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  1. December Challenges: Join us for a month of challenges (and prizes) beginning December 1st. Every Tuesday and Saturday, a new challenge will be posted in our Forum. Everyone who participates in that challenge will have a chance to win a $5 gift certificate; participate in all 9 challenges throughout December and you'll be automatically entered in the drawing for a $20 Gift Certificate. Winners will be posted on the forum in the Weekly Winner Threads. Please make a post in this thread to let me know you're participating. As you finish each layout, edit your post and add a link to
  2. Congratulations to last week's winners! Weekly Layout Winner (chosen from all the layouts posted in the gallery): Our Wheels by Evelyn Stevenson @Evelyn Stevenson Weekly Challenge Winner (Chosen from layouts posted in the Tuesday and Weekend Challenge Galleries: Travel Plans 2020 by ladyscrapalot @ladyscrapalot Congratulations to this week's winners! Weekly Layout Winner (chosen from all the layouts
  3. I've updated the Challenge Chase Tracker. Wow! Every single one of you finished. I'm so impressed.
  4. I haven't checked the cookie exchange email in a few days, so don't worry if you haven't gotten a response from me yet.
  5. I bring up the mid-tones on my photos so they will look how I want them to when they're printed. You may find that most prints will look darker than they do on your screen simply because screens are back-lit. I use Shutterfly and have been pleased with my books. I wait for the free extra pages sales before I buy. I chose I had an issue with one page on the last book I had printed, and their customer service was outstanding. They just sent me another book. I did the 12x12 hard cover with a matter finish and their"professional 6 color printing" for the pages. The paper is nice and thick an
  6. My favorites right now are the Pentel Sparkle and Pop pens. I could doodle with them all day. They have a two toned iridescence. I use them on my shop orders and customers ask me what pen I used.
  7. We think 2020 needs to end on a sweet note, don't you?! Jump on board our 15th Annual Scrap Girls Cookie Exchange! It's the lowest-calorie cookie exchange in the country because we're exchanging cookie recipes, not actual cookies. Download our recipe template HERE and then insert your favorite cookie recipe and embellish it as desired. When you send us your recipe card, you're automatically on the list to receive everyone else's cards! Here's how to join in the fun: · Design a 4x6-inch recipe card (300 pixels per inch) using mostly Scrap Girls products. Use one of your fav
  8. I updated the Challenge Chase Tracker again.
  9. Beautiful photos! I love it there. We had planned a visit there in September, but obviously couldn't go. I really like how you've framed and blended the photos.
  10. Beautiful page! I love the framing, and the photos are beautiful.
  11. I think my Christmas shopping will be the easiest ever - on-line purchases and gift vouchers for everyone this year. At the moment there are no non-essential shops open until 2nd December and even if things do return to normal after that (which I doubt) I really don't fancy going out to shop.

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    2. Boatlady


      It is easy to shop online but I really miss the real shopping.  I am thinking  that is a good memory  from past years. Those  were the best years of our lives!!!

    3. alsoarty


      I’m shopping online for Bryce and his family because they live in Maine...... so faaaaar from me. I’ve done those close to home. I still have to get something to me from me.

    4. Laura


      That's all my family seems to want this year too.  Fine with me.  We don't have a lot of room in the camper to store the gifts will we go home anyway 🙂 

  12. The Challenge Chase Tracker is updated. You're all doing so well, I'm impressed!
  13. My Christmas shopping is almost done! 


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    2. Boatlady


      Not doing much shopping but I have ordered a few things to have shipped to the grandchildren up north...once I am up there I will pick up the last few things.

    3. alsoarty


      I just have 3 gifts to buy, and one Birthday Gift for my sister who is on the 26th dec.

    4. scrapgarden


      Only have one daughter who lives close by so always send checks for Christmas. DH and I don't exchange because we buy what ever we want (within reason) all during the year. Janine's wish list is always too expensive for us to get for a gift. So it's a check she can save toward whatever. Must say it makes it much easier on my brain and every body can  get what they want!

  14. No worries! The way the forum shows the image instead of just a link is new, so we're all learning how to work with it.
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