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  1. hiking next word starts with G
  2. eat
  3. Mount Taranaki...........(heading down there shortly once all the family is ready )
  4. I haven't watched a horror movie (I don't like them either) I have had a pedicure (inspired by your LO Marilyn)
  5. Oh Marilyn I hear your discouragement and that awful overwhelmed feeling with your foot. I know it would be a lot better if we could drive and get out of the house but take heart it will be only temporary even if temporary is taking longer than it should Love this LO and it looks like its just what the doctor ordered even the purple toenails Its amazing how much better one feels when your feet are being pampered Hugs to you
  6. I''ll have number 1 please
  7. congratulations all the winners and maybe us coal getters will be lucky next round
  8. My sentiments entirely Ngaire. Auckland is just madness at the moment and as I have an excuse not to shop this year so I'm pleased. have bought a few things online and I'm stress free
  9. Albert (watched the 'Victoria' series on TV and just read a book about Queen Victoria by Roland Perry which was such a good read)
  10. Kingwood NJ
  11. Vodafone
  12. that words popular around here as well Ketone next letter starts with E
  13. Me to Marilyn. Hope its going well, mine is helping a lot. Quality Surveyor
  14. washing machine
  15. fork