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  1. I've just got home from seeing the Musical 'Matilda' and it was awesome Thanks for posting this Debbie early as I did mine as winding down from a great evening out I used: BMU_Cloudscape and 2 papers from GGD_Fusion together with AFT_SSPaper_WaterWash and ABR_SSPaper_ArtJournal
  2. OK I had a fiddle with this on a double page and this is what I came up with changed a photo as well
  3. Not sure what template to use yet as I might do a double page for this photos of my recent cycling trip up north
  4. This is one place I'd love to visit, great photos Joyce and such a lovely memory to scrap
  5. Here is mine Lake Wakatipu
  6. Photo taken on our recent trip to Queenstown I used: BMU_Papers_BasicLinen_Summer BMU_SSPaper_LightingEffects2 ABR_SSPaper_ArtJourney BMU_WinterFrost AFT_SSEmb_MaskCluster_WinterMagic
  7. You certainly do live in a wonderful place Ngaire Glad we haven't had that storm its been a great weekend up this way. I shouldn't speak to soon though as its supposed to be very wet tomorrow gorgeous photo makes me want to come back again (only in the sunshine though :))
  8. what a pretty BG and cluster with this lovely photo
  9. journaling and date added Northland Coastline
  10. I used: BMU_SweetSummer AFT_SSPaper_AbsoBlended BMU_Coastal ABR_SSEmb_StackThem7 ABR_Alpha_Ornate CRO_ShabbyShores JCO_UTB(retired) BMU_Squirt ASO_Noah
  11. I had to change quite a bit as everything look really daft. Here is the changed version but I'm not keen
  12. Well I never saw that coming this is what it looked like rotated
  13. I went with the short story version conservation
  14. I used: AFT_SS_DLOT_BlendedOver JSM_dD_Everyday_April BMU_BarbedWirEBA_Coffeecup_Special CTH_Tin_Special SNU_SSPaper_ArtJournal
  15. Absolutely beautiful