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  1. Really lovely Dianne, you are very talented!
  2. Hi Terri, depending on the model and age of your friend's phone, there's a good chance larger (higher resolution) versions of the photos are on the phone. Specifics depend on the phone used, but if the photo is important you might want to work with your friend to see if they can send "actual size" or "original."
  3. Congratulations to all! A very fun weekend.
  4. Last challenge layout!
  5. Some of the reasons I love scrapbooking and why. Thanks for a fun challenge Carla! Lots of word art (see credits).
  6. Goodnight Marie
  7. Grandkids are my favorite subject, along with pets. Nature is a right up there too. My favorite technique, hmm, blending is tops, masking and framing the photos.
  8. Color challenge layout done. (I rather like the forum method of chatting, it gives me time to actually work on my layout at the same time.)
  9. Thanks Marie, I used your suggestion in my layout.
  10. My granddaughter loves to color as much as I do. Thanks for a fun challenge Andrea and Marie for the kit (paper) suggestion.
  11. The tangerine color makes me feel just as happy as good ol' purple. The whole palette is awesome, it makes me want to go to the tropics right now!
  12. Woo hoo, lots of great ideas ladies! Thanks
  13. Anyone know of collections in the store with these colors? Looking to increase my stash.
  14. Fresh and vibrant tropical Caribbean colors, a nice change!
  15. Sweet siggy! Love everything about this.