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  1. Great questions Jennifer. My preference is for kits, as I'm looking for theme or color based collections. I already have a substantial stash of solid papers, small geometrics and patterns that I consider basic staples, so for me, I'm looking for unique papers. The most time consuming for me to make is collaged papers, so if a designer has collage or mixed media ready to go, then perfect. A couple of blended, mixed media or collage papers per big collection is welcome. If a designer has embedded text, script, or something themed into the paper itself that limits its use, it is a low priority for purchase unless accompanied by unique elements or it is a theme that I need. If I see a solid paper pack with each sheet containing the exact same texture as the next color, then I usually view it as something I could make myself. Regarding texture, anything thicker (fabric, heavy gesso) is more challenging for me to use. Thanks for the chance to give feedback.
  2. Lovely colors and musical elements, looks to be a happy 21st. Nice to see pics from Central (not too far from my home).
  3. Thanks for the unique idea and pretty card, sounds like a good way to sneak in some veggies.
  4. Love the now and then layout of Jarvis, he is a handsome fellow.
  5. What a nice surprise! Thank you
  6. Thanks Carla for the motivation to use this month's lovely Club. My layout.
  7. Thanks for the beautiful club this month Elisha! Credits: Live In Harmony Papers, Elements, Alpha BMU Paper Naturally Neutral
  8. Yay Marilyn, glad that worked for you and your Mac. Per Adobe, if you're on a Windows machine, the path is: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 15\Presets\Brushes (place abr files there and they should always load) Not something I can test since I don't have PSE 15.
  9. From Adobe: Go to Applications >> Adobe photoshop elements 15 >> support files >> Presets >> Brushes and place your abr files there. They will be loaded always.
  10. Congratulations ladies!
  11. Beautiful photo and layout! I really like the rope monogram and how you've used it.
  12. Love the Americana theme and how you've laid it out so perfectly!
  13. Very vibrant and fresh! I like how the stem is extended and tied with a pretty ribbon.
  14. Beautiful patriotic design, love the shapes on the contrast background.
  15. Super sweet photo! Love the richness of your layout, the dark navy and deep red. Lovely cluster.