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  1. Ngaire

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2018

    Oh Joyce that doesn't sound too good. Hope everything gets sorted soon. Looking forward to seeing your Thailand photos. Goodness we sure do have a lot of helpful crew members don't we. Think I will just sit with you Diane and people watch. Something I don't do very often!! Oh look there is Marilyn and Andrea... who is that walking along with them. Do you know Diane???
  2. Ngaire


    This is a great manly page Belle!! Love how you have used the chevrons!
  3. Ngaire

    Good nigh sleep tight

    Sweet wee baby page!
  4. Ngaire

    Fancy Roses

  5. Ngaire

    Erika's Album

    Oh this is such a lovely festive page. I really like how you have used everything here!
  6. Ngaire

    Cath_ Layouts

    That looks like a Precious Moments figurine!! I love them. Sweet wee page!!
  7. Ngaire

    CRK ZOO adventures 11March

    That sure is a fabulous cluster of zoo animals. Very well done!
  8. Ngaire


    What a lovely sunset capture!!
  9. Ngaire

    wonderfall world

    What a beautiful face!!!
  10. Ngaire


    Oh this is just gorgeous and delightful. Very festive!!
  11. Ngaire

    sledding 1966

    I love seeing older photos. At least this ones in colour!! Pretty layout!
  12. Ngaire

    Newsletter challenge

    I love you two!! I think you are both awesome!!!
  13. Wow the shop just gets better and better!!!! Love all those little animated characters!!!
  14. Ngaire


    ooooh some yummy looking dishes you have there!!
  15. Ngaire

    July 2018-PL1.jpg

    I like your blending with this. That little strip of yellow looks really effective.