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  1. Such a gorgeous photo of you and Penny I enjoyed reading your story
  2. My least favourite thing to do at the moment (I have a few) prompt #13
  3. MPE_JournalArtsy HMC_DL_NW BMU_Petals_window
  4. Jane in N.Z

    Cozy Space

    Such a gorgeous outdoor area and I love the shabby screens
  5. Jane in N.Z


    such gorgeous dogs Scout loves playing with one on the beach and its so funny as this dog will walk all over him but he can certainly outrun it
  6. cute cats I miss not having a cat around anymore.
  7. love it I must admit its not a favourite of mine either,
  8. I must admit I'm not keen on going to the dentist 😱 and I love your Dr. cartoon
  9. Such a beautiful view from your back garden of that sunrise
  10. Love the 'S' and how you did your titles, Gorgeous photos
  11. Now I could certainly sit and watch that sky. Beautiful card
  12. He's a nice dog and a fabulous card
  13. I grew up with cats and have always had at least one until a few years ago and DH wanted a dog. HMC_DL_NW MPE_JournalArtsy bee_beachfun SAR_Today_is_your_lucky_day JRA_HomeSweetHome
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