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  1. Happy Birthday Thess!

  2. Happy Birthday Tess!

  3. Happy Birthday, Thess! Miss seeing your around.

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday Thess! I hope your day is magical!

  5. Happy Birthday These! I hope your Birthday is filled with joy and love!

  6. Hi Thess. I hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with special things and the year ahead brings good health and happiness. Kay

  7. TallCool69

    Feb swap for Carla

    Great use of the sphere!!!
  8. Very sweet! Love the cluster!
  9. Waaaay late to upload this... But I hope Lei will like it... The poem is by Lei herself! Credits: "Because Of you", "Old Friend" and "Beloved" by Angie Briggs "Swirlicious" by Brandy Murry -ScrapGirls
  10. Hi Thess ... I hope everything is ok with you.

  11. TallCool69

    Feb Swap for Thess

    It's gorgeous, Belle! Awesome! Beautiful! I love the photo treatment and the layering! And that you used the lyrics for "The Love Boat" theme! And that you used what I wrote in my e-mail to you!
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