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  1. justpattyanne


    It's my absolute fave! It's one of my first 2 Holiday movies to see each year - makes me feel better about my own dysfunctional holidays, whatever they may bring! ūüėČ Love this ode to your fave 'tacky but true' movie.
  2. justpattyanne


    So So So sweet and your background & swirls are perfect for this golden moment.
  3. justpattyanne


    I'm totally smitten with this because of the artistic take on it - giving the flowers the exotic modern art feel... seeing the extraordinary in an ordinary moment is a superpower, don't ya know! ūüėČ I LOVE this!
  4. justpattyanne

    January 2020 Challenge Chase

    My #4 is the 1/25 WWCC of my Be Inspired.
  5. justpattyanne

    Weekend Wildcard 1/25

    I scraplifted Amanda's "Be Inspired" with my own "Be Inspired".
  6. justpattyanne


    This is for the 1/25/20 Week-end Wildcard Challenge to scraplift anyone. I scraplifted Amanda's "Be Inspired" (http://scrapgirls.net/forum/gallery/image/109347-be-inspired/). I am a sucker for all things art journal and I love the creative vertical crop of the image. ©Patty Anne Henderson aka ©justPattyAnne Created using: Amanda Fraijo Tobin's "Life Montage", "Delightful", "SS Brushes - Art Inspiring" - Erica Hite's "Nessa" and "Dear Diary" - Durin Eberhardt's "Mixed Media" - Doris Castle's "Pieces of Me".

    © Patty Anne Henderson aka ¬©justPattyAnne

  7. justpattyanne

    January 2020 Challenge Chase

    I'd become rather superstitious about trying for the challenges again but I'm up to *3* now - may actually make the 6. *fingers crossed* #1 - 1/11/20 Wildcard Challenge - use an alpha for the title. Mine is AWARE. #2 - 1/14/20 Newsletter Challenge - Sunset. #3 - 1/7/20 Newsletter Challenge - One Word.
  8. justpattyanne

    Newsletter Challenge 1-14-2020

    Here's my Sunset.
  9. justpattyanne

    Weekend Wildcard 1/11/2020

    I've begun a Spiritual AtoZ of Me album - and all of the cards fit this criteria... My first is AWARE.
  10. justpattyanne

    Newsletter Challenge 1/7/2020

    Here's mine: My one word - Forgive.
  11. justpattyanne


    Forgive - Forgive is an action verb, something you have to actively do, sometimes over and over. This year, I'm actively forgiving - myself, my weight, my messy home, my unruly reality, my errant thoughts, her, stupid comments, mean people, bad drivers, etc. etc. etc. For the 1/7/20 Newsletter Challenge - my One Word ... and this is also for my AtoZ Spiritual Me Album. Created using Cheryl Barber's "Cosmopolitan" - Brandy Murry's "Table Manners", "Traveler", "Travel Journal" & "Zoomba" - Erica Hite's "SSStyles - Creative Spirit 2". Girl by Xquizart.

    © Patty Anne Henderson aka ¬©justPattyAnne

  12. justpattyanne


    This glorious sunset I was able to witness just last week-end while on a girlfriend's retreat on Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma. ©Patty Anne Henderson aka ©justPattyAnneCreated using Syndee Rogers' "Stories We Tell", "Everyday Stories", "Strong", "SSPaper - Watercolor Textures", "Watercolor Paper - Spooky", "Watercolor Paper - Holiday", "SSStyles - Watercolor Kraft 6301", "SSStyles - Watercolor Fabric 6301", "SSStyles - Art Journal Blue", "SSStyles - Watercolor Brights", "SSStyles - Watercolor Spooky", "SSStyles - Watercolor Holiday", "SSStyles - Watercolor Spring", "SSPaper - Blendability" & Anita's photomask,

    © Patty Anne Henderson aka ¬©justPattyAnne

  13. justpattyanne

    Spiritual A to Z of me.

    I am participating in an Project 52 A to Z. I am creating a Spiritual AtoZ ATC deck for myself.
  14. justpattyanne

    Weekly Winners November 11th

    What a fantastic surprise! Thank you muchly!
  15. justpattyanne

    September Challenge Chase

    "3 is more than not 3"! LoL! ūü§≠ūüßź I LOVE that obvious wisdom and foresee working it into my daily life. *tee hee*