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  1. Great question @MariJ I edited the schedule post to remove the word "Tuesday" and "Weekend" It just happened to work out that I wanted to end on a game...so going backwards in days posted a challenge on Saturday and Tuesday. So there's no official Tuesday or Weekend challenge next week. Both of those challenges posted that day are part of the celebration event. The layouts will be uploaded into the celebration gallery, and you have the week to finish them. Hope that makes sense
  2. That's everyone it's been a great last few years!
  3. On the 29th we are posting a game, which you'll have to participate in to be eligible for the prize. But I didn't want to post a layout challenge that do since it was the last one.
  4. Can't wait to see you there @KarenDiamond
  5. Who's ready for a party?  Find out all the details about this years Sale-A-Bration HERE

    1. KarenDiamond


      Did someone say "p-aaa-rrrrr-t-a"? 

      (I sooooo wanted to drop a gif here, LOL)

    2. alsoarty


      I'm excited! ... 🥳:party-smiley-048::having-a-party::party-smiley-048::party-smiley-048::party-smiley-048:

  6. Wow...where has the time gone? This year is the start of my 5th year of owning Scrap Girls so it's time for a Sale-A-Bration! This event will run 6/22-6/29. And since it's summer time and we are not as shut down due to Covid as we were last summer, we've decided we are going to run things just a tad bit different. Starting on Tuesday (6/22) one of our team members will either post a new game for the day or a new layout challenge. The deadline for all layout challenges and finish date for all games will be 6/29. Now for the good stuff...prizes 😁 Every game/challenge will
  7. Congrats @Belle you are this months winner! I will email you your gift certificate
  8. Happy Monday...make it a great week

    1. GraceJ


      Have a wonderful day and a fabulous week ahead my dear ❤️

  9. Morning lovely ladies! It's another Sunday so let's start seeing what designers will have this week
  10. That was a heck of a storm that came through last night.  Trees down all over, most of our town without power they are told until tomorrow.

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    2. scrapgarden


      Storms like that are scary. Glad you are alright.

    3. GraceJ


      Glad you are alright, stay safe my dear.

    4. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Yikes! Glad you are OK! 

  11. Love this one from Connie: Growing Up 70s
  12. Hey Belle...there's not but I did send you a copy of the action that you had purchased so you can see if it works in the newest version of PSE
  13. wow...where has this week gone

    1. scrapgarden


      I think the Grinch stole it! It gone😵

    2. GraceJ


      I too wondered the same, happy weekend Angie!

  14. Try March 2018 Digital-Scrapbook-Tutorial-How-To-Paint-Using-Custom-Photoshop-Brushes-and-the-Pattern-Stamp-Tool In it she's taking a photo she took and adding filters to it, making it into a pattern. Then uses a brush she paints with the pattern onto a template. So it sounds like this might be the one your looking for
  15. DRB had one from June 2017 on creating seamless patterns
  16. Do you remember if it was a .pdf file or a video tutorial? That might help track it down as we only have a couple that does video (Veronice, Syndee and Chere) the others I believe have all been written
  17. Welcome to the weekend. Let's start seeing what the designers have for us.
  18. Happy Saturday!

    1. GraceJ


      Thanks likewise! enjoy the weekend my dear!

  19. This month (starting 6/22) we will be celebrating 5 years that I have owned Scrap Girls.  I'm starting the party early with 50% off my store until 6/21.  Happy shopping!

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    2. SodScrap


      Congratulations, Angie!!

    3. Pab


      Awesome! Will our Challenge Chase coupon work on it?

    4. Dady


      Congratulation Angie !


  20. Welcome to June (almost...lol) Bring on the sneak peeks!
  21. Happy Friday

    1. englishrose


      Friday is almost over here, but as day's go - it was a pretty good one. Hope yours is a happy day too.

    2. bcgal00


      My Friday was awful (received our yearly property tax invoice, paid a fortune at the vet for dog stuff and then both computers went dead) and I had some kind of stomach bug that took about 12 hrs to pass. But luckily by the end of the day I found out the computers were fine, it was the power surge battery backup unit that malfunctioned. It could have been so much more expensive to fix/replace 2 computers so was relieved that buying two new surge units was all it took. Saturday has been a much better day :)

  22. Asking for a friend....Don't you just want to go hide in a corner and cry sometimes (of course with a bag of chocolate)

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    2. SodScrap


      I would come sit in the corner with your friend AND bring chocolate....

    3. GraceJ


      So sorry our friend is having a rough time, sending love and prayers, and some chocolate

    4. alsoarty


      It’s been that way for me the past month...


  23. Last sneak peek for the month...where did May go!
  24. Hope everyone is having a great weekend

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    2. Mikelle


      I'm in an on-line conference.  Good info for my job, but hard to sit all weekend at the computer. DH will be taking the kids to the mall, or somewhere...

    3. Figment


      It's Victoria Day Weekend here, so a long weekend for us. Makes no difference, since we are still in lockdown. We usually go to Dairy Queen on Victoria Day with a whole bunch of friends, and end up in someone's backyard for a campfire. I guess that won't be happening for the 2 year in a row.

    4. alsoarty


      Quiet here. Just staying indoors, and went to the store yesterday for a few groceries.

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