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  1. what a great take on this sketch its fabulous and so much to see
  2. challenge #4....weekend wildcard
  3. These are birds in my garden at the moment, photos taken from the internet and in summer we get a lot more. BMU_Mossy GWH_SSPaper_Enjoy SG_Dec2Rem_paper GWH_SSPaper_PepTalk DRB_Sweet-safari_paper ABL_Subtropical BMU_Brush_DottySwirls GWH_SSEmb_Enjy_PhotoMasks bee_festive AFT_GoldenTopaz AFT_Citrine JOD_AprilFresh MLDesign_ThisBeautifulLife
  4. Hi Elena and welcome to Scrap Girls
  5. Here is mine for this sketch...love these challenges Lucy Jane
  6. MLDesign_Caresse AFT_SSPaper_HodPod SDE_LateSummerFlowers BMU_Brush_DottySwirls GWH_AllAboutBabyGirl AHA_Styles_SplashRed BMU_ChasingDragonflies BMU_SSEmb_ShadowFramedClusters
  7. challenge #2_ monthly challenge #1 challenge #3_ monthly challenge #2
  8. BMU_Dazzle ABR_SSPaper_Tex101 ABR_SSPaper_ArtJournal BMU_CottageChristmas CWX_BlueParadise VJS_Brush_whysogrungy AFT_SSEmb_Poise SDE_SeaVoices EMA_Brush_VintageAlphabet BMU_Brush_DottySwirls
  9. Jane in N.Z

    Blowing Bubbles

    Such a lot to see here its fabulous love the circle photo
  10. GWH_AllAboutaGirl GWH_SSPaper_Enjoy CWX_APreludeToCHristmas BMU_SSPaper_BGBlenders6 SDE_MemoriesOfYou ASO_Brush_GlitterGrunge AHA_Styles_SplashRed CWX_BlueParadise AHA_BabyMine AMD_Baby florju_LovingDay CWX_SpringPark
  11. such a funny family memory Just love your collection of embellishments, great page
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