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  1. justpattyanne

    September Challenge Chase

    "3 is more than not 3"! LoL! 🤭🧐 I LOVE that obvious wisdom and foresee working it into my daily life. *tee hee*
  2. justpattyanne


  3. justpattyanne

    September Challenge Chase

    Life has very much got in the way - but I still got 3 done, 3 more than if I wasn't participating. Maybe I can play some Bingo this month.
  4. justpattyanne

    Weekly Winners - September 9th

    Gorgeous! Congratulations.
  5. justpattyanne

    Wedding Gown Work of Art

    I'm SO flattered & honored that you thought of my page. THIS is GORGEOUS and does show off that beautiful gown so elegantly. That touch of lace along the bottom is brilliant to pull the eye to be sure to notice that pretty lace banding around the train of the dress. Your brush border is the perfect echo of that back detail and shape. Yes, a work of art indeed!
  6. justpattyanne

    September Challenge Chase

    My #3 LO is for the #1 Monthly Challenge to Scraplift.
  7. justpattyanne

    September Monthly Challenges

    For #1, here's my "Scraplift" of Boatlady's "large letter". I was inspired by her graphic letter, diagonal paper cut, border and floral ivy.
  8. justpattyanne

    jPA_Scraplift Challenge

    When you live in a scenic historic town and travel with your own beautiful model, anytime is a good time for an impromptu photo shoot. 9-6-19 Created for the Sept Monthly Challenge for a Scraplift. I used Boatlady's "large letter" LO - inspired by the large letter, diagonal paper cuts & border.

    © Patty Anne Henderson

  9. justpattyanne

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge 9/7/19

    I'm DREAMING of all things Fall - we're having our hottest week yet this summer, all 100+ through the weekend. UGH! But I can stay in with my a/c and laptop and play in the color challenge. Thanks for the inspiration - and hints of Autumn to come.
  10. justpattyanne

    September Challenge Chase

    Here's my #2 for Mo.Chall.#2 - Stitching ... Little Miss Sunshine.
  11. justpattyanne

    September Monthly Challenges

    Here's my #2 LO for Challenge #2 to use stitching : Little Miss Sunshine
  12. justpattyanne

    jPA - Little Miss Sunshine

    "Some days you glow so much, it is as if you give off your own light. I know you light up our lives everyday, Little Miss Sunshine!" Zoey - November 5, 2005 Created for the Monthly Challenge to use stitching, and I've used it here, there & everywhere! I just had to use that curve to accentuate that cowlick that is living its best life! 😂🤣😂

    © just Patty Anne Henderson

  13. justpattyanne

    Weekly Winners - September 2nd

    SQUEEEEEEEE!!!! and a YEE HAW too! Thank you SO SO MUCH!!!
  14. justpattyanne

    September ATC

    I positively LOVE this! Gorgeous word art, pretty colors and amazing 3D elements. My favorite time of the year!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. justpattyanne

    September 2019 SG Motivators Chart

    So very pretty and cute too. A great tracker, the kind to make you want to follow through.