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  1. What a great extraction Love your BG, such a fabulous LO
  2. My understanding is you only use the swatch as inspiration and you can add other small amounts of colour different to the swatch. You can duplicate whatever you like as long as you follow the task given, if its a embellishment that has more than one flower its counted as one embellishment still. If it says at the end add any finishing touches you may add whatever you like to make the LO to your liking. Love the one you did looks fabulous to me
  3. Beautiful photo and love your blended BG
  4. This sounds so yummy and Love your card
  5. Love the quote, I used to say something similar to my kids when choosing a career Gorgeous ATC
  6. I wish there was a rewind button sometimes Gorgeous ATC and love that border
  7. Ive gone with the yellows I used 3 papers and a template to blend them I used 3 photos and changed one photo into a watercolour and blended it into the BG 3 different brushes used
  8. what a great take on this sketch its fabulous and so much to see
  9. challenge #4....weekend wildcard
  10. These are birds in my garden at the moment, photos taken from the internet and in summer we get a lot more. BMU_Mossy GWH_SSPaper_Enjoy SG_Dec2Rem_paper GWH_SSPaper_PepTalk DRB_Sweet-safari_paper ABL_Subtropical BMU_Brush_DottySwirls GWH_SSEmb_Enjy_PhotoMasks bee_festive AFT_GoldenTopaz AFT_Citrine JOD_AprilFresh MLDesign_ThisBeautifulLife
  11. Hi Elena and welcome to Scrap Girls
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