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  1. This is gorgeous! I love how all the colors work so well together.
  2. This is beautiful, Amanda!
  3. This is so beautiful! I just love both the sentiment (the photos and journaling, the topic) and the design (all the elements and products you've chosen to use). I also had a 'that's it!' moment when I saw it in the newsletter - this is so similar to a design style/look I want to try for a family recipe book. I'll be sure to keep your beautiful layout in mind as inspiration. Thank you for sharing!
  4. I loved seeing this in the newsletter. You did a fantastic job with the tutorial, too.
  5. Been thinking about you... Hope you're having a great day! :)

  6. This is so darling! I love how you put it all together.
  7. Susan Neff

    Together Forever

    So clean, so sharp, so beautiful.
  8. Susan Neff


    I remember leaving a comment on this one before all the comments disappeared... This is beautiful! I love both the layout itself, and also the products.
  9. Susan Neff


    Aw man, you lost all your comments, too! I remember leaving a comment on this one - because I LOVE it! Such an awesome job!
  10. From the album: Susan's Favorites Gallery

    Journaling: “Mommy, come quick! There’s a heart in the sink!” Huh? I was busy. I did not want to take the time to see what Andrew was talking about. And I’d just finished putting the pizza pan in the sink to soak, so I knew there was nothing else there. But it took the eyes of a four year old to see what my adult eyes missed. Andrew beamed and pointed to a perfectly heart-shaped opening in the middle of the soap suds. It just goes to show that on Valentine’s Day the signs of love are everywhere. Even in the kitchen sink. Supplies: software - PSCS2 circle stitching by Amanda Sok paper b

    © &copy Susan Neff

  11. Susan Neff

    Play Ball

    I just love the way everything moves across the page. Great layout!
  12. Look at those eyes! He'll be a heartbreaker. Love the layout, and love your Fab 5!
  13. Susan Neff

    final resting place

    I'm so glad that you have this picture, and that you scrapped it. Such an important memory. This is beautiful. ((HUGS))
  14. Susan Neff


    I am so sorry for your loss. This is a lovely layout, a lovely tribute to your mom. God bless you.
  15. This is so stunning! I love how you blended it in, and the colors/textures are a perfect compliment to your photo. I also love St. John, MB - great people.
  16. Susan Neff

    10 Years

    This is gorgeous! I love the treatment of the large photo - and I love the layout design. Absolutely fantastic!
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