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  1. Well what a fantastic surprise on this merry Monday! Thank you so very much!!!
  2. Fantastic & creative use of the big *2*. I'm already invested in your road trips too.
  3. I'm in again! Thanks for all you do April - and ladies who host!
  4. annnnnd my #6 is for the 1/28 NL Challenge of "Everyday Things".
  5. "My days begin and end with writing in my journal. It’s like my moving meditation, slowing my brain down to the speed of write. I put everything into them, my random thoughts, my positive intentions, my aggravations, the minutae of the day. I can work through stuff, without having to explain or justify. It’s just me and my journal and my unedited self.

    © Created using Brandy Murry's "From the Desk Of", "SSPaper Background Blenders 1", "Parisian", "Petals", "A Gardeners Diary", "Grand Dame", "YesterYear", "By Hand WordARt", "Back Porch", "Madison Co." - Amanda Fraijo Tobin's "Take Wing", "So Elementary"

  6. My #5 is the Monthly Challenge #3 - Tribute to Kitty.
  7. I did Challenge #3 - my Tribute to Kitty.
  8. "Like a Carl Sandburg poem, she tip toes into my newsfeed, a Beacon of Beauty. No matter the harshness of life, she lights up my day, a Curator of Hope. Even in her most vulnerable moments, she reaches out from a place of strength. Kitty, to me, you are the Epitome of Grace." This is tribute for an online friend who has the most beautiful page of quotes & curated images. ©Patty Anne Henderson aka ©justPattyAnne Created using Brandy Murry's "Petals", "SS Dyn Brushes - Bokeh", "Remembrance".

    © Patty Anne Henderson aka ©justPattyAnne

  9. I totally love this - completely caught my eye with the left third alone in the gallery - cinched the deal when I saw the whole thing ... LOVE this!
  10. It's my absolute fave! It's one of my first 2 Holiday movies to see each year - makes me feel better about my own dysfunctional holidays, whatever they may bring! 😉 Love this ode to your fave 'tacky but true' movie.
  11. So So So sweet and your background & swirls are perfect for this golden moment.
  12. I'm totally smitten with this because of the artistic take on it - giving the flowers the exotic modern art feel... seeing the extraordinary in an ordinary moment is a superpower, don't ya know! 😉 I LOVE this!
  13. My #4 is the 1/25 WWCC of my Be Inspired.
  14. I scraplifted Amanda's "Be Inspired" with my own "Be Inspired".
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