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  1. Sweet siggy, just bought the kit too! I like how Mr Owl is holding your name plate.
  2. Lovely layout Jean, lots of nice texture and a beautiful title.
  3. Sweet siggie, I like how you've placed the banner and arranged your letters.
  4. Super layout, I like the yellow grunge photo border and how you've blended the elements into your background.
  5. Aww, such cutie pies. Love the blue colors and large title. I might head to the store to check out the supplies you've used.
  6. Awesome speed scrap layout! 13 years ago I might have slept on the ground too, but no more.
  7. Fabulous speed scrap. Love the scroll mat behind the photo and your journaling. Fun to look back.
  8. Finished mine Longbeach Skillet
  9. Thanks Carla, for the trip back to 2004. Here's my attempt at speed scrap: 1. Images from 2004 - check 2. Inspiration from 2004 SG site - I was inspired by the forum "grid" so I used rectangular shapes for my background 3. Use ScrapSimple LO Template - ACU SS Alpha Mismatched for the year 2004 4. Use 6 embellishments - check 5. Add something blue in honor of the new look - added blue flowers 6. Add journaling and shadows - check SDE SeaVoices BMU Coastal JulieJ OnTheShoreline Dinskip Summerbreeze
  10. Thanks Carla, for the trip down memory lane. I just might get my LO posted soon, if I can find a SS item. Night everyone, feel better!
  11. Hi Marilyn! Cute BD pic. I'm still on task 1 enjoying a trip down memory lane with the old SG colors.
  12. Okay, brownie and glass of wine to start, is that task 1?
  13. Hi everyone, healthy and otherwise! Not sure I can do this, speed is not in my vocabulary.
  14. You cracked me up Aggie! Ain't it the truth.
  15. Thanks for the fun challenge Andrea. I went back to summer for my layout, Stayin' Cool.