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  1. Jane in N.Z

    April Challenge Chase

    Another one from me weekend challenge 21st April
  2. Jane in N.Z

    Weekend Wildcard Challenge 4/20

    Here is mine Easter Surprise
  3. Jane in N.Z

    weekend wildcard

    AFT_Eggcellent BMU_EasterSunday BMU_ChasingDragons ABR_SSEmb_StackThem3
  4. Jane in N.Z


    Perfect quote and such a loving photo
  5. Jane in N.Z

    Weekend Challenge-Coverpage-Cruise

    How true is that quote and such a great page
  6. Jane in N.Z

    The Wild, The Free

    awesome blending of the photo...wonderful page
  7. Jane in N.Z

    Sunday Morning Perfection

    Such a gorgeous page
  8. Jane in N.Z

    AFT Designs - Challenge & Prize - April 2019

    Here is my 'Green Page'
  9. Jane in N.Z

    AFT_Green Challenge

    AFT_SSPaper_AssotedEdges AFT_SoftHarvest AFT_Poise AFT_Opulant BMU_SSPaper_CurledUp
  10. Jane in N.Z

    Hello From NC

    Hi Mindy and welcome to Scrap Girls
  11. Jane in N.Z

    Weekly Winners April 15th

  12. Jane in N.Z

    April Challenge Chase

    monthly challenge #4 monthly challenge #3
  13. Jane in N.Z

    April Monthly Challenges

    My #3 for this challenge #4 for this challenge
  14. Jane in N.Z

    Monthly challenge #4

    AFT_WhiteWash SNU_SSPaper_Blendability AFT_Raindance BMU_Brush_dottySwirls
  15. Jane in N.Z

    monthly challenge #3

    AFT_Opulant BMU_SSPaper_BGB6 BMU_Focus BMU_Manmade BMU_Brush_DottySwirls CRO_WALD_Arrow