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  1. All papers are from Amanda's Sweet Summer Collection. Big thanks to Carla (CRS), Lauren and Brooke for the photos. Thanks ladies, they are perfect!
  2. ginaMO

    Friend's Party

    I love your layout! The cake idea is very clever and I can see what a good time you girls were having. Great job!
  3. Loving the layout Rosemary, and that is one yummy looking piece of cheesecake.
  4. All products from ASO Take Wing Collection
  5. Sorry ladies, a bit of a computer issue at the moment. Glad to hear everyone is surving the storms!

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    2. lorac


      I hope you are having a wonderful birthday, Gina. Happy Happy Happy Birthday!

    3. Jane in N.Z

      Jane in N.Z

      Happy Birthday Gina :)

    4. misseswojo


      Happy Birthday Gina, hope you enjoyed your special day!

  6. Ingredients: BMU_BackPorch KSC_BeauteBotan
  7. All productsin from VRA Avalon Collection.
  8. ginaMO


  9. As soon as I saw Amanda's Gleeful Collection I knew I needed to make a card set from it. The images are so perfect for cards. Thanks Amanda! All products from The April Club.
  10. Here's my layout for the challenge. Photos courtesy of Angela Drummond. I used AMC_DoodleDandy_12x12_Red_PaintStars.jpg STI_SS_Paper_ArtisticEdges_brush3.png DMI_Cozy_circles.png DMI_Cozy_circle_lines.png MRE_SS_EmbTemp_Lifted_Photos EHI_DearDiary_Emb2_Box-Sm.png EHI_Chalkboard_EmbBiggie_ToDoblank.png Font: Jenkins v2.0
  11. ginaMO

    Stay In Touch Card

    I haven't been scrapping a lot lately, but I have been doing a lot of cards. Here is one made from Keri's La Papetier Collection. I've had a couple people ask, so I wanted to add, this is a hybrid card with a real ribbon, and yes some of the pieces are raised with dimensional dots.
  12. ginaMO

    Color Challenge 7/25/09

    Great layout Carla! Great use of the Christmas colors and I love the white space!
  13. ginaMO

    Summer swap for Gina

    Thanks Kim, I absolutely LOVE it! I have some problems with leaving white space in my layouts so I adore this. Can't wait to print it and put it on my board.
  14. I'm late, I'm sorry! But I had some beautiful pics to work with. Hope you like it Christine! I used: TCS_Naturescape_Paper_MountainMagic.jpg ABR_ScenicRoute_WordArt1_DayToRemember.png BMU_Kingdom_EMBMini_Stars.png SNU_AYO_ZmPg_Noteworthy_Cuts-Torn.png MRE_WellLoved_Emb_StapleBackSH.png#1 TCS_Naturescape_Emb_Frame-Horizontal.png TCS_Naturescape_Emb_Frame-Vertical.png MRE_WellLoved_Emb_StapleBackSH.png MRE_WellLoved_Emb_StapleDoubleSH.png MRE_WellLoved_Emb_StapleSH.png Font: Jeana
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