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  1. Rose Ann

    HD Failure Imminent

    Thanks for the advice and empathy! I figured I'd have to replace the HD. I was just hoping....
  2. Whenever my desktop computer starts, it gives me a failure imminent warning. I've run the chkdsk from the menu that pops up when you right-click on the drive name, but it tells me nothing is wrong. I've looked online, but I really don't know whose advice to trust, except here. Is there any other diagnostic I can run, or a repair I can do, or should I just replace it and get on with life? Fortunately, everything is backed up regularly and it hasn't crashed yet. Thanks for the help and advice!
  3. Rose Ann

    Stopping by to say Hi!

    Welcome to Scrapgirls! We have a lot in common! This is my 29th year teaching (not art, though) and I love to get my hands onto the supplies, too. My problem isn't with the getting messy, it's with the cleaning up the mess. I always think I'll go back and add more or finish and I never seem to put anything away! LOL!
  4. Thanks! YAY! I am so excited! Watch out wishlist, here I come!
  5. YAY! Thanks, Angie!!
  6. Yay! Thanks very much!!
  7. Rose Ann

    Hi from Pa

    Welcome! I am so sad to hear about the loss of your daughter. But what a blessing you have your granddaughter to give you a reason to wake up each day! I look forward to seeing your scrapbook pages.
  8. Ok, I'm in. I'm a little intimidated, but I've got nothing to lose, right?
  9. This is SO pretty! I just saw it on the marquee and put it on my list. No idea what to do with it yet.
  10. Endeavour on Prime. It's about Inspector Morse when he was a young detective.
  11. 1. My favorite color is green. 2. I have two tiny dogs that I take everywhere. 3. I bought my two tiny dogs Halloween costumes this year. 😁 One will be a mini unicorn and the other a mini dinosaur! 4. This is my 28th year teaching. 5. I started scrapping to make a baby book for my daughter when she was born. 6. My daughter is 13 now. Baby book still not finished. 7. Had the first floor of my house renovated. It's nothing like on HGTV. It will be finished today, after only 14 months!!! 😲 8. My brain thinks best in song lyrics and movie quotes. 9. I love to travel and one day I hope to see all the places I've dreamed of. 10. I try to keep a smile on my face and a song in my heart at all times. It makes life easier.
  12. I just sent my answers in. It was fun!
  13. Give you unlimited downloads from the Scrapgirls store! Now I KNOW I'm dreaming! The SG welcoming committee invites me to follow them to....