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  1. loricrops

    A Long, Long Time Ago...

    I think I may have found something in an old email (thanks, lorac!!) it's called "Bachelor's degree in me." I'm going to see if I can find more in the newsletters, but she directed people to the forum and that was in 2006, so I'm hoping I didn't delete any newsletters! Thanks for all your help!! Btw...is Ro still around?
  2. loricrops

    A Long, Long Time Ago...

    Wow! Thanks! And now that you mention it, I do remember that word "Muse." How neat that you got to write one! I ALWAYS wanted to have something in the newsletter!
  3. loricrops

    A Long, Long Time Ago...

    How fun is that!!
  4. loricrops

    A Long, Long Time Ago...

    It REALLY does!! Oh, to be young and carefree again! I have a 5yo, a 4yo, and an 8 month old. I used to not have much to scrap, now I'm trying to find time to scrap. I guess that means I've been extra blessed!!!
  5. loricrops

    A Long, Long Time Ago...

    Thanks for such a warm welcome!
  6. Hi, Girls! It's my first time back to ScrapGirls after a few years of having lots of babies A long, long time ago I feel like I remember Ro having a group of challenges where she would have us ask questions of ourselves and then scrap our answers...kind of a way to find out more about the inner "me". I was too young before to know what a great idea that was, but now I'd love to use it during some of those rare moments when I find myself alone. Does ANYONE remember this or am I completely crazy? Glad to be back with you all!