anniversary party for next month

  2. Me soon as I saw them I thought of Carol!
  3. Welcome Back!
  4. Some beautiful kits coming this week
  5. Did you see Syndee is celebrating her 11th Anniversary.  A special Anniversary category where she's got tons of items for 50% off, a coupon for 40% off her store and a free with $10 purchase.

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    2. Dady


      Happy Anniversary Syndee!!:daisy:

    3. Jane in N.Z

      Jane in N.Z

      Happy Anniversary Syndee :) 

    4. CindyLuWho


      Hooray for Syndee's anniversary!

  6. Best Chaos ever!
  7. Homecoming weekend is over..Yah! 

    Feed 20 boys lunch...check

    Football game win...big check (the team we played was undefeated and our biggest rival)

    Homecoming dance...check

    Man, I need a nap


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    2. CRS


      I bet you're glad it's over and I bet the boys are on cloud 9!

    3. tinkerbell11


      Go take a nap you certainly deserve it!!!

    4. Susie Roberts
  8. Love the biked!
  9. Today's photo challenge is brought to you by the letter "C" for chaos. This is as close to the chaos that I could get. I looked outside and here comes about 20 red football jerseys down my street. The next 10min was pure chaos with the boys getting food, then as quick as it started it was silent again as they all took off with their food. This is the aftermath of the chaos, and after I had picked up some. start with 60 burgers have 15 left, 16 brats now have 1. About 15bags of chips, 2 full and a few partial. 2 coolers of drinks..gone
  10. Flash sale just started...35% off ends 9/16

  11. Ok I just saw this again and thought of another one, what about not dating a layout. In some way shape or form we should put a date on a layout, but I always forget
  12. Just a little heads up, we'll be having a flash, mid month sale this Fri/Sat.  It will be a quick one so I wanted you to know

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    2. Becster
    3. jenrou


      My CCR says thanks, too. :)

    4. MariJ


      Thanks Angie - makes it easier to plan so I'm not rushing around trying to look at the last minute and then get too tired to buy. :) 

  13. Yesterday started a busy week of homecoming activities, including feeding 20 boys at my house between school getting out and parade on turn around and feed all the boys after the parade before game.  Luckily I have several moms that will help me out

    1. CRS


      Wow, what in the world do you feed 20 boys anyway?

    2. angleigh

      angleigh dad is grilling burgers (since Gary leaves that morning) and the boys have each been told to bring chips or snack of some kind.  They will get pizza and bread sticks a few hours later, this is to just tie them over

    3. CRS


      It's just to tie them! Your town should be the role model for the saying "it takes a village to raise a child".

  14. 6

    So the darker photo and background paper with the pop of green. Caught my eye right away
  15. Some beautiful things coming this week