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    Project Life 2020 Prompts

    I wanted to have a separate thread for the prompts so they don't get buried in the chatting thread. So I'll post the prompts here each month. We'll also use this thread to post our layouts monthly/weekly. Don't forget to post your layouts in the Project Life 2020 Gallery Then come back here and post a link to your layout. Our chatting thread can be found HERE Below you will find the January prompts, weekly prompts and monthly prompts
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    Project Life 2020

    I’m excited to be leading this year Project Life (PL) group. Being someone who successfully completed this project once, I know the stress and preparation that goes into it, especially your first time. So while many of us are finishing up our 2019 layouts, or those Christmas layouts. And I know PL 2020 doesn’t start until next week. Now is the perfect time to start preparing. So I wanted to give you all a few tips and pointers and how to be successful at PL. To start, this year, we’ll be giving you 3 options of prompts a month. There will be a daily version, where each day you’ll have a different prompt. A weekly version, where you’ll use the same prompt all week. And a monthly version, where you’ll use the same prompt for the month. Of course, you always have the option to do your own thing….or go back and forth between the prompts. Regardless of how you choose to do your PL, here’s a few tips to make it successful: Do Your Thing - choose a version that you think you will be successful with. Do not feel pressure because there are people following the daily prompts. If you are more comfortable and feel you will succeed using monthly prompts then use those. What makes sense to you will be what your successful in. And remember you can always switch back and forth. Keep up. Once you are organized and have a plan of action creating the layouts shouldn’t take much time at all. Routine is key. Maybe you sit down each night and go through your photos you took that day. Or maybe your Friday night plan is to scrap your page for the week. Maybe your doing a monthly page and the 1st of the month you sit down and scrap. Whatever it is...routine is the key to being successful with this project. Keep it simple - don’t overdo it. Remember these pages revolve around photos and journaling so you don’t need alot of embellishments and such. Remember simple = success Be consistent. In 2019 I did not do PL but when I did it in 2018 I found consistency and planning out what I was going to use helped. Before I started my pages, I put everything I was going to use for the book in a folder. I use the same set of template(s) for the year, same papers: I choose a set of solids and a set of small patterns, a few embellishments, and the same font throughout the whole book. Not having to search through all my kits to find the perfect one made it easier. I knew I had to choose from what was in that specific folder Once you create a page move on. Don’t go back and rethink the page like you would a “pretty picture” layout. Before you start have a goal in mind. Are you doing daily/weekly or monthly prompts (or maybe your own thing). What are you doing with the pages when your done. Are you printing? What size and through who? Have you checked to see what tips printer gives you to make sure important things aren’t cute off. Why are you doing this? Is if for your family? Or maybe it’s for yourself There are 2 main parts of PL: Photos and Journaling. Below you’ll find some tips to help you be more successful in both of these areas. Photos Take photos daily. And not just of large events like parties, holidays, etc. Take photos of everyday life. Don’t overthink it, just snap a few keep it simple and fun. There’s no need to drag out your big dslr for this, your camera phone if perfect for PL. Also keep in mind your photos for PL do not have to be those “perfect” photos. Sometimes the imperfect ones capture the story best. Consider taking some time at the end of each day to review the photos you have taken and delete the ones that you don’t want to use. While doing this remember your not just looking for those “perfect” photos. Sometimes the imperfect photos tell the story the best. Big events, choose a couple of photos that best represent the event and use them on your PL page. Then tuck the rest of the photos away for your pages that you do for the event. That way if you don’t get to scrapping the event it will still be represented in your PL book Journaling Words...stories are just as important as the photos. Without them, all you have is another “pretty” photo. Unless you journal the memory or feeling behind the photo you lose detail. If your like me though, all you can think is “i’m not a writer” or “my grammar stinks”...you know what. It’s ok, no one is going to judge you. The most important thing is to get that story down on the page. Here’s some journaling tips Journaling does not mean writing a book. Keep it short/sweet Don’t know what to write. Imagine showing the photo(s) to your husband/friend etc what would you tell them about the photos and/or week. Write that down Quote your loved ones or tell a story behind the photo Jot down notes as the week goes along. Use your note option in your phone, note in your journal/planner or keep a notebook Finally, I know a lot of you are thinking with all of these photos and journaling my layouts are going to be “boring” compared to my more artistic layouts I do. I’m not going to be able to use my clusters and my mask. I get it...because this is a completely different way of scrapping for most of us. But I wanted to give you all some tips to help your PL pages “pop” Use black and white photos and even pair them with black and white journaling cards, elements and papers. This will give your book a clean/classic look If your using colored photos, keep your paper/embellishments colors the same through the book. Using a pop of 2-3 colors won’t compete with your photos If your not doing a double page spread, coordinate colors of facing pages Add a border to your photos. This will let them pop off of the background paper Use the same papers/embellishments through the book Use the same template or style of template through the book Trim the photos to remove clutter or to spotlight the main story of the photo. Remember there’s alot of photos on these pages so it’s best to really showcase what the main story is Add journaling to the photo if there’s empty space Keep embellishments small So now for the details Prizes Monthly: Everyone month one lucky participant will win a $5 Gift Certificate. All you need to do is simply upload a layout in the ProjectLife2020 Gallery and you'll be in the drawing Quarterly: Winners will be randomly drawn from members who post layouts in the ProjectLife2020 Gallery. To keep it fair between those doing weekly or monthly layouts you are allowed 1 entry per month. So as long as you post a layout each month you'll be entered. The quarterly winner will win a Collection Biggie (valued at $9.99) of their choice Yearly: Everyone who uploads one layout a month for an entire year to the ProjectLife2020 Gallery will be entered into a prize drawing for one person to win a $50 Scrap Girls Gift certificate. But what if you don't win the big prize? That's ok...as long as you uploaded one layout a month, you will receive a $10 Gift Certificate for finishing the year. And we have a new button for you to add to your signature if you'd like: http://scrapgirls.com/BLINKIES/PL2020.png Now is the time to ask any questions you may have. We will officially start Jan 5th, that's when I will post the first prompts. ps. This is our chatting thread. You can find the monthly prompts and check in thread HERE
  3. Looking at it, it looks like that's a paper she put under the photo. She opened a paper (in this case a white one with a blue watercolor effect on it) and dragged the photo and mask over on top of it. But yes, you could add it on top of another mask. And you could color that mask blue, or any color you wanted to. Mask are great because you can use them to attach papers/photos to. But you can also use them on top of solid papers and change the blend modes of them to create more texture/design in that papers below it. Hope that helps
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    Sneak Peek 2/21

