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  1. This is going to be an interesting thread!!! I joined on 23rd July 2006. I was just surfing the internet for digital scrapping sights and SG stood out for its good volume of activity and its friendliness!!!😃 I plucked up courage to put a layout in the gallery and someone commented on it.🌻 I was so surprised and pleased that I stayed here. I was invited onto the team and loved it. Back in 2011 my Mum and family needed a lot of my time so I stepped down and wasn't on SG very much until 2015. My Mum had passed away and my family are now all settled in their own lives, I retired from nursing and have been really enjoying being back at SG. Love the challenges and products here, but most of all I do love all the friendly people and the new friends that I am continuing to make. For me SG is totally awesome!!
  2. One day it will be awesome to see a big American pumpkin field. Lovely you got photos with you and your children and grandchildren.😃
  3. You have depicted the Japanese culture so well here. They are so clever and good at floral work and any intricate work actually. This is so pretty.
  4. Wow gorgeous!!!
  5. Very soft and pretty!!
  6. Ooooh yum. That chocolate slice looks yummy!!!
  7. This looks like it was a fun trip!! I like the way you have framed each interesting photo.
  8. Wow thats a long trip the Mississippi has to reach the sea! Great the way you have those photos placed to give the layout real action.Really like that font too!! Lovely layout!
  9. Oh I've never had roasted corn!!😮Love fresh corn off the cob. You have a very lovely smile Mikelle!! Gorgeous background, makes the photo really pop!!
  10. Wow go you Pat for being adventurous !!! Im afraid I wouldn't have been, not keen on fish🤢 Its so great seeing photos of everyone. Now when I see your PL pages I can picture the person who is doing them!!😃
  11. Wow that is a very up to date photo of you Jane, well done!! 👍The bike trail looks so lovely!! Hope the moon boot does its job and you don't have to have it for too long!!
  12. I think that you wouldn't be a hard Granny to love😃 Maybe your grandchildren are blessed to have a Granny like you👍Beautiful photo!! And I think you have done a great job with that background.
  13. I agree with the others with making this into a postcard. Very cool idea. Its a great photo of you Hilary. Jane thinks Norway, I'm thinking maybe around Scotland???😃
  14. This is really gorgeous!!! Sweet photo!! That collection is on my wish list, think that it will be going into my bucket after seeing this!!😃
  15. Your blending makes the over cast day quite dramatic and makes the boat and statue really stand out. Great way to do a layout with you in it!