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  1. A lovely collection of photos and they stand out well against the brown BG
  2. My 4th for January ....so much for doing 2 pages a month January pg 4
  3. I used: SRO_Daily Life GGD_MineralSprings ABR_Alpha_ornate BED_HelloSunshine SRO_SSPaper_ShabbyEdgeOv
  4. Oh Marilyn my thoughts are with you.....I know I was only in a boot/shoe 3 months but I feel for you and its amazing how much you value shoes when you can't wear them. Even now I can only fit into one pair of mine as my foot swollen still and I'm not allowed to wear sneakers yet as the soles are to bendable Its a shame wee have to buy shoes in pairs!! Your LO is brilliantly done
  5. Where have all the good times gone........Elton John
  6. Vine snake we don't have snakes in our zoo and we don't have snakes in NZ so you have to go overseas to see a snake....I'm very happy with this
  7. sad
  8. I had to Google where this was as sounded fascinating. I must go to SA one day Mangawhai Heads...........one of my favourite spots.
  9. Rabbit next word starts with 'T'
  10. I bet your framed paintings look fabulous I have not been to a watercolour class............ (would love to have a go though) but I have been to a quilting class..........(it was years ago though )
  11. Here is mine with date added. canyoning accident
  12. I used: FLO_MyAutumn ABR_SSPaper_ArtJourney BMU_GeneralHospital Ngaire_NZ Map ABR_Alpha_Ornate GWH_SSEmb_StackedPhotos1
  13. Wonderful zoo photos and placement.....great LO
  14. Love the white space and your paper layers. Gorgeous
  15. Fabulous OOB and the papers are superb........gorgeous LO