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  1. Jane in N.Z

    weekend challenge

    I used SNU_ChristmasRedux kit with summer photos. Also used, AFTSSEmb_Poise_Frames
  2. Jane in N.Z

    Weekend Challenge 6/22

    This was harder than I thought but I used a Christmas kit with summer photos Holiday Happiness
  3. Jane in N.Z

    Isn_t She Lovely.jpg

    what a gorgeous dress she is wearing and love the photo placement such a beautiful LO
  4. Jane in N.Z

    Mini Golf 2019

    certainly doesn't look like a Christmas collection. Perfect
  5. Jane in N.Z

    Newsletter challenge

    This was actually quite a hard challenge for me but I used to love using brads, clips, tape, stitching and unusual elements. Thank goodness for digital as it used to cost me a small fortune :) ABR_YouAre CFR_JLC_FilmStrip BHA_SSEmb_ZipIt EBA_DandelionDays_Tape SDE_WelcomeBack GWH_SSEmb_StackedPhotos1 BMU_TravelJournal
  6. Jane in N.Z

    Weekly Layout Winners - June 17th

  7. Jane in N.Z

    Chic Life

    Beautiful garden photos and love your flower clusters used
  8. Jane in N.Z

    Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 6/18/2019

    This was actually quite hard as I love blending but I used to love lots of elements of my paper pages and they cost a small fortune New Trampoline
  9. Yes digital is so much better but I love your BG paper and elements you chose
  10. Jane in N.Z


    fabulous family photo and I love your paper scrapping style
  11. Jane in N.Z


  12. Jane in N.Z


    what a great documentation of your build and I love the paper scrapping look
  13. Jane in N.Z

    June challenge #3

  14. Jane in N.Z

    June ATC_Jellyfish

    FLO_SunSeaSand BMU_Nassau BMU_Coastal Bmu_Squirt
  15. Jane in N.Z

    Weekend challenge

    ASO_Metro LLO_Brush_Fireworks AFT_Styles_VisionaryGlitters AFT_FoiledOverlays AWI_Facinators ABR_SSEmb_StackThem7 BMU_AYO_Zoom_TicketToRide DEB_Styles_Kashmir
  16. Jane in N.Z

    June Challenge Chase

    Challenge #6 weekend challenge 15th June
  17. Jane in N.Z

    Linda and Rob's Home

    This is gorgeous and I love your embellishment clusters
  18. Jane in N.Z

    Weekend Challenge 15 June

    Love your crochet work Valerie Here is my take on the rainbow theme A Rainbow of Colours At Notting Hill Carnival
  19. Jane in N.Z

    Weekend Challenge 15 June_600

    gorgeous blending
  20. Jane in N.Z

    Smoky Mountains Waterfall Rainbows

    This is beautiful, fabulous blending
  21. Jane in N.Z

    project Life_June 2019 pg 2

    BED_NoFear AFT_SSPaper_BlendedEdges MPE_SIM_4_Series1 SRO_SSEmb_DailyLifePockets SNU_SSWA_HandLetteredMonths
  22. Jane in N.Z

    Project Life_June 2019 pg 1

    BED_NoFear AFT_SSPaper_BlendedEdges MPE_SIM_4_Series1 SRO_SSEmb_DailyLifePockets SNU_SSWA_HandLetteredMonths
  23. Jane in N.Z

    Little Sunflower

    Love how the gorgeous photo looks like its part of the embellishments. Great OOB's as well
  24. Jane in N.Z


    I think I need to wear this at times fun ATC, love it