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  1. Love your journaling and your wonderful photos in circles Your BG is amazing
  2. Thats a wonderful winter scene and beautifully scrapped
  3. AFT_MangoSorber AFT_LifeMon AFT_SSPaper_Metro AFT_MaskClusters_FanRust SDE_LateSummerFlowers AFT_Jubilant AFT_Adventure_His ASO_SincerelyYours SDE_WelcomeBack
  4. We only have the colour in some places or the odd liquid amber tree which certainly isn't like the US or England. Thats what I miss here its either green or brown but that is nice in its own way.
  5. love your photo collection grouping and the use of the large photo
  6. Jane in N.Z

    DC Tourists

    Such a great way of including a map, your embellishment cluster is amazing, love the use of the note book BG page
  7. ABR_SSPaper_LJ_Torn florju_GardenSummer SNU_SSPaper_ArtMixBorder CWX_StoryOfAutumn BMU_Highlighter_Emb_Pin
  8. CWX_BlueParadise CWX_DeepMemory CWX_WhatILove CWX_InTheGarden
  9. Love the bright colours used and such a lovely photo of you
  10. Jane in N.Z


    Such a lovely photo of you both and your BG is amazing
  11. Oh I love that sketch effect and the OOB frame. Your BG is amazing. Just a fabulous LO
  12. kimeric_af ABR_SSPaper_ArtJourney kimeric_bjal BMU_SSPaper_LightingEffects MLDesign_IntoTheWild SAR_BrushSet_branches kimeric_possibilities_graffiti ABR_SSEmb_NatureWalkMasks
  13. ABL_Illustrated kimeric_ano ABR_SSPaper_ArtJourney bed_saV1 tmd-grownwithlove kimeric_acl AngelleDesigns_BloomingGarden ABR_HomeCooking AFT_HoneyLove
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