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  1. Jane in N.Z

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2019

    My dancing and sparkles page. We went to a first Birthday at the weekend and they had some dancers from the Keribati Islands. I also added some glitter and twinkles for my sparkles
  2. Jane in N.Z

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2019

    `Glad your keeping it a secret Marilyn I know it wasn't me If adding years to our lives makes us slim I'll gladly climb through hoops
  3. Jane in N.Z

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2019

    I'll meet you in the bar Diane and I'll have a Kompot with a touch of vodka as i think it should cure my headache.
  4. Jane in N.Z

    WorldTour_dancing & sparkles

    BMU_Vellum DHB_ThinkOfMe AHA_Styles_SplashOfRed MRE_SSEmb_Lifted SDE_GardenParty_Ballon and colour changed BMU_Brush_Twinkling
  5. Jane in N.Z

    WT19 #8

    such a great mask for this adorable photo and love your BG colours
  6. Jane in N.Z

    World Tour LO # 9

    Fabulous photo and Love the light spots and focus circles. Fabulous page
  7. Jane in N.Z

    Anniversary Dance Winners

    I like how you used the key shaped mask and your Grandparents are really enjoying themselves Beautiful
  8. Jane in N.Z

    World Tour LO 9 - Dance - Sparkle

  9. Jane in N.Z

    SG World Tour 2019 Russia Lianne & Vincent

    Perfect quote for this LO Beautiful photo and LO
  10. Jane in N.Z

    Tuesday Challenge 05/21/19

    Here is mine Come Fly With Me
  11. JZDesigns_UponAWatercolourSea BMU_Brush_DottySwirls MRE_Brush_WindyDay ABR_ModernAlpha AFT_SSPaper_BlendedEdges ABR_SSEmb_StackThem7
  12. Jane in N.Z

    You are brave

    Fun photo I love the concentration on her face. Perfect BG it looks fabulous
  13. Jane in N.Z


    Congratulations Marilyn for winning April Here are 2 of my May pages
  14. Jane in N.Z

    Project Life_May 2019

    MPE_SIM_4 AFT_SSPaper_AssortedEdges AFT_Blissful SNU_HandLetteredMonths
  15. Jane in N.Z

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2019

    I quite fancy adding years to my life especially if they take the pain out of my back and leg away I'll join you all in yoga through those circles. Fascinating trees aren't they