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    SG retreat_Wild animal

    ABR_SSPaperGrunge_Overlay BMU_CgristmasChronicals and ASO_FleurModern papers blended BMU_Brush_DottySwirls BMU_SSEmb_BentFrames BMU_ChasingDragon_Staples AWI_LittleMonkey_Special BMU_AGDiary
  2. Jane in N.Z

    Weekly Winners - September 9th

    congratulations ladies lovely LO's
  3. Jane in N.Z

    September Challenge Chase

    sorry April I think its this one thats missing......monthly challenge_plaids
  4. Jane in N.Z

    Scrap Girls Retreat 2019

    Well after all that food and drink we had last night I stopped for a rest on the hike and had a doze and thought I was seeing this monster animal towering over me and about to devour me but when I woke it was just a marmot. (have never seen one of these before my DS took these photos) I added and jumping monkey ....don't know why, looks a bit out of place must be part of my dream Marmot
  5. Jane in N.Z


    Oh I love that photo great frame and embellishments used
  6. Jane in N.Z

    SG Retreat 2019 9/13/19 Wild Animal: Callan Kangaroo

    wonderful photos and a great story about Callan looks a great place to visit. Its fun feeding the wallerbies and kangaroos isn't it? Love your BG
  7. Jane in N.Z

    SG Retreat_Food

    CWX_HotMood AMD_RememberGoodTimes AMD_Afternoon BMU_Brush_SketchyAlpha
  8. Jane in N.Z

    Sep ATC #2

    Its in september our spring starts but the rhyme didn't fit :) SNU_CamillesGarden AFT_Raindance AFT_SSEmb_SunFilled_Frame
  9. Jane in N.Z

    September Recipe_Speedy Salmon Stir-Fry

    ABR_CookieExchange2013 ABR_HomeCook AHA_ChristmasBlessing TMD_Beyouthful
  10. Jane in N.Z

    Scrap Girls Retreat 2019

    Fun night last night with all that food I found it difficult to sleep so awake very early this morning. My favourite was the King BBQ prawns soooooo delicious and the company of course Here is mine......I did this LO of the dessert my DD had ordered (she was in France) at the restaurant we had a meal at on our 40th wedding anniversary. I found some chocolates that fitted the theme beautifully
  11. Jane in N.Z


    That sushi looks delicious and I love how you layered your photos on that gorgeous BG
  12. Jane in N.Z

    SG Retreat LO 4 - food

    fabulous BG blending and I guess its in the Netherlands as I remember cheese stalls like this
  13. Jane in N.Z


    Fabulous page and such a great extraction of you and Andrea
  14. Jane in N.Z

    Retreat #4- Food

    Perfect shirt she is wearing and a fun LO
  15. Jane in N.Z

    SG-retreat #3

    gorgeous blending and looks a wonderful place to be
  16. Jane in N.Z


    those toasted marshmallows look good and she is really enjoying them. fun LO
  17. Jane in N.Z

    SG_LO #3_Northern Lights

    CWX_Sunflower CWX_FlowersBlooming MPE_Cottage_Reflections_Special BMU_Brush_ArtDiary2 SNU_SSEmb_FramedPhotoMask BMU_Brush_Twinkling
  18. Jane in N.Z

    SG Retreat LO 3 - lights

    That sounds an interesting museum to visit. Love your BG papers
  19. Jane in N.Z

    Scrap Girls Retreat 2019

    These 2 children our my Northern Lights as they live in Norway My 'light related' item are the twinkles I added My Northern Lights
  20. Jane in N.Z


    Fabulous I love it all
  21. Jane in N.Z

    Retreat-#3-Northern lights

    Such fun memorable photos its made me smile looking at it wonderful page
  22. Jane in N.Z


    This is so creative I love everything about it
  23. Jane in N.Z

    SG Retreat - Northern Lights page

    Love the texture you used on this LO and such a perfect verse
  24. Jane in N.Z

    sep ATC

    Its spring in NZ and my daffodils have almost finished flowering ABR_ATC_CoinTemplate SDE_SpringEggs ABR_AltXmas
  25. Jane in N.Z

    weekend wildcard

    SDE_WelcomeBack ABR_SSPaper_Texture ASO_Brush_GlitterGrunge ABR_Manuscript AFT_LittleMoments BMU_Brush_JunkTrunk AFT_Brush_Essen_Canvas BMU_SSEmb_Laurels BMU_SSEMb_FallOutFrames BED_SAV1 AMD_RusticAutumn