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  1. Lots of flowers in your week this week Becky, thats pretty special!
  2. All of the above for me, especially spell check and naming supplies. I have got that action Becky is talking about but never got it to work for me. Goodness that was sometime ago now. This isn't a mistake for me, its a pet hate really, but it bugs me when people put in photos with crooked horizon lines!!
  3. Oh Angie what a great question. Just the other day I though I wish that we had more guidance and examples on using the scrap girls simple club. Its those lovely paper templates that I just don't seem to get as good as what I see others do. I keep thinking it would be great to have more tutorials and examples on the use of them. I will also be watching this thread to see what people come up with.
  4. You are quite a blessing Kelly, blessing Marilyn with a beautiful LO of a spot that means a lot to her and blessing me with the tutorial. Thank you!!
  5. Debby has wonderful photos and you have done these well Mikelle!
  6. Orchids sure are a stunning flower. I had them in my wedding bunch (can't spell the correct word!!)
  7. We must both be up early this morning!!! :-) Gorgeous background you have made for these photos Jane!
  8. Oh a new camera!!! Exciting times ahead for you! Looks like its been a fun week!
  9. I love that you have named your tomato!! Wow the birds have flew the nest! that was quick!! That looks like it was a lovely show. Thats a gorgeous backdrop.
  10. WOW look at your list of supplies!!! Now that is impressive!!!
  11. What a great lot of photos you had to work with Carla. Love that template look!!!
  12. I really enjoying see how people use other peoples photos in these swaps, they always come out looking so good.
  13. Oh Marilyn this is just so effective!! Diane is going to love this!! Really like that painting technique. Have to hunt out what Kelly has told you! :-)
  14. Thats a very special page to go with that extra special photo Jane!! Love the way you have used the fall out frame!!
  15. Week 18 This is my first upload since the change over. All went well except it isn't in the thumbnail gallery. Did I do something wrong? Oops yes it is! Guess I didn't wait long enough!!