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  1. OMG! Thank you Thank you! Big big hugs!!!!
  2. Hey Y'all! Long time, no scrap....but I plan on it tonight and tomorrow on my days off! YAY! So...I know I have briefly reviewed an email sent to me some months ago on making Iphone scrapbooks. I wanted to see if you all could give me the paper sizes for photoshop. How much do I reduce the dpi to as well? How many pages works well on an Iphone without clogging up my memory? I am wanting to make myself a brag book on my phone. Missy
  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday! Have a great day.

  5. Howdy April! Missed you all. I hope to slowly get back into scrapbooking this year.
  6. Ok ladies! I bought a ton of goodies and then purchased Because of You...thought that was fitting. Thank you all! Off to update my settings. LOL. Apparently I still have a shark from a long long time ago floating around at the bottom of my name. Ha Ha!
  7. Boy don't we all just think alike here! Thank you all! Great suggestions!! Hugs! Missay
  8. What products are in SG Boutique for remembering a loved one? I am looking at all the goodies and getting overwhelmed by each product...cause I want them all...but...I want to get some goodies to honor my mom as well. Thank you all so much! Hugs!!! Missy