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  1. I'm a little sad anniversary week is over...wonder what excuse I can find next to have a party

    1. alsoarty


      My vote is Halloween!

    2. Marie-Christine
    3. Mikelle


      Must involve cupcakes...

  2. Here's the schedule for today: 10 A.M (EST) Siggy Challenge 12:00 P.M (EST) Mini Class - Anna Join Anna Mansfield at 10 AM on the Message Board for some fun and creative ways to use strokes in your scrapbooking. Strokes are quick and easy and they can do more than you think! 2:00 P.M (EST) Andrea A little bit of this, and a little bit of that, will help you create the perfect layout. 8:00 PM (EST) Shannon & Carla Join Shannon and Carla for an old fashioned Speed Scrap! Over the course of an hour, we'll give you 6 tasks to create a layout. We'll post the tasks every 10 minutes in the thread on the message board. It's amazing what fun we can have in just one hour!
  3. It's so much fun seeing how everyone is using 13 on their layouts
  4. I LOVE this halloween kit!
  5. ps. I just sent you a new download for it
  6. I was just going to say it sounds like Melissa's bows
  7. It's Friday and that means another week of Football.  We are now in the "win or go home" phase.  So this could be the last week.

  8. Congrats to Kim from Florida.  She's today's $13 winner

    1. lorac


      Congratulations Kim. Run, don't stop to the boutique.

  9. Congrats to our very own lorac..your our $13 winner today

  10. Congrats Connie from Nebraska you were today's winner of the $13 gift certificate!

  11. I love seeing all the new layouts in the gallery!

  12. Congrats Raelee from Australia for being today's winner of the $13 gift certificate

    1. LauraYB


      Congrats, Raelee!

    2. MariJ


      Yay!  Have fun shopping. :)

  13. What a fun thread! I started in Feb of 2005 as a layout team member. In 2006 Ro asked me to start doing customer service, and in 2007 I started designing product. From there it's just been a great big snowball It's been a crazy and blessed last 12 years (for me) thinking back and realizing this little "home" on the internet has allowed me to work from home and raise the boys. I didn't have to worry about taking a sick day, or school being was amazing! And now as I face transitioning to a different phase in my life in a couple of years (with them graduating) I only hope that I have the pleasure to keep doing what I've loved for the past 12 years, only with maybe a little bit of extra added time to actually