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  1. This sounds a great challenge will love doing this
  2. This is soooooooooooooooo gorgeous
  3. Fabulous choice of colours ladies her is mine with 3 photos added....still don't know what I'll do with them as sick this am with a headache and sore throat so can't think properly yet
  4. Love those colours. Don't know yet what photo to use so might change them but got the papers ready I used BMU_Zoomba and AFT_Visionary (changed the hue slightly though)
  5. Lovely photos of Kiahna and a wonderful LO
  6. Wow I love how you have done this its awesome
  7. I used the inspiration from Nordic Sky. I was going to do one of my Norway photos but decided to do this sunset from New Plymouth in NZ Sunset
  8. I used: BMU_SSPaper_BGBlenders5 BMU_ANchors BMU_Captured JZI_Surfside
  9. Journaling added and the date is in my journaling Special Moments
  10. Fabulous blending and I love the hint of pink used Glad you enjoyed Manhattan I must visit one day
  11. This is so adorable and I love the mask you used
  12. I used: SDE_JoyWithoutMeasure BMU_CottageRose_wire BMU_19Hearts VJS_AllTheEarthlyGoodness BMU_SeizeTheDay BMU_SSEmb_FallOutFrames BMU_OneYellowPaper_Ribbon
  13. Title added using Pegsanna and Christy fonts. plus a heart over the eye from BMU_19Hearts
  14. I'm away in June so won't be able to join in. We are going to the UK, a cruise along the Norwegian coast and a visit to Riga in Latvia.You can join me at any of those. If you come to New Zealand or Auckland where I live we could go bungy jumping off the Sky Tower (better in Queenstown though). We are surrounded by beautiful beaches where I live (actually all over NZ) so you can also go surfing or just relax and sunbathe (though sunbathing is not really an option in June as it will be cold as its the middle of winter here) We could also visit the bubbling mud and geysers in Rotorua and a swim with the dolphins cruise will be lovely in the Bay Of Islands I'd love to go to Scandinavia in the winter and stay in an Ice Hotel or visit Brasil and see the colourful carnival. Apart from that I have a bucket list a mile long but I won't add it here
  15. % embellishments addedd useing BMU_SeizeTheDay, BMU_CottageRose and VJS_AllEarthlyGoodness