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  1. Jan 21st.... here is my brush florju_snapshot_brush. I can't find her in the boutique anymore though I'll use this brush instead (or as well) BMU_Dynamic Brush Set: Art Diary (scrapgirls.com)
  2. BMU_Coastal BMU_SSPaper_lightingEffects BMU_SSPaper_Edgers kimeric_bjal HMS_CoolSummer kimeric_bb BMU_Brush_sunburst CWX_InTheGarden BMU_Brush_Coastal-palms SDE_WelcomeBack GWH_Brush_Scribble
  3. Such a great collection of photos and glad you had a great time
  4. wonderful and I've learnt something today reading your journaling
  5. Thanks for the template Marlene Here is mine
  6. Marlene Challenge 2022 GWH_UnderConstruction SAR_TheoremeOfHappiness kimeric_af kimeric_bpbtba BMU_JunkTrunk GWH_ToolTime
  7. 17th Jan.... I choose to use AFT_Eroded Books and CWX_ForeverJoy 18th... photos chose 19th... layout started
  8. How gorgeous is this and such a beautiful house you have. That is so lovely of you to move to look after your Mum but I can understand the challenges you will have.
  9. Jan 16th.... I unzip mine straight away and put them into a folder titled 'new buys' on my computer. I then add extra to each individual description eg. add colour of paper, label embellishment description ect so I can find things easier. Once I have used them I transfer them to my EHD I have files for Alphas, brushes, templates, kits. styles and freebies (that I can't add to kits I have already). I keep the collections together as complete but will copy and paste things like Alphas, brushes, styles and put them into the respective kit.
  10. Oh your poor arm If it wasn't so serious you'd think you were writing a comedy play (actually maybe you should that would show them )
  11. such a pretty siggy
  12. 14th Jan.....I save mine to EHD's and back up weekly 15th Jan.... My LO #2 I made the title using the Dodge and Burn tool and a few extra embellishments. I also added a bit more colour to the BG and duplicated the staples
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