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    The collection I used for this week was 2016 Everyday and Value Pack: Scrap It Monthly 3 Week 26, all about on the shelf. Groceries, because every week is grocery week. A huge penguin. Colby made it 4 years ago in art and is so proud that it’s the largest project she’s ever let anyone create, at 22lbs. Justin and I went out to eat Wednesday and there was a shelf with “stuff” above him. Monkey socks, because what year old boy doesn’t want them. Shoe shopping, this seems to be a monthly thing. The pharmacy, had a flair of up arthritis this week so my rheumatologist called in a new medicine. Hair stuff...started the curly girl program, so had to go shopping for a few new basics. “Junk” food, because it’s summertime and I always have at least 4 boys at my house during their lunch break from work and they love Ramen.
  2. We're celebrating Amanda's 12th Anniversary this week.  There's a sale for all her product, and she's got some BOGO items in her store. And don't forget a free kit with $10 purchase of her product.

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    The collection I used for this week was 2016 Everyday and Value Pack: Scrap It Monthly 3 Week 28 this week we took a little girls road trip. We headed out on Sunday, spent some item at Ikea, then started our journey to Pawhuska OK. We made a few stops on the way. Saw Cars On The Route, that had the inspiration for the characters from the movie Cars. Stopped where the border of Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri meets. Saw the Blue Whale on Route 66, and then to Barbee Bowling Ball Yard Art. The next morning we visited Pawhuska and stopped at Pioneer Womans store and the swinging bridge before heading home. It was a great girls trip and we are already planning next years.
  4. Love taking little trips...but hate taking all week just to catch up from being gone for 2 days.

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    2. englishrose


      I know exactly what you mean!

    3. Marie-Christine
    4. CRS


      I think I bounce back from longer trips faster than shorter ones. I wonder why that is?

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    The collection I used for this week was 2016 Everyday and Value Pack: Scrap It Monthly 3 Week 27...On The Floor. Dog toys, all over the house all the time. Workout room downstairs. Boys bathroom (will they ever pick up after themselves) Fireworks from the 4th. A dog after some play outside in the hot weather. Football equipement, it’s that time of the year. And my favorite day of the year, Back To School supplies hitting the stores
  6. Some great product this week.
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    Project Life 2018

    Week 28
  8. angleigh

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2018

    I caught back up with you all! I'm tired after our little weekend getaway and I'm ready for some cooler weather! I may just have to hang by the pool, or even better go catch a show on the boat in the AC. Does this boat have a little casino on it? The last one I was on did..I may have to go exploring, I have a few quarters to spare!
  9. angleigh

    World Tour ATC

    Items used: Vanity Plate Emb
  10. The holiday in the middle of a week has messed my schedule all up!  I can't believe i'm going to say this, but I can't wait for Monday to start all over

    1. Becster


      I know. I've been "off" all week.

    2. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Shhh.... no! Don't say that, LOL.

    3. MariJ


      I’ve thought the last 3 days were Monday...  I wonder what I’ll think tomorrow?

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    Project Life 2018

    Week 27
  12. angleigh

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2018

    Oh that sound wonderful! Wish I could join. I had to jump ship yesterday to get ready for my own "real life" adventure this weekend. We are leaving tomorrow to head down to Pawhuska Ok to the Pioneer Woman store. But we are taking the long way there and have a list of stops plan to every little goofy road side attraction you can think of. But I'll be back Tuesday and hopefully I won't miss too much fun
  13. Those melon are so cute!
  14. angleigh

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2018

    The fireworks show from the boat was amazing last night!
  15. angleigh

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2018

    Hey Joyce...I dont' think it has to be a photo of DC, but your using an extra large capital letter on your layout, it can be any photo. Of course I could be wrong. This is my first time on the tour (oops..maybe they will dump me out at the first port and leave me)
  16. angleigh

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2018

    Hey gals...I was just walking around the ship this morning. Looks like the pool area is already getting crowded, I think everyone is trying to get their seat for the fireworks show tonight. I put down about 10 chairs with some towels over them to save them for us tonight. It's suppose to be a great show! Do you think we can get the cabana boy to deliver drinks while we watch it?
  17. using Ocean Treasure
  18. angleigh

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2018

    I may have to head out to the pool, the bar is getting a little lonely
  19. angleigh

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2018

    Here's my ATC Now time to go get a drink, and maybe relax by the pool a bit this afternoon
  20. Did you see our Favorite Things category?  2 days only some great items at 50% off

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    2. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Great sale! Thanks, Angie.

    3. beatricemi


      You know I shopped 🙂

    4. SodScrap


      Downloaded my treasures! 

  21. angleigh

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2018

    That's because i'm tired of all the sun this summer (ugh it's been a hot one) and i'm hanging at the bar. Plus the barmen are pretty hunky😍
  22. angleigh

    Project Life 2018 - Chatting Thread

    Awesome...thanks Anne-Marie! Ooh and "on the floor" great now everyone is going to see my dirty carpet all week 🙂
  23. angleigh

    Share Your HeART Faith-spiration Challenge

    Sounds amazing! I'll have to think about this one a bit.
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    July ATC Swap

    Here's Mine Life
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    Scrap Girls World Tour 2018

    Andrea, you've got your ATC linked to your siggy. You need to use the URL for the blinkie which is: http://scrapgirls.com/BLINKIES/WorldTour2018.gif