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  1. The Challenge Chase Tracker is updated! If you have a layout that you've completed and it isn't showing, be sure to post a link to it in this thread.
  2. Love the background paper you used on this set.
  3. I updated the Challenge Chase Tracker two days in a row! Don't faint. Thank Ann Marie for taking over the Project Life tracking.
  4. I've updated the Challenge Chase Tracker. Sorry it is way at the bottom of that post. There are two of you who I know did your week one layout, but you need to post the link here. ,
  5. You have some gorgeous layouts on your two layout pages for November. Good to know there was some good from your foot issues.
  6. Thanks! The blue cup is one of the tupperware stacking toy ones. It got lost again about a month later and I found it under my bed maybe 6months after that. Perhaps I should look under my bed more often, but besides dust, it was the only thing under there. I'll probably be rearranging the photos to add more. At least it isn't like the year I forgot to do Annette's bridal shower because no one had given me the photos. (Sit down mom of the bride and just enjoy the shower. We'll take all the photos!) Fortunately, the shower was given by a prominent blogger and I grabbed them off her blog when I re-did that page.
  7. I really like the new the extra incentives, and that kit - love it.
  8. I just saw a sneak peek of what Susie has coming for the 2018 templates. They're fabulous. If you haven't figured out what you want to do yet, watch for them! I think they're brilliant.
  9. It only takes one layout to get the X for a month, so I think you're all set on the chart - no worries there! Of those that are close, only Shannon isn't marked off as completed for the year. Jenrou could get a complete year if she did something for Jan - May and while it is a lot, she is still in the running. We have 6 more days.
  10. You did some fantastic layouts that month!
  11. Welcome to ScrapGirls! We're happy to have you here! Looking forward to seeing your pages in the gallery.
  12. Wow, look at all those new gallery images! I've updated the tracking sheet - it just shows the yearly completion.
  13. Way to go finishing up 2017!
  14. I really enjoyed reading your journaling. It is interesting to see how much the season dictates our Christmas traditions. Your page looks fantastic.
  15. Beautiful pages Marilyn!