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  1. Rose Ann

    Do You Use A Wacom

    The pen helps if you have arthritis or carpel tunnel, too. My hand hurts after a while using the mouse, but not with the pen. (I have an old Bamboo and a new Intuos art.)
  2. Rose Ann

    Brandy Murray's Pop-Up Paper Templates

    Glad you figured it out! I think the shadow may have gotten a lost a little on that patterned paper.
  3. If you use PSE, some versions do not allow you to edit layer styles to add color overlays. I have an old version of PSE and I usually have to select the object to get the marching ants, create a new layer, fill the selection on the new layer with a color, then play with blending modes and hue/saturation until I find one that works. And here's a link to the SS Handbook in the boutique (it's free) : SS Instructions Handbook Hope that helps.
  4. Rose Ann

    Does Anyone Have...

    I have that style set, but I do not usually keep preview pictures because I have a program that allows me to see previews of my styles, brushes, and other presets. I pm'ed you a screenshot of the preview for that style set. Hope that helps.
  5. Rose Ann

    Valentina's Creations Is Here!

    Welcome! Your products are lovely!