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  1. I'm so impressed with this group! I'm almost done with 2016 - probably would have finished if I hadn't needed to spend time on the forum upgrade. Once I'm done, I'll be starting January so I can get some credit on my chart.
  2. I really like the gradient on the month word art. So pretty.
  3. Wonderful journaling, great photos and I love the colors you used on your page.
  4. Fantastic page. I love how you used the circle to frame your photo.
  5. Beautiful page and gorgeous roses. We love our rose garden too.
  6. Your pages looks great!
  7. I really like the mix of photos and journaling on your page and we can really relate to the title.
  8. I really like how you used the puzzle pieces on this page. Looks great!
  9. What a fun week. Love the cake and the variety of things you're up to.
  10. Fabulous photos. Love seeing what you're all up to.
  11. Gorgeous page and congratulations to her! Love how you did the frame.
  12. :tinkerbell:If you had trouble finding the "reply" button in any of the forums, I fixed the settings so you can reply now.

    1. Westina


      Thanks Tink!

    2. alsoarty


      Thanks April. That helps.

  13. I know, see what happens when the forum is down?
  14. Created for the Mixing Templates for more Scrapping Options tutorial using this month's ScrapSimple Club. Thanks for looking!
  15. I made the umbrella in Illustrator and painted it in Photoshop using a watercolor brush.