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  1. goosie

    March 2019 Recipe Swap

    Whew! My recipe is pretty simple compared to all the others I've been reading through here. It's a Weight Watcher's recipe, so low fat, low sugar. It is very easy and quite delicious too. Polenta with Baby Spinach
  2. goosie

    February 2019 Recipe Swap

    I figured it out. Once I downloaded the WeSendIt file, the recipes are embedded inside. I had to extract the WeSendIt file to find the recipe file, then extract the February 2019 Recipe file to actually see the recipe cards. Never had to do that before . But I have them now.
  3. goosie

    February 2019 Recipe Swap

    Hi Conda, Do we have to establish an account with WeSendIt to be able to download the recipes? I'm having some trouble figuring out this new screen. It seems like if I hit the download button I'm downloading a WeSendIt file versus the February 2019 Recipes - I must be doing something wrong?
  4. goosie

    February 2019 Recipe Swap

    I am ahead of the game! My friend made a wonderful soup for a get together before Christmas and she was kind enough to give me the recipe. I got the card done today! Done! Ann’s Delicious Chicken Wild Rice Soup
  5. goosie

    *All New* January 2019 Recipe Swap

    Here is my card for this month! Slow Cooker Ethiopian-Spiced Chicken and Black Lentil Stew
  6. Tried it last night and it was delish. We used boneless chicken thighs.
  7. goosie

    *All New* January 2019 Recipe Swap

    Wow, this is great! I'm in!
  8. goosie

    Cookie Exchange 2018

    Finally found time to add my recipe cards to the gallery! Blizzard Cookies Instructions
  9. goosie

    goosie_Blizzard Cookies

    Here is my cookie exchange recipe card
  10. goosie

    goosie_Blizzard Cookies 2

    2nd card with instructions
  11. goosie

    Pick a Gift is Here! Winners inside!!!

    Ok, I’ll choose 22