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  1. Westina

    Cookie Exchange - 2019

    Great looking cards and recipes! Thanks April for coordinating and to all participants.
  2. Thanks for the fun game Marilyn and great prizes!
  3. Westina

    Weekly Winners - December 9th

    Lovely LO's - congrats!
  4. Westina

    Cookie Exchange - 2019

    Submitted mine. Looking forward to trying out new recipes!
  5. Westina

    Cookie Exchange - 2019

    Put this on my calendar - hope to keep the tradition going!
  6. Westina

    Cinnamon Baked French Toast

    Thanks for sharing your lovely card and recipe. Might use this for Thanksgiving guests this weekend.
  7. Westina


    The sparkly jewels really caught my eye - super layout!
  8. Westina

    Weekly Winners - October 28th

    What a nice surprise! Congratulations to all and thank you to SG's team and participants for the fun anniversary celebration!
  9. Westina

    Oct 2019 SG Recipe Swap: Bread - Spoon Bread

    Beautiful card Marilyn! This recipe looks interesting - something my mom would enjoy for sure
  10. Would have loved to attend the chat, but managed to get a LO done ... One of a Kind
  11. My granddaughter picked out the Polly sticker for this. JIF template from SNU Just Peachy
  12. Nice job Ken, looks like a nice shady spot to relax; lovely LO
  13. Thanks Bea, I enjoyed the chat and gift! Why I Scrapbook