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  1. Jane in N.Z

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2018

    I used a paw print brush on my LO (don't know what a cat is doing around the lake unless he wanted a feed of crabs ) Crabbing
  2. Jane in N.Z


    No salt here put plenty of sand at the edge of the lake :) BMU_SweetSummer BMU_Anchors BMU_Seascape JCO_UTB_Sand LCO_Meow_BrusH_Paw ABR_SSemb_NatureWalkMask BMU_SSPaer_BGBlenders5_Hightlight
  3. Jane in N.Z


    This is just awesome Hilary Love the sepia tones and such wonderful photos
  4. Jane in N.Z

    World Tour LO 7 - Botswana

    Fabulous blending wish I was there at the moment as its wet and miserable here (actually I shouldn't say that as the sun has just peeked through )
  5. Jane in N.Z


    Awesome blending Ngaire of that special photo of Dave and Jazi perfect quote as well
  6. Jane in N.Z

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge, July 17th

    This is what I'm currently reading This is going to hurt
  7. Jane in N.Z

    Tuesday newsletter challenge

    I have 2 books I'm reading at the moment but this is sure the funniest. I started reading it on the plane home and I think my fellow passengers thought I was mad as I couldn't help but laugh :) BMU_GeneralHospital BMU_SSEmb_DLP
  8. Jane in N.Z

    NL Challenge, July 17th

    Wow that castle looks amazing. I haven't read these books but I did see the first film. You certainly had a great holiday
  9. Jane in N.Z

    Tuesday Challenge 7/17/18 Book: Midwife

    These books are fabulous. I read them a few years ago and brought back lots of memories of my childhood. The TV series was so good it was sad when it ended.
  10. Jane in N.Z

    Scrap Girls World Tour 2018

    After all that reading I now need to get moving as my leg is sore......I'll start in the pool Here is mine for Alexandria Clivden
  11. Jane in N.Z

    World Tour_Alexandria

    Clivden is a National Trust house not far from where I used to live in the UK. Its best known recently (in the 60's) for the Profumo Affair. I know there is a book about all the goings on at the home since it was built but I have never read it but the grounds are amazing to walk around and the house is now a hotel. AFT_Delightful ABR_Brush_Manuscript AMD_LazySummerDays AFT_SSPaper_AbsoBlended3 TMD_Delightful_Watercoloursplat
  12. Jane in N.Z


    I enjoyed reading your journaling. I haven't read her books but this sounds good so I will check it out. Love your page.
  13. Jane in N.Z

    Share Your HeART Faith-spiration Challenge

    Sorry Amanda I posted it here forgot to include the link !0,000 Reasons
  14. Is that you Marilyn? what a fun ATC
  15. Jane in N.Z

    WT 2018 LO 4: Light and Circles

    I like how you used the purple paper its like the sky is reflected in it