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  1. You sure do get some wonderful photos when you go to your gardens and zoo. I love that dragonfly one!
  2. Layout for week three Stormy in Weekend challenge of using a photo with no people. Is anyone willing to hold my hand and help me do a hashtag please. I don't want to put one on face book and I don't use other media. I look at Pinterest but have never put anything in there. Thank you😊
  3. Isn't it amazing how many photos we have with people in them!!! I really liked this challenge thank you Conda. Stormy
  4. As I send this now we have a howling Nor West and the power has gone off and come back on again so I am quickly sending this while we have power and internet.😊 I used: MRE Downtown ABL Cowboy DCA Country Charm AMC Gleeful Fonts, Arial, Phosphate
  5. Sounds like an stunning time away!! Great flower elements!!
  6. I agree the orange just makes this page pop!!
  7. Great photos to go with that collection. Nice work!!
  8. All the above comments are very true but I have to say this just made me smile
  9. This is really pretty Debbie!!! Everything just works so well together!!
  10. Wow that must be a windy place in Indiana!! Bit like here at the moment. They are predicting 140km winds tonight I too like your photo perspective. Great job.
  11. Oh Diane beautiful work as always. That looks like it was an amazing trip! Beautiful scenery!!
  12. Oh my oh my!!! I wanna go there!! Stunning as !!!!
  13. Love your mask work!!
  14. I like the two statues you have facing each other Carol. They look like they are high fiving each other😃 Your layouts often make me smile with your signature butterfly. I find myself hunting them out on your layouts😄
  15. That horse is a great addition to the page. Gives it real depth!!