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  1. Hi There! Nice to have you come on board with us. We would love to see you conventional pages in the gallery. Also you will gather much inspiration from the gallery for your pages I'm sure.
  2. What a wonderful idea Lei!! and a great page illustrating it!!
  3. This really is a fun thread!! I too loved Thaos kits!! One of my all time favourites is her kit called "Daily Bread". Keep the memories flowing ladies, its so fun seeing them all!
  4. My first LO is posted in the gallery waaaayyy back in 2006. Of Pete my son who is now married with three children!! In the beginning I didn't buy kits, just the monthly club , I just got paper sets and this was one of my first called Oceania by DEB!! What a fun thread!!
  5. As I read this a smile just spread across my face!!πŸ˜„
  6. Oh dear I haven't done the challenge for this month!! This is very pretty Kelly and I also have only heard that part you mentioned at first as well.
  7. Now that is cute!!! Love the wee song and I also remember singing that in my earlier days!!! Must remember to sing that to the grandees!!😁
  8. Oh my.... this is really really lovely!!!
  9. Aren't family times like this really precious!! Lovely page Amy!!πŸ˜ƒ
  10. Two lovely works of artπŸ˜ƒ
  11. What else can I say except beautiful!!
  12. What wonderful photos you have of the dancing!!
  13. Isn't it wonderful being able to watch our families achieve in their sports. Lovely page!
  14. After reading your journalling Marilyn, I go, Phew!!! Totally love how you do that!!
  15. So pleased that Ken is doing well!! Again another pretty looking page!!