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  1. Welcome to Scrapgirls! Glad to have you here!
  2. This page is adorable. I really like the little bear and the icons separating the words. Great trailer! I have a dream to live in an RV someday.
  3. This is really beautiful! It caught my eye instantly. Great contrast in colors and background and great job on the extractions!
  4. I found this on Facebook a few minutes ago. I apologize for the language, but it made me laugh out loud anyway.
  5. This made me laugh out loud. I'm stealing it to post on FB, I hope you don't mind!
  6. I have a 5T external SSD I got on sale from Costco and I backup online with Google, who I think charges me $20 per year for online storage.
  7. My biggest frustrations are that I spend too much time looking at pictures and supplies so I get lost in the search and that by the time my mojo gets going, my time is up and I have to do other things like make dinner for the family or go to work. Half kidding there, but it does seem that by the time I relax enough to be creative I have to move on. I guess Susie is right, since we're staying home it's a good time to scrap.
  8. Okay. New computer it is. Any recommendations? I have a laptop, so I'm looking for all in one or desktop. Thanks for advice and help!
  9. Well, it happened. The blue screen of death has won. Husband says just buy a new desktop, but maybe installing new HD is a better idea. I'd love to hear advice. Thanks!
  10. It took me a long time to get used to Windows 10 and the new MS Office, but I think it's worth the trouble. Hang tough and be patient with yourself.
  11. I hope you find your presets!
  12. I found it! But it looks like the company went out of business. They're website no longer exists. Here's a youtube video I found. It's really wonderful! I can see previews of all my psd, abr, asl, pat, ase, & csh files. Argus
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