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  2. Happy Belated Birthday I see you had a quiet Birthday like me Lovely remembrance page
  3. Hi Kathy and welcome to Srap Girls and yes I hear you about the 'elderly' aspect, we got old overnight didn't we Don't believe a word we are fighting fit and raring to go when out of lockdown
  4. What a special photo and a great way to do your title
  5. ABR_SpringSherbet AFT+FoiledOverlay BMU_BabyChronicles AMD_Baby GWH_AllAboutBabyGirl
  6. I wouldn't like to see that on my walk and I hope you had a good zoom on your camera Great photo though and wonderful BG to match
  7. I wish I had been in London for the games but was back in May/June that year. My DD sent so many photos like this to me and she said the atmosphere was amazing Love your ring binder and perfect book cover page
  8. This is wonderful and adore your Background
  9. This brings back memories as I used to polish Mums silver when young and I remember my Gran had stuff like this Gorgeous LO for these vintage treasures.
  10. What a fun take on 'treasure' love it. Certainly looks a fun thing to do and love your blending
  11. Here is my water inspired LO WT LO #8 I would so love to visit Petra I have some of that Mansaf (maybe I'll have it later though as I need my breakfast first)
  12. ABR_SSLayout_Grungy SRO_HazySummer ABR_Brush_manuscript ABR_PuppyBreath bee_beachfront CAB_LastBeachShore_Seagul JCO_UTB_Seagul
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