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  1. I just love those colour blocks and your vibrant choice of colour. great LO
  2. What gorgeous photos and you have scrapped them beautifully
  3. My completed one with date added and BMU_SSPaper_LightingEffects Visiting George
  4. BMU_Zoomba SRO_SSEmb_PhotoFramesCluster BMU_BackPorch AFT_Visionary SDE_JoyWithoutMeasure BMU_OutdoorDad BMU_CapturedLines BMU_SSPaper_LightingEffects BMU_SSPaper_TornPaperMasks DRB_Dist_Flour
  5. My title and journaling. I used AFT_Visionary. I also added the frames from SRO_Emb_PhotoFrameClusters
  6. My 7 embellishments are: BMU_BackPorch_Stitch and chicken wire, BMU_OutdoorDad_String and leaf, BMU_Captured_Lines, BMU_Focus, SDE_JoyWithoutmeasure_Twine,
  7. We have come a long way Conda haven't we ......... I didn't have a clue what layers were or how to do shadows either and its amazing how automatic things are now
  8. This is such a fun topic I love Thaos kits as well and have quite a few of them but Daily Bread and Prayer and Praise are favourites. Actually looking at them now I think her 'Friendship' kit might have been my first purchase
  9. Hi and welcome to Scrap Girls
  10. My first LO's I wouldn't post, I think it was about 6 months later before I posted this one Dragon Boating I'm not sure which was the first kit I purchased as I used the freebies for a long time until I had some idea of what I was doing I do remember buying DMI_Blessed, DEB_Fiesta and KSC_Amber Romance very early in 2007 on but they are no longer available
  11. I changed 2 of my photos
  12. Congratulations to both of you and Ann what a special photo of you all
  13. I used: BMU_SSPaper_LightingEffects2 BMU_SSEmb_DLP BMU_Dazzle_JewelScatter BMU_Brush_DottySwirl BMU_Bold&Beautiful_Sequins BMU_SSDLOT_GrungeBlock2 AFT_Visionary EBA_TealZeal KME_Glitterati
  14. Well I'm feeling a lot better this afternoon so had a great time fiddling with these lighting effects Thank you for this challenge as I haven't used these for ages so you will probably see me using them a bit more now and this is what I came up with Tango
  15. This sounds a great challenge will love doing this