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  1. Beautiful layouts as always!! ladies!!
  2. So many things happened this week, lots of birthdays and lots of family time. Extra's I used: BMU Summer Cottage DMI Breezy frames Thanks everyone for your lovely comments and encouragement!!
  3. So much happening in this week that I had to do two pages. :-) This is page two.
  4. We are looking at next spring, location to be determined. Michele will start a planning group. Open to suggestions. Trying to keep it "central" (ish) but looking at new/alternate locations. SO sorry you are sick. That is no fun. Is New Zealand "central(ish)" enough!!
  5. Oh Anne-Marie your pages seem to get nicer and nicer!! I love the way you have them so neat and ordered!! just lovely. So pleased that Ken is feeling much better and I hope those AB's have done their job and cleared up that chest infection. Its good to see the sun after all the rain isn't it. Look forward to seeing your week15!! :-)
  6. April I thought that was you at first with long hair!! :-) Beautiful elegant layout!!
  7. Oh Marilyn thats so awesome that you are now getting to do things again!! Love the circles within circles and all those great photos!! Go You!!
  8. Phew!! Thats some journalling you have covered there Marilyn! Well done!!
  9. Oh Marilyn it looks like March was a fun month for you.
  10. Kelly you are a total master at Art Journalling!!! I love seeing your Art Journalling work. Its very inspiring. I even think sometimes that I might give it a go, but haven't actually got there yet!! (Blush) Lovely page!!
  11. Geraldine you have such beautiful looking cat!! I love her colours. :-)
  12. Oh to have that energy in the snow!!! Great layout Diane!! Love the texture, the blending, the title, the photo... yep just a great layout!!
  13. This is really lovely Carla!!
  14. love the linked title!!
  15. Wow thanks April, that's a great list.