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  1. lol I feel like they are the same each week, I do try and think of different ones from time to time
  2. Happy Sunday...let's see those sneak peeks
  3. Happy Sunday!  Hope you all are having a great weekend

    1. englishrose


      Happy sunday to you too Angie!

    2. A-M


      Angie, hope you are fully recovered now. 

  4. How about those Chiefs 🙂

    1. Mikelle


      Ha ha - good job, KC!  But, I was just telling DH that I don't have any particular preference for who wins this year.  Neither team is one I'm very familiar with.

    2. Amy D

      Amy D

      I think it calls for a special tribute LO! Do you even have time to digiscrap? You are so on the ball here ... Happy birthday too!:3d-gateau:

    3. LindaH57


      Congratulations KC Chiefs! I have two teams that I have been cheering for for  decades...The KC Chiefs since Len Dawson was the QB. The other team (NY Giants), I was born into...LOL! Go KC and clip ✂️ those Eagles' Wings!

      Roses are red, violets are blue!
      Here are some Late Birthday wishes for you !  :happy-birthday: 
      Hoping you had an Awesome Day Angie!

  5. Happy Sunday and Happy Sneak Peek day!
  6. FYI give me a little extra time this week if you contact me. I tested positive for covid today and I’m still in the can’t move off the couch stage of it

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    2. beatricemi


      Oh no. Feel better asap Angie!!

    3. Belle


      Sorry to hear this Angie. Get well soon. 

    4. DixieLee


      I pray you are feeling better! and that you can enjoy food soon!


  7. Last sneak peek for January....let them start coming in
  8. Let's start seeing those sneak peeks
  9. Happy Sunday!


    1. englishrose


      Hope your Sunday goes well Angie - mine's nearly over.

    2. MariJ


      Oh no, I missed it and now it's Monday!  😱

    3. GraceJ


      Happy day my dear!!

  10. It really depends on the style your looking for. Here's a few Brandy Murry has these 2: Layout Template Saffron Layout Template Grunge Block 2 Marlene Peacock has a ton. Alot of hers are 2 page spreads and are for multiple photos. I'll link her store below but if you go there and right under the banner at the top you'll see a drop down, choose templates/layout templates you'll see all of them Marlene's Store Another one is Miss Fish she has alot of options but has some great blended and masked ones Value Pack: Masked Memories 1-4 Templates by Miss Fish Value Pack - Blendy Template Bundle by Miss Fish Value Pack: Ready Set Blend 1- 4 Templates by Miss Fish
  11. Yeah, it still doesn't look like you can change the main color. What you could try for this one, is let's say you are using it on a word art. Type out the word in the color you want it to be, instead of the normal "black" and then apply the style and try changing the glow, stroke.
  12. Yeah, some styles won't have a color overlay. Let's say for example glitter. The designer may have the glitter pattern one color, then recolor that pattern and build the style with a pattern overlay instead of a color overlay. But quick tip with those, let's say you have an action you like with a pattern overlay and you wanted to use a different pattern. You can make your own. For example let's say I love this glitter but wanted a different pattern (I personally wouldn't use glitter since it's usually pretty flat, but it's what I had on my computer) and I wanted to use the pattern from this paper. With the paper active I would go edit>define pattern and that makes that paper a pattern Then on the glitter image I click on the FX next to it down in the layers palette to open up the style and choose pattern overlay That little drop down next to the pattern box, click that and then choose your new pattern. Keep in mind not all styles are built that same, so after you choose your new pattern, you may have to adjust the scale slider under that to get your pattern the size you want it. ALSO with that layer style box open and the pattern overlay choosen, you can now go back to your image that you have the style applied to move around the pattern layer. This is helpful because if you used a full paper like this one, what's currently showing on your image you applied the style to might not be the pattern you want to show. Then click ok and everything will stay "put" Back to color...you can also change the color of a style. So on my neon for example. Let's say you applied one of the blues like here But it's not the shade you really want. You can click on the FX and I would start with color overlay. Click on the color that's applied now and your color picker box will come up. Find the new color you want and then copy and paste that hex code at the bottom (the numbers after the #) Again, not every style is the same, but this one is built with not only a color overlay but outer glow, inner glow, etc. The reason you grab that hex code is you want to know what you changed the main color to. Click on outer glow, and you will see it's set at a lighter version of the main color. So go down, paste that hex code in the box, your outer glow will change to your main color, then you can pick a lighter color from there. I would copy that hex code because you'll want to change the inner glow to the same. Hope that all makes sense. Styles you can usually do alot with...because there's so many more tips out there, these are just a few. @MariJ I"m going to send you my neon style, because I know it has the color overlay built in. Try it in PSE and see what happens. I have a version of PSE but it's so old and not on this computer, I don't know if I'll get the same results. But I know PSE used to limit you to what you can change.
  13. @MariJ what program are you using
  14. Here's the style applied to an item, then I just went in and turned off the color layer so it's the style applied to just the butterfly
  15. Let me go download it and show you what it will do
  16. Happy Sunday....you know the drill, let's see what the designers have coming
  17. Congrats @Jane in N.Z for being our week 5 winner, @MariJ for winning the $25 and @Amy D for being the $40 winner
  18. Last day to get the layouts in for Project Cozy Christmas, winners will be announced tomorrow

    1. MariJ


      December was such a fun month, thanks again Angie!  😊

    2. GraceJ


      I totally agree, December was an incredible month, thank you so much Angie, and to everyone involved! Happy New Year dear @angleigh ❤️

  19. Last day to get the layouts in for Project Cozy Christmas. Winners announced tomorrow
  20. Let's kick off the new year seeing what's coming this week
  21. Happy New Year

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    2. englishrose


      Happy New Year to you and yours Angie. Thanks as ever for Scrap Girls

    3. Amy D

      Amy D

      Happy NY Angie - Thanks for all you do and may 2023 bring you continued success (& us continued fun!) :going-crazy:

    4. mimes1


      Happy New Years Angie! Thank you for all you do for us and for Scrap Girls!

  22. Final week has been updated, and @Florida granny was last weeks winner
  23. Well another year almost done! Let's see what the designers have for us the last week of the year
  24. Happy Christmas Eve!

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    2. ladyscrapalot


      Merry Christmas!!

    3. MariJ


      Same to you, Angie and now it's Merry Christmas!   :xmastree: :santa:

    4. GraceJ


      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year dear @angleigh :xmastree:

  25. Who all is in this path to be hit by the winter storm tomorrow?  I just looked at our temps and at one point the wind chill will be -51

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    2. Amy D

      Amy D

      I'm in that area too, Angie - snow forecast for tomorrow night turning into ice ... It's going to be -5 here! My daughter is suppose to come up from MS, but if the roads are bad I'm telling her to stay there. We can exchange presents next weekend!

    3. April Showers

      April Showers

      It is cool here. Pretty sure we're supposed to get freezing rain tomorrow. I drove home from Seattle while the roads were dry, and Charlotte's family drove from Utah today as well. 

    4. scrapgarden


      It's now 21 degrees and going down with the wind getting harder. Suppose to start snowing in the next hour (3pm) and then freezing rain starting about 8. We have cancelled Christmas dinner since 2 friends who are coming live at the mouth of the Columbia Gorge and may still be icy Sun. morning. Will get our dinner on Monday when it's warmer!

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