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  1. Lovely pictures of little Abbey! And that red really pops off the page!
  2. Hello and Welcome! Where in Georgia do you live? I'm in Augusta.
  3. Welcome to Scrapgirls! Glad to have you here!
  4. This page is adorable. I really like the little bear and the icons separating the words. Great trailer! I have a dream to live in an RV someday.
  5. This is really beautiful! It caught my eye instantly. Great contrast in colors and background and great job on the extractions!
  6. I found this on Facebook a few minutes ago. I apologize for the language, but it made me laugh out loud anyway.
  7. This made me laugh out loud. I'm stealing it to post on FB, I hope you don't mind!
  8. I have a 5T external SSD I got on sale from Costco and I backup online with Google, who I think charges me $20 per year for online storage.
  9. My biggest frustrations are that I spend too much time looking at pictures and supplies so I get lost in the search and that by the time my mojo gets going, my time is up and I have to do other things like make dinner for the family or go to work. Half kidding there, but it does seem that by the time I relax enough to be creative I have to move on. I guess Susie is right, since we're staying home it's a good time to scrap.
  10. Okay. New computer it is. Any recommendations? I have a laptop, so I'm looking for all in one or desktop. Thanks for advice and help!
  11. Well, it happened. The blue screen of death has won. Husband says just buy a new desktop, but maybe installing new HD is a better idea. I'd love to hear advice. Thanks!
  12. It took me a long time to get used to Windows 10 and the new MS Office, but I think it's worth the trouble. Hang tough and be patient with yourself.
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