    Let's see all the beauties the designers have for us this week
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    Sneak Peek 2/21

    I'll start off. I've got a set of fun Light Leaks
  7. Happy Valentines day...hope you get to spend it with your loved ones

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      Happy Valentines Day!

  8. angleigh

    Project Life 2020

    Week 7 I missed last week, I have my photos on my phone, I need to get them done. Everyone is doing such a great job!
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    This weeks prompt was work. This was an easy one for me. Working on Illustrator, creating items for the store, Sully curled up in a chair, watching Hulu on one of my monitors, my trusty binder and my favorite keyboard of all time
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    Project Life 2020, Weeks 3 & 4

    I love all of these photos and how you are capturing each week.
  11. angleigh

    February Project Life - 2

    love the colors in this!
  12. Brr it's cold outside today

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      Sadly, I think it’s coming our way but I don’t think it’s supposed to last long.  

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      UK is bracing itself for another stormy weekend of very high winds and heavy rain. Grrr!

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    Sneak Peek 2/14

    Monday means it's time for another week of sneak peeks. I've already seen alot of the new product this week, and it's great!
  16. I'm ready to go to bed and call Monday done and over with!

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      What IS it about today?  The dreariness?  I’ve been sleepy since 1pm and ready for bed right now!  😱

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      I know the feeling. I am calling it done and going to bed 2 hours earlier than usual.

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      haha! I say that when I clock in for work. "I've clocked in. Can I go home now?" lol!

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    I agree with Anne-Marie, we had some several years ago (the designer is no longer with us) But I don't know of any we have in the store now
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    Sneak Peek 2/7

    First check in for Feb, let's see what the designers will be releasing this week
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    Looking for Specific Kit by Brandi Murray

    Hi Sue..those items aren't from the Coastal kit. I found the layout in Brandy's gallery, and it list what kits were used. Unfortantley it's an older layout and the other kits were all retired and no longer available in the store. Those 2 items in question came from those kits.
  20. How has everyone's week gone?

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      Slow. Still trying to get over my 'flu. Is it still snowing there? I know more is coming your way. It passes over Utah first...

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      Busy - trying to find some time to scrap!  The girls are both in volleyball, youth group activities, and choir, plus all the random activities with friends.  I'm constantly running them all around.

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      wishing it would stop raining....and I signed up for SS today, listing our 6 adopted children on the application, crazy.

  21. How about those.....Chiefs

    It was interesting watching the superbowl with a house of boys (Gary and the boys) rooting for the 49ers, but the Chiefs pulled it out in the last few minutes

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      I was rooting for KC!   And, so happy when they won, it was exciting!  

    3. Susie Roberts

      Susie Roberts

      That must have been hilarious watching their reaction!

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      I wondered if they were still Niner fans.

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    Project Life 2020

    I didn't do the drawing or final count for January until yesterday. I've got it set to do it on the 3rd of each month So you will have the 1st and 2nd to get the layout done
  23. angleigh

    Project Life 2020 Prompts

    That works! I have you down for a layout in January
  24. angleigh

    Feb. 2020 Monthly Challenges

    I may have to do a sport layout...I have about 800 photos from wrestling this weekend
  25. angleigh

    Project Life 2020

    Hey Charlene...nice to see you back! You know what, if you get a january layout finished and upload just email me and remind me and I will count it towards January for you!