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  1. sensational OOB Andrea, love it
  2. oh just ways too cute. love how you framed the photo on both sides xx
  3. so nice to see my Solstice Collection used in this way, thank you
  4. awww so very cute. great layout Carol
  5. absolutely stunning
  6. love it…and wish we were having a tropical heatwave, it is soooo cold down here at the moment
  7. yay, so wonderful to see my 'A Pirate's Life' Collection in use.. thank you Debby, your layout looks great
  8. Oh Em Gee!! Monica, this is just brilliant!!! love how you have made it 3D… thank you, I LOVE it
  9. Jo Corne

    TBT 1967

    LOL, good old Durbs, I remember it well. you look beautiful Andrea, scabs and all
  10. Happy Birthday Jo! Hope it's a great one!

  11. Happy Birthday Jo! Hope your special day is an awesome one!

  12. Jo Corne

    Friday Special Nicki 72

    this is just wayyyy too cute!! great OOB with your puddy tat. we just got a new one about 6 weeks ago and he is just a munchkin of the first order. love our cats we do!!
  13. LOL, say no more indeed, tee hee super layout Jane, as always
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