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  1. From the album Brandy Hackman

    Brush Set: City Slick Paint ScrapSimple Alpha Templates: City Slick Drip All it takes is one look out of those beautiful blue eyes and you are ruling the roost! If it doesn’t tug at our heart strings, it makes us giggle and either have won. [March 2012]
  2. From the album Brandy Hackman

    ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: City Slick Skylines ScrapSimple Alpha Templates: City Slick Drip ScrapSimple Paper Templates: City Slick Driving along the freeway in South Africa, we saw miles upon miles of these Squatters Camps. While the poor conditions were heartbreaking and very overwhelming, I couldn’t help but notice that despite their humble little homes, in their humble little city, the PRIDE of home-ownership was clearly visible much of the time by the brightly painted huts. Even in absolute destitution, the price of a can of paint is worth the sacrifice to make their home special